1. A

    Has someone some exploded views of the N20, N40 and N80 rotary cam switches from Telux (Benedict & Jäger)? Where could I found them?

    Greetings! I'm looking some exploded views of the N20, N40 and N80 rotary cam switches from Telux (Benedict & Jäger). Some of my customers tried to repair their switches and there are some parts missing, so I'm looking for part numbers and their exploded view. If you can share the information or...
  2. robertl

    3 phase Rotary Converter Build questions

    Hi All, I am just about ready in my new workshop to buy and start using the 3 phase equipment i will need for my business. The biggest of which will be the press brake rated at 12.5kw max. There will be a few other units but smaller - around the 1 to 3kw rating range, so with that i am looking...
  3. B

    16A rotary isolator help

    Currently have feed to 16A rotary isolator, I’m gonna come of this with 2.5mm to a socket then to a fused connection unit to feed 2 lights if lid this ok
  4. J

    Electrician Three Phase Rotary Converter Install with Sockets

    Not a 'commercial' job as such but given that three phase is involved I feel it belongs in this section. In my semi-professional cabinet making workshop I have a 32A consumer unit. For a range of three phase machinery I have acquired a Transwave Rotary Converter (RT4) which requires a 25A...
  5. A

    Rotary Isolator that takes 2x16mm?

    Does anyone know of a rotary islotaor, weatherproof, that'll take 2 x 16mm incomers? I've got long runs out to parking bollards so they've had to size up the cable for volt drop. I could do it with a street light cutout but it wouldn't allow them easily isolate it. Many thanks for any help.
  6. dlt27

    Rotary Phase Converter

    Thanks in advance for any info... I have been asked to quote to install electrics to a small workshop. At the moment there is a 100A single phase supply, however the client said he is having a rotary phase converter installed to supply a 3 phase board(is balancing of the loads across phases...
  7. M

    Remote switching of 3 phase consumer unit

    Hi Guys I have a client that wants to switch a 3p cu (for lighting only) remotley.It is for back stage lighting . They want to switch it on automatically to bring up the lights on the stage when they fire up their PA system which currently remotely switches the amplifiers which are just below...
  8. happyhippydad

    earthing the SWA cable armour in a rotary switch?

    Morning... sort of for me. Have just got my rotary switch for the Hot tub and notice there is no room for a banjo inside as the front cover fixing holes are in the way. Just wondered what you guys do with this type of rotary switch? Perhaps a piranha earthing nut? Have just contacted the local...
  9. happyhippydad

    Hot tub installation question.

    Evening all.. I have been asked to supply power for a hot tub. However, I am having difficulty finding out the information I need from the company selling the hot tub! I mainly wanted to find out 2 things, the power that the unit requires and any cable size that is stated in the manufacturers...
  10. E

    Sub Mains Presentation

    Guys The customer wants the meters moved outside to a flush mounted Meter Box, I'll have to install an armoured cable from the existing consumer unit to the box, UK power Networks want a 63A Rotary switch installed within it terminate the SWA at the Switch and leave 25mm tails hanging out. They...
  11. P

    Rotary isolator as main switch

    Hi, im looking to install a main switch in a commerical premises, so for example board changes, ect can be done without taking out the supply fuse. Would a rotary isolator be suitable?
  12. driverman

    Connecting RotaryIsolation switches

    I've never used or connected a rotary isolation switch before, but job on, got to supply fit 2. Are they so designed that cables enter top /bottom only? If I installed T&E flush could I enter isolation switch from rear. Max size cable would be 10mm T&E. I'm thinking I might struggle due to size...
  13. W

    Trailing edge dimmer interference

    Have installed 11 led downlighters to be controlled by a trailing edge dimmer switch , Inbetween the downlighters are some 0.5 watt led lights which are separately switched , when the smaller led lights are switched off the led downlighters turn dim for around a second then go back to full...
  14. P

    safe isolation Am2

    Hi to do safe isolation on my am2, this monday coming would this be correct procedure, this is a individual circuit, supplying a motor via a rotary switch.Could anyone advise me if this is correct,thanks in advance identify circuit. lock off put key in pocket and display warning sign. check...


    just bought 2 megger CM500s for 23 quid....and thats including postage!!... if OK then happy days...if not then for that price their worth repairing: Megger CM500 Installation Tester | eBay
  16. H

    4 pole rotary switch

    hi all i am new member and need help.I have to connect 4 plugs to one rotary switch so that one plug can be active at a time and three remain disconnected and when rotary switch moved to position 2 second plug became active and other three inactive.Please advise whether i need 4pole 4postion...
  17. D

    Hot tub installation !

    This is a follow up to a thread I started yesterday. I have been working all day installing a hot tub situated outside on a patio slabbed deck. Contrary to what I was told, it was TN-C-S supply so here is how I have wired it. From Henly blocks - 25mm tails to a one way board (Main Sw RCCB -...
  18. J


    Ive been asked to install a circuit which will supply a compressor. The customer states that the compressor requires a 30A fuse at the CU (according to manufacturers instructions) and ive told him that it will need a switching device for isolation and mechanical maintenance. What im a little...
  19. S

    Ryobi one plus 18 volt stuff. Yorkshire.

    Ryobi one plus 18v cordless kit as below. Hammer drill Angle drill Rotary Cutter Radio Torch 3 batteries 1 charger big ryobi carrybag 22 inch open top reinforced one. All in a nice matching blue colour. It has all had some use, but they are still in top condition and work fine, no defects...
  20. K

    MCS requirement or not???

    Is it an MCS requirement for both the AC isolators to be of the rotary type and to be lockable in the OFF position and where can I find details of this, anyone has a link???:dizzy2::dizzy2:
  21. sythai

    3 postion switch....?

    Evening Chaps.... I'm after a 3 position switch so that I can switch a PIR between the following : perm ON / perm OFF / PIR mode Not a pulse one though. Any ideas, is there such a thing ? Cheers Sy
  22. K

    Bosch SDS compact 36v

    SF are flogging this for £299, with 2 1.3 Ah batts, anyone got one with this battery combination.?
  23. D

    Outside oil boiler - Rotary switch??????

    Hi, I'm currently wiring an outside oil boiler and have sited a FCU on the inside wall with a 2.5 t+e to an adapt box and from there, a braided flex to the boiler. Does it need a rotary switch instead of the adapt box?
  24. K

    Whats the best drill deal ?

    Need to be buying myself a nice cordless. Needs to be an all rounder with staying power, but with the price right. What drill do you recommend ?:):)
  25. M

    SDS Drill (again)

    I've posted a similar question before but lack of funds prevented me buying. After searching round I think I've narrowed it down to one of the following two drills. I have no experience with either make, I've always stuck with dewalt. Can anybody recommend one over the other? Option 1 Option 2
  26. H

    110v tools

    Hi guys, looking to buy some 110v tools, thinking they are better than battery powered tools. In particular want a jigsaw and a 2kg rotary hammer drill, can anyone recommend any, been looking at mikita as they always seem to get good reviews? Thanks guys Craig
  27. S

    Help with testing phase rotation

    Hi guys looking for help with testing three phase for correct rotation. I have a 2 probe voltage tester with left or right rotation indicator. Probes are marked L1 and L2. Would I be right in thinking that to test rotation I would need to test as follows. Probe L1 to phase 1 probe L2 to phase...
  28. J

    Installing Photovoltaic system

    im installing a 3.96kW System on a farm. The main board in the house is roughly 100 metres away from where the solar panels are going to be placed. they will be outside in a field where decking is being put down. i have measured up a 10mm swa cable buried will be suitable as ther is only a...
  29. Y

    Hot tub installations???

    Can you use a 20 amp rotary isolator for isolation of a hot tube??? The run is about 10 metres in 6mm SWA into a 20 amp isolator then straight into a 30ma RCD class 2 inclosure using a b type 20 amp mcb, there is also a B6 type mcb for a lighting circuit which is going into zone 1 which is not...
  30. P

    New Hilti Drill

    Bosch compact watch out :D TE 4-A22 Cordless rotary hammer
  31. L

    3 phase isolators

    New at this game and still learning.Need a bit of help on 3 phase please? What is the most suitable device for isolating all live conductors in a 3 phase installation? Any help will be appreciated.:rolleyes: les
  32. B

    SDS Hammer Drill

    Looking to purchase one. What do you guys recommend please.
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