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  1. Pete999

    Stories of working in rough dwellings, both Private and Social housing.

    I worked in some real dung holes whilst rewiring a local Council estate in South Twerton in Bath, you could work in one on a pair of Semis real nice people, move next door to a stinking hovel, got taken to the Council de lousing depot more than once, makes you wonder how some people could live...
  2. R

    Any quick calcs to get a rough min Zs allowable

    Any quick calcs to get a rough estimate min Zs allowable for protective devices MCB, BS-88 etc, Im thinking in an exam saves time even looking at the tables if there's a fast ball park check rule of thumb.
  3. E

    rough price on an "off road" scissor lift 7-8m working height?

    sick of using junk scaffold that one of our customers has and i have around 18 lights to fit in a shed, do you need ipaf to hire them? daily rate?
  4. stidge

    Nice Work!!

    Came across this today and thought it might raise a few smiles . How rough can someone be ! They had wired a new ring main right around the house exterior, diving in and out to each socket !!!! Rough as a badgers arse !
  5. L

    Working Out Spotlight Spacings

    Had a bit of a discussion today, so thought I'd ask on here. When working out spacings for spotlights what setup does everyone use? I know different lights have different outputs and require different spacings, I was just wondering what people use as a rule of thumb. Cheers, Jim
  6. rustynails

    Accessibility of distribution boards

    What are people's opinions on the accessibility of distribution boards. For example a 20 way TP-N board placed above a false ceiling...?
  7. S

    dodgy work

    Been to look at an extension earlier and told by the client on arrival it's already been wired by someone else but he's been taken ill , the extension is very large and the first fix looks very rough I'm not sure I want to put my name against it just incase as some walls have been boarded ...
  8. D

    off work today

    Started at 9pm last night. Suddenly got a really bad stomach ache. Then at about 11pm I spewed. And every 20 mins from then until now, I've been up and being sick. I'm exhausted and feel like crap.the bathroom stinks too! Had doctor out half an hour ago. I have food poisoning. He's given me some...
  9. Fast&Rough

    New job

    Just got a new job as a Multi Skilled Electrician. Very Exited to get started and further my career in the industry
  10. S

    Commercial Project

    Hi everyone, I have a customer who wants rough pricing on a potentially very large commercial system. I am thinking the best way to provide a rough estimate is just to base the (rough) cost of the job on the return on investment expected. Although i haven't installed any large systems yet so...
  11. G

    That's one way of installing a socket behind a wallmounted plasma TV!

    Rough as!
  12. S


    Anyone got any views on how much they would roughly charge to wire new 10mm and upgrade breaker to 40amp for a shower circuit Any ideas would be good
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