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  1. driverman

    CCTV > Router Cat 5/6 solid copper cores

    Hi Guys, I have asked this question before in another thread that I was following, but can't find it. I've installed a CCTV system. What I'm after is a 10m x suitable Cat 5 or 6 cable complete with plug ends fitted. I believe it was suggested that copper solid 8 core cables are better. The cable...
  2. B

    Modem and Router help

    What’s differences and when would you use one or both? Like would you need modem and router for CCTV? Would you need modem and router for data points in house? As I’m confused of when you’d use just a router or when you’d use both together? Thanks
  3. rolyberkin

    Wanted Helvar Lighting 900 Router

    As per the title, I am after a couple of Helvar model 900 lighting routers, they look like the photo below, if anyone rips one out or knows anyone who may have one please let me know.
  4. R

    Bronson ++ 4000W transfomer

    **COMPLETE NOOBIE** I've ordered a Bronson ++ 4000W transformer from Amazon to be able to use my DeWalt router (purchased in the United States) here in Czech Republic. The Transformer came with zero power cables and plugs for the router....... I'm desperately looking for help on how to get...
  5. O

    BT Broadband and Network dropping out..

    Over the last couple of days our internet connection and rather bizarrely, the internal connections to al our devices seem to drop out/lock out. I've been running both the 2.4 ghz and the 5 ghz wifi and I have just turned off the 5 ghz to see if this helps. We also have a number of powerline...
  6. J

    solar edge monitoring portal connection problems

    Hello all Can I ask some advice please. Since the solar edge was installed, my system has absolutely outperformed itself, and done far more in terms of generation that I ever thought possible. However, the wireless monitoring kit does not seem to get along with my Sky router. The wi fi worked...
  7. Q

    cat6 to outbuilding

    I'm pricing a job whereby the client wants wired internet to a remote office about 40mtrs from the house. I'll be running external grade cat6 to the office through the garden. Question is do I need to install a joint box at the house and run standard cat6 from there to the router or can I take...
  8. S

    Home wifi network

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to guarantee wifi around the whole house even in the black spots ? Access points are good and have use them in the past (ap105) or Cisco but I'm sure they use a different network? any ideas would be good? I need a professional...
  9. tombrooker84

    Extending a wireless network using an already existing CAT5e hardwired system

    Hello Guys. I have currently got a client with an existing hard wired network to various rooms in her house, it's a very large town house in Clapham, probably about 5 bedrooms. She currently has all the Cat 5 wires to a single locations, just dangling out of the wall with no connections, but...
  10. N

    Solar iBoost Problem

    This could prove a head scratcher. A few days ago I installed, at home, a Solar iBoost and I must say with my 3.92 South facing array it appears to work well. BUT, there is a problem and I wonder if any of you have come across one similar. The day I installed it was a very wet one. Soon after...
  11. S

    home network requirements

    hi can any one give me a rough list on what i would need to run a home network in a 3 bed house which im currently about to move into so need to future proof it ie for good signal for smart tvs , wifi , xbox ,etc , the area i am moving to is not a fibre optic area and prob wont be for years...
  12. M

    BT sockets

    BT points can any one guide me on the best results do your have you main router connected to your master point of the home ie the one BT tell you to split into two for testing or can it go any were , should you connect 2, 3 , 4 & 5 or can you get away with 2 ,5 what dose the others do, with the...
  13. 7

    please help telephone and broadband new build annix wiring

    Hello there Currently first fixing a small annix building basically customer is having this annix built in the garden and is requiring 2 BT telephone points and would like to be able to use internet broadband from both points. My question is do I run a telephone cable from existing house to new...
  14. J

    Ceiling mounted socket?

    I am trying to get wifi coverage through out a 3 story building. The problem is that ideally I need a wifi repeater mounted on a first floor ceiling next to an emergency light. The ceiling has big plaster coving all round the edges. The problem is getting the power to the wifi repeaters power...
  15. SolarCity

    Setting up SolarEdge monitoring Netgear WNCE2001/Homeplugs

    I'd really appreciate some help with setting up monitoring on a SolarEdge system. Computers aren't my strongest field so I think I'm confusing myself. I've tried setting up with the Netgear WNCE2001 WiFi adaptor but I'm not getting anywhere. What setting should I be using on the SolarEdge...
  16. M

    Intelly Power Kit for moinitoring and heating water

    Hi there, We have a customer that would like a monitoring system for a 30kW field mounted system. The system has SMA inverters but the distance and barriers between the array and property mean that blue tooth monitoring systems are useless. We have read about the Intelly Power kit (and...
  17. S

    Help please re home network wiring.

    Hello I'm new to the site and if possible can anyone please help, although I realize that it's not an electrical question. I have installed Cat 5 e cable to socket outlets in living and bedrooms. I have taken all the cables to one point where I plan to plug into a router which will be connected...
  18. G

    HomePlug technology for CCTV installation?

    Has anyone used the HomePlug system to install cctv systems? For example, if I wanted to install a CCTV camera covering outbuildings that had power supplied from the main house via a swa cable, and I wanted to relay images back to a pc in the main house utilising the mains electrical cable. I...
  19. D

    how to build a hard wired network??

    any ideas.. where do i start and finish!? help needed!!! going to be in Cat5
  20. kevyn

    Home Internet network

    I have an Internet modem which has my main computer plugged into it. It is in the extension. I want to be able to use the Internet at the opposite end of the house at the other phone point which has the sky plugged in to it. What will I need to do this?
  21. a12jpm

    Help needed wireless printing via iphone

    Do most of my invoicing and certs via my iphone and was wondering would it be possible to print direct from my iphone to a wireless printer that is not connected to a network. Don't want to carry the laptop with me in the van Does the printer need to be connected to a network or is there...
  22. S

    Cat 5/5e/6 installation and termination

    Hi, brand new to this forum, in the process of starting up my own business. Has anyone any experience with cat5 (low voltage) installation? Never done it before with previous company, would like to know more info about it or if someone could tell me where i can find info about it, such as...
  23. F

    phone line problem?

    got asked to check a phone extension that was wired from a master socket , I had a quick look as a favour (no charge was already there doing some lights) and saw nothing wrong , the chap had this line fitted to his study for a fax and had worked fine for months but he started to get probs with...
  24. K

    Ethernet Network query

    Hi, A customer has asked me to install a home Ethernet network for their internet access (they do not want to use wireless). The network will consist of 3 access points, 1 desktop PC, 1 laptop PC and a Xbox 360. I am going to use Cat5e RJ45 cables and sockets etc. 1) Can anyone recommend...
  25. C

    iphone cctv (er how?)

    Now, I have a cctv system, they are ip cameras, and they are linked into my NVR and then connected into my network and PC. Now do I need a static IP address for my router and then set up a channel in my firewall to allow my iphone to connect through and look at my cctv? if anyone has ANY...
  26. Bromd123

    Computer network

    was wondering if anyone might be able to help with this one. I've got several computers in my house and want to set up a wireless network usingmy living room computer as a kind of hub allowing other computers to use media i.e. films and music stored on the main computer. is there a way to do...
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