1. C

    Earthing a scaffold any suggestions

    A local church is going through some refurbishment, it currently has a mass of scaffolding in one position. I have been asked to earth it... my initial thinking would be TT spikes on all 4 corners?
  2. E

    maximum allowable height for scaffold tower?

    really trying to get the customer to see sense, they have supplied scaffold tower for lighting replacement about 5metres off the ground, which i have been pottering away at with this shitty scaffold tower getting stuck in the sand below and hitting against the beams of the shed itself almost...
  3. T

    Swa through scaffold

    My work is erecting a scaffold as part of rough cast project.There is a SWA on the house which is enclosed in steel capping. Does the scaffold require to be earthed as under fault conditions the scaffold would become live? It might be a concentric cable so my understanding of this is that if...
  4. M

    Help, system fault.

    Hi, I had 10 panels installed 3years ago now, 2.5KW system - with enecsys microinverters. One of the panels stopped producing last year and initially I contacted enecsys about the problem who said it was probably just the AC power supply, perhaps a faulty connector, as the inverter was still...
  5. A

    Pv Panels Moved

    I had a panel install done about 18 months ago and i stupidly said it was ok for them to cover the window (only access point to the roof from indoors), but now i know i have made a mistake and I'm looking for a rough ball park figure for the 6 panels to be moved probably about 1m along to enable...
  6. SolarCity

    Solar Edge problems - a warning?

    Went back to a site earlier today to setup the monitoring. When we switched the system back on, the inverter was only reading 2v DC and was only matching up some of the power optimisers - varying between 1 and 15. Checked voltage at plugs and we were getting 16v as expected. When we spoke to...
  7. J

    Solar installers scaffolder experiences

    Hi ya A member of my family is a scaffolder, and is looking into working with some local solar installation companies, and has asked what is the industries perception/experiences of scaffolders? Can you give me your comments? Thanks in advance
  8. E

    Harness & Working at heights/Access kit

    Hi I bought this kit in June for over £600 but have only ever used it once as I have a kit supplied by my contracting company which I have to use. What you get: Sala Exofit XP Cpnstruction Harness Size XL : Harnesses and Belts - DBI-SALA Harnesses - Exofit™ XP Construction Harness 2 x...
  9. S

    Safety precautions when working on a roof

    Can anyone please tell me the basic safety requirements which must be provided by an installer, before a roofer begins work? Is there anywhere on the MCS site where the regulations on this matter are written, or is it down to health and safety guide lines? What would be the penalty for an...
  10. D

    Installation only

    Do any of you do installation only as I have bought a solar edge 3500 and 16 sanyo 250s and 16 power optimizers I obviously need scaffold cableing etc and mcs cerification etc and the installation is anybody interested thanks
  11. E

    Health & Safety - Working at Heights and access equipment.

    Currently we are just getting everything in place ready to get the ball rolling with becoming MCS accredited. One thing I would like to know is how the rest of you out there who are fitting pv systems already, gain and provide safe access to the roof while meeting health and safety...
  12. L

    Installing PV Panels - access equipment

    We are heading towards MCS Certification. We have done to courses and understand the technology and how to install it. I'm even coming to terms with the amount paperwork that we will have to produce! The one thing that I keep coming back to that can make the job quick and easy or difficult and...
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