1. N

    Does anyone have science and principles 2365 paper b questions.

    has anyone sat the science and principles 2365 paper b and can remember the questions in it i have seen one for paper A but not be if you do it would be very helpful thank you!
  2. J

    Written science exam unit 302, L3 2365

    Anyone get any good info/resources for learning more on this exam or any previous experience of it?
  3. S

    Electrical science

    A 400v, 3 phase supply is connected to a heater. Calculate line and phase currents for a 3- phase load having resistive elements of 10 ohms when the elements are connected in A. Star B. Delta
  4. Ashley-Joseph

    Electrical science 302

    I have my 2365 level 3 electrical science written test any advice guys. How many questions and pass percentage also what type of questions pages that are useful ?
  5. UKMeterman

    Emergency lighting works at the Science Museum London

    Something is amiss at the Science Museum London, lots of the building have a varity of hired in battery LED lighting and the rest is closed due to urgent maintance... Sounds like they are needing a electrician or two and I suspect they are on a central battery installation.
  6. James bishop

    Electrical science 302 C&G help!

    Been doing some mock papers but got stuck on few questions that i even tried to google but they dont specifically dum down the qs/answer. anyway here are the questions i need help on. (Not trying to get you guys to do my homework or anything just some questions i need help on which i can't find...
  7. UKMeterman

    Pylons 1920 style, science museam photos

    Hi, These black and white prints of the installaton of pylons in the 1920s and 1930s has been added to the science museam collection. Volume 1 | Science Museum Group Collection -
  8. R

    Electrician in awe.

    Electrician in awe of last electrician’s work -
  9. Spoon

    Horses can communicate with us

    Horses can communicate with us - scientists - BBC News - They have been doing this for years. Just look at Mister ED.
  10. W

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib grading

    Hi this is my first post. I am just wondering what card I would get JIB wise, I have 236 pt1 and AM1, 236 pt2 (but missing the science exam) 17th edition, 2391 inspect and test and NVQ level 3, BPEC photovoltaic systems. Been working 20yrs as electrician and self employed 5yrs on a scam scheme...
  11. C

    Using 2360 part 2 units towards 2365 level 3, is this possible???

    Back in 2005 i gained the 2 exam credits, Electrical science and principles and installation commissioning and fault diagnosis but never completed the assignments so didn't gain the full award. I have the certificate for exams though. I have gone back to college to gain the new 2365 and was...
  12. Z

    Computer Science Engineering Students will Concentrate on :

    Hello Friends, Computer Science Engineering Students will Concentrate on : 1. The following billion clients 2. Convenience 3. PC Science Fundamentals 4. Presentation aptitudes 5. Economics
  13. N

    need an engineers help please

    hello all could use a hand or push in the right direction, im currently studying for a hnd in electrical engineering and im finding the mechanical engineering science a bit of a nightmare, as my background is pure electrical. im completing an assignment on static engineering systems and im...
  14. C

    i always wondered how it worked too :P

    Science Fail - FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Funny Pictures and Funny Videos of Owned, Pwned and Fail Moments :p
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