1. G

    Aye aye!

    Hi, everyone. At 38 years old in Aberdeen (Scotland), I am now leaving (partly by choice) the oil field. I am now looking to retrain as an electrician. I have an HNC from about 20 years ago in electrical engineering, and done a bunch of DIY. Signed up to do the 18th Edition course, and now...
  2. D

    Australia I am a qualified electrician working in Scotland. 27 years old, how easy is it to come to Australia and start working as an electrician?

    Hi there my name is david. I am a qualified electrician working in scotland. Up to date and got my 18th edition regulations qualification also. I work in domestic. Done house bashing 1st fix and 2nd fix for years and now mainly do contracts new kitchens. bathrooms and maintenance. How easy is it...
  3. D

    Hello from scotland

    Hi My name is dean and I am a 3rd year adult trainee. Finally getting the chance to Get My grading card. Do various of jobs at work, currently learning about renewables, Hope to speak and get some great knowledge from you all. And answers to my stupid questions that I may have. Thanks dean
  4. darkwood

    Should Scotland be allowed another referendum and do you think parliament has a right to deny it?

    This is a follow on thread from one created discussing Labours manifesto, as this discussion on Scotland started taking hold of the thread it became a topic with popular response that it needs its own discussion. Unfortunately the replies and content already posted would be difficult to bring...
  5. M

    HV calibration in scotland

    Hi everyone, I have been asked by a customer to resurrect some of their very old testing equipment . Long story short , I have managed to get an old Ferranti HV insulation tester back up and running but , I know for a fact that the next thing he is going to ask me is , "can someone calibrate it...
  6. A

    What career path is available for an adult to become an electrician in Scotland?

    Hello I have been going round in circles on the internet trying to find information. I am currently working as an ROV Pilot Tech and have previously worked as a UPS engineer. Can anyone tell me what routes I can take to become an electrician in Scotland while keeping my current job. I am on a...
  7. Lou

    Solar Installer R.B. Grant - Solar Panel Installer in Fife

    There are many different solar panels to choose from. Let us help you find the best solar PV panels in Scotland to suit your needs. We have installed a range of solar panels all over Scotland which we monitor for performance. We pride our self in being one of Scotland’s most experienced...
  8. Old Time spark

    No Luck with Electricians in Scotland

    Can I ask for some feedback and advice from the professionals on the points below? Refurbishing two cottages into one, I had engaged an electrical firm to carry out the installation, but following very poor work and practice as recommended here I stopped the work and engaged another electrician...
  9. J

    Domestic Extending cooker cable, Scotland

    Hi, I would like to move my built-under oven to the opposite side of the kitchen into an eye-level housing requiring 15M of 6mm T&E cable surface mounted round the kitchen behind the units. To keep it simple I intend leaving the existing switch connected to the existing cooker connection point...
  10. Lauren DH

    Electrician moving to Scotland from R.Ireland

    I'm moving to Scotland from the Republic of Ireland, where i obtained my level 6 craft electrical qualification. I have been working in the industry fully qualified since 2012. I have been advised apply for the SJIB ECS card, to do this i need to enrol on the CEC program after completion of the...
  11. D

    evening from Scotland- advice if possible.

    Hi everyone, Im looking for any info on making a Horstmann Electronic 7 able to be connected to a "smart" control - Hive, Nest Tado…anything. Alternatively is there a smart product that would replace the Horstmann to provide this capability.
  12. Pete999

    Scotland v Irelandxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    HRH Anne don't look happy, what with Horse flue bet She is real peeded orf.
  13. Pete999

    Flicking channels at Half time Scotland V Ireland

    Ended up watching TOWIE, what a load of Muppets, Jeez, still I suppose if people watch it regularly it pays for itself, but I would be embarrassed if I was from Essex, but I kept it togeveah for sanity's sake, I'm right emotional innit.
  14. M

    Electrician Looking for electrical check and possible new consumer unit - Airdrie

    Moving into a new (to me) property, looking for someone to give install once over from safety perspective. Longer term maybe looking to replace consumer unit with one with RCBOs (current has MCBs not sure if any RCD). Would prefer a small firm to large one. Would be looking to get check done...
  15. MFS Electrical

    Another beautiful day in Scotland

    off to fit an outside socket today could get used to this weather :D
  16. JK-Electrical

    Smoke alarm rules to apply to all homes in Scotland

    Kerching!!!:D I think it's only a matter of time before the rest of the UK follows suit. I do hope that the Scottish Government includes a requirement within the forthcoming legislation that the installation of smoke and heat alarms are undertaken by suitably qualified, professional...
  17. littlespark

    Today’s weather report from scotland

    It’s been snowing
  18. D

    Scotland, Old style lighting JB, Will it pass an EICR, Photo attached

    Hi I have taken on a kitchen rewire, with a utility & bathroom addition too, In the loft there is an old style junction box for the lighting circuit, I've seen this method before in many old council houses, Its fed from a 10A mcb with 1.5mm t&e & it is a central point for lots of loop fed...
  19. H

    Scotland Testing Installations

    Hi guys been working in the biz for 12 years now. I am capable of testing and inspection, i know what i'm doing diagnosing and fixing faults however i have never dealt with the paper work side of things. I fill my sheets in and hand them into the office. My question is I am now picking up quite...
  20. Gazthesparky

    Bit of advice landlord testing in scotland

    Need a bit of advice I have my 2391, apprenticeship and 17th edition which i did back in 2006/7 I am based in Scotland so looking for a bit of advice. I have had a private landlord contact me asking if i will do a EIRC one of his properties. I use to do them years ago when i used to work for...
  21. K

    Finally joined after being a lurker for a while!

    Been lurking for a while now! Thought I'd join as there's some great info on here, also got my approved electrician test next week on the scottish side so any advice on that would of be great!
  22. H

    New Member

    Hey, I'm an industrial maintenance electrician in Scotland. I'm not too long out my time but also have experience in data cabling and fibre. I'm more of a lurker and hope to gain knowledge from the more experienced board members while inputting where I can. Cheers.
  23. D

    Do I need to be with an approved body?

    Hi All, Been self employed running my limited company since May. Am away to start doing some sub contract work for a bathroom installed, and they have asked me to let them know which approved body I am with because I am doing electrical testing? Correct me if I am wrong, but unless you are...
  24. D

    Certification for commercial??

    hi folks, Have recently started out as a self employed electrician in Scotland here and at the moment am not with Select or NICEIC (hoping to join next year). Question is, do I need certain qualifications to work on commercial properties? From my understanding I realise that I cannot do...
  25. S

    2394/2395 in Scotland

    Does anybody know of anywhere I can study/take assessments for C & G 2394 and 2395 in Scotland? I'm having a bit of a job finding somewhere. Would prefer an independent provider as I suspect colleges will only deal with apprentices and former apprentices. I would be happy to study at home and...
  26. uksparks

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Quick NICEIC AC Question

    Hi, Just had the info through and contract to sign from the NICEIC about upgrading to Approved and have a couple of points I just wanted a bit more info on if anyone can clarify please. There was loads of bullet points to check, but two of them just wanted clarity. 1. building standards...
  27. Y

    Domestic Domestic installer in Scotland

    Hi all, has anyone found working in Scotland under the Domestic installer scheme an issue? Any advice on working under Part p competent person please. Having to go to building control every time to get a job signed off is a right pain, when in England you are qualified to self certify...
  28. A

    Can I use domestic part p certificates in Scotland?

    I was just wondering if these certificates were acceptable to use in Scotland. Cheers!
  29. S

    Governing Schemes

    Hi I live in Scotland and have been asked to do some testing on a commercial building. I have a SJIB card; do I need to be a member of ECA , Select or NICEIC to be allowed to sign the test sheets
  30. A

    Training course Help...

    Hi all, I wonder if anybody can help me, i live in Scotland and work self employed in property maintenance, i would like to get qualified as a domestic electrician to help build my business. Q1, What minimum qualifications do i need to do this (i do have previous experience in wiring domestic...
  31. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB card in scotland

    I have worked as a marine electrician for the last 10years, four years ago I started studying through a training provider and have obtained the city and guilds 2330 level 2 and 3, the 17th eddition wiring regs and have also obtained the level 3nvq 2356. I have been offered other work outside my...
  32. B

    Installation near Glasgow

    Anyone do installations just north of Glasgow (Old Kilpatrick)? My mum has had a quote from Solarson but I think she should at least get 3 quotes to see who offers the best deal (not necessarily the cheapest). Any takers?
  33. K

    building warrant or not guys n gals?

    hi there,im looking for your advice on whether or not i need to apply for a building warrant for a job we are about to start bathroom refit in an exisiting tenemant flat ceiling is false and already dropped but we are changing the light to 4 bathroom rated spotlights and also adding underfloor...
  34. S

    Not a scam member???????????

    Just found this on a building notice form (shropshire council) DIY electrics + £180.00 + VAT on inspection charge for all above categories, where relevant except 10 and 11 (no additional charge) and Regularisations (+ £225 - no VAT) - DIY electrics means electrics carried out by someone that...
  35. beatboaby924y

    Can you sign off your own work without being select/nic registered in Scotland?

    Hi guys, Wondering if some of you guys could help? Being a approved spark I have been asked to do a job (loft conversion) for a mate where the job will be tested and results sent to the council for I think building control. The drawing he has had done off of an architec with the new bedroom...
  36. Markc

    Turbine cop's it!

    Amazing what the wind can do.
  37. N

    Getting fitting work with B&Q,Homebase,Magnet and so on?

    Just really wondering if anyone had any info on gettin work fitting for these companys, on the electrical side obviosly? I'm in scotland. Thanks
  38. S

    solar in scotland

    im interested in doing a solar install course in scotland im based near glasgow i called sjib they dont offer 1 at moment anyone know of any recognised coursesin scotland cheers
  39. kevyn

    SELECT Members working in England

    All members of SELECT in scotland can work in england even though they wont recignise SELECT under Part P. All they need to do is phone SELECT and they will register them with ELECSA, at the moment, free of charge. I would imagine it would only apply to those living around the borders area
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