1. P

    Self cerification of work but non member of ECA

    After a bit of advice as it seems starting from scratch and becoming a member of NIC or similar has mixed reviews on here.... Looking at starting up self employed again when on leave from work, after a few years working offshore. Im Getting my tester sent off to be calibrated and over the next...
  2. markythesparky

    Self employed guy working for us doing work direct for our client.

    We have a chap who works for us a lot and who is self employed. We have found out that he may have done some work recently for one of our clients who we have not done anything for in about 6 years or so. Just wondered what your view is on him doing work for a client of ours, albeit 6 years ago...
  3. S

    Electrician Self employed Electrician needed for large jobs in either Maidstone/Surrey/ Cambridge

    Need self employed electricians in maidstone - surrey or cambbridge, refurbing pubs & hotels
  4. B

    Tips on going self employed

    Hi all. I’ve recently completed my apprenticeship, AM2 and 18th edition. The goal over the next few years is to work towards various other qualifications and set up on my own, leaning more towards the domestic installation side of things. Im looking to prioritise any courses/qualifications that...
  5. H

    self employment

    Hi there, I am currently nearing the end of my apprenticeship and I am starting to think about different routes I can go down once I'm "qualified". Obviously one option is to work for myself which does sound appealing, however I'm aware it isn't as straightforward as some people make out.... ...
  6. D

    90 days self assessment

    My wife was speaking to the accountant today and apparently as of 2022 we will need to submit a tax return every 90 days so they are putting their price up significantly anyone else heard about this 90 day new rule ?
  7. M

    Self Employed Domestic Electrician - What Course options?

    Hi, I am 32 years old and I currently have a boring office job. I have years of experience working alongside electricians, helping with the installation of Solar PV, alarm systems, CCTV and domestic wiring. I am considering becoming an electrician myself and ideally I would want to be a self...
  8. V

    Self Cancelling Turn Signal "Noise" (Motorcycle)

    Please bear with me as I lay this out.. What are we dealing with? - Motorcycle + I recently installed a plug-n-play self cancelling turn signal module. There is a power supply, ground, and the rest plugs into the existing wiring harness. Operation of self cancelling module - The module can...
  9. richardg

    Self policing EICR cowboys

    I have picked up 2 contracts in the last week to fix remedial work reported on a EICR. After an initial discussion with the landlords I requested a copy of the EICR to see what had been reported. In both cases the reports looked wrong, with tests missing and generally no added detail. After...
  10. W

    Self employment whilst being an apprentice?

    Anybody know if it’s possible to be self employed but an apprentice of a company? I want to jump ship from my employer and have found someone willing to take me on but he wants me to go self employed? I want to go self employed but don’t know how it’ll work with being an apprentice? any info...
  11. D

    Opinion on self made trunking

    I am covering a mess of conduit to get the CU out of a barthroom, all will be covered with plywood and silicon sealed, can't fit 90o bends in would be to difficult to pull conductors after anyway. Any thoughts main supply and a number of circuits are in conduit
  12. R

    Part P and self Certification

    Hi. Can anyone help me out in understanding Part P and notifiable work in a Domestic dwelling. I am a recently retired electrician and I now want to carry out electrical work in my own home and also for my family, friends and neighbour's. If I undertake and pass C & G 2393-10 and I am in receipt...
  13. J

    Need Help: Self Park on 2 speed wipers with a Wiper stalk

    Hi all, I am after any wiring gurus who also know there way around relays etc. This is what I am trying to do. I have a 2 speed wiper motor in my vehicle. I am wanting to run a wiper stalk with the wipers. I can get everything to work except for it to self park. Now this is where I need...
  14. E

    self employed morgages

    Hi, i have only been up and running 6 months but am looking to re mortgage early next year. as it stands dont have a set of books but healthy accounts so far. anyone got any contacts used previously for similar? thanks in advance Shane
  15. K

    Self employed qualifications

    Hi All, This is my first post so go easy on me ? I am an apprentice trained electrician with NVQ level 2/3, AM2 and 17th edition. A short time after I qualified I chased the money into electrical maintenance so have predominantly worked on industrial electrics. I am beginning to set up to go...
  16. C

    Completing NVQ practical at home / self employed / working for free

    Hi All I'm after some advice with regards to completing the NVQ L3 either 2356 or 2357. I work in maintenance although I am now mainly office based. XS training have said I can carry out the 2356 as I have been in the industry for over 5 years. I have completed 2365 L2 & 3 so now want to get...
  17. T

    Self Employed PAT Testers

    Would like to hear from self employed PAT testers. Have immediate work available in the London and Cambridge area
  18. W

    Self employed grant

    Hi all Is there anybody who qualifies for the second self employed grant and claiming it? The first one for me was a no brainier, i was quarantined for two weeks before lockdown, then staight after we was locked down my work was basically nothing so i claimed this first grant The second one...
  19. B

    UK is anybody a self employed electrician not under a scheme?

    Hi guys, just after some insight on personal experience of starting a company without being a member of nic,napit ect. in a nut shell im a qualified electrician with my 2391-52, I work for a company full time and I have a few potential clients lined up, i want to register as a business and do...
  20. M

    How to legally work as self employed Electrician.

    Hi guys I have been a qualified electrician for over 10 years working for others and now im trying to transision into to starting my own electrical installation / maintenance company. I'm a little confused as to what is required before I can legally work in other peoples properties. I thought...
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