1. M

    PAT - Selling Used Goods - Authoritative Body?

    Hi all! I am looking to sell some used electrical items (eBay), and am considering (unlike the vast majority of eBay business sellers) testing them for electrical safety prior to sale. The items will be a mix of class 1, 2 and 3. Having carried out some preliminary research, I have rapidly...
  2. R

    Selling 2nd hand scooters - liability ?

    Hi, Wonder if anyone can advise please. My Father is thinking of setting up a business to sell 2nd hand mobility scooters to sell in a shop. He would source these from Facebook and local ads etc, but I don’t think he could do that as he isn’t qualified in any Electrical certifications to...
  3. Electreacle

    Anyone on here selling an MFT?

    Anyone on here selling an MFT?
  4. N

    Selling 30x FuseBox 32A RCBO Type A RTA063230B and SIET Neon Transformer 9kv 25ma

    Hi, Selling the following: 30 x FuseBox 32A RCBO Type A RTA063230B brand new in individual boxes - £11.99 each. SIET Neon Transformer 9kv 25ma - £100 CK Pro Cobalt Bi-Metal HSS Hole Saws 51mm-105mm - £10 to £18 Thanks
  5. Z

    Selling property with C2 EICR issues

    Hi all, we got an EICR report done before tenanting our previous home having become "accidental landlords". See attached. The report came back with some C2 and some C3 codes. I requested quotes from the management company but, perhaps due to lockdown etc, the work was never actioned. Now the...
  6. N

    For Sale Looking to Sell my megger

    Selling my megger as barely used has all accesories not 6 month old and has calibration certificate. 350 ono
  7. MattBUk

    Electrician says I need a new consumer unit to pass inspection - do I really?

    He says 'it's fairly important to change the consumer unit as it wont pass the Inspection in its current state.' He's coming round tomorrow to replace it, has he given me duff advice? Cheers, Matt
  8. D

    Advice on Selling a business

    Hi all Thinking about selling my company, does anyone have any experience with selling an electrical contractors ? I have had a few valuations but the cost to sell is high and I don’t really trust that they can actually sell … Advice welcome … Thanks in advance Dan
  9. S

    Veto pro pac bags selling

    Got a veto tech lc and ot mc if anyones inteterested. Lc never used Ot used but no damage etc
  10. R

    Anyone selling a Solo Fire Test Kit.

    I don’t suppose anyone is selling a Solo Fire Test Kit? I’m looking to buy one for work. If anyone has one for sale that would be great.
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    Selling a Kewtech MFT

    I have a nice new KT66DL MFT and a spare fluke. The KT64DL is now surplus to requirements and going to off load it. Before going through all the effort and bother of ebay and other sites thought I would offer it up on here. Currently going for around £300 for used units on t'internet. Its...
  12. Electrical2go

    Electrical2Go are now selling Priority and Non-Priority EV Boards from Garo

    ENHANCED PROTECTION FOR MODERN POWER DEMANDS Innovative, Protective & Efficient Effective and easy to install solutions to safely manage the load between multiple electric showers or an electric shower & EV Charger. Protect your main incoming supply with GAROs Priority & Non-Priority Boards...
  13. D

    Rod Stewart selling up ....

    Looks like rocking Rod might be selling his drain business
  14. Keyur Patel

    Wanted Any one selling a multifunction tester and proving unit!

    Hi, I'm looking for a MFT and proving unit if anyone is selling there's. don't like borrowing my bosses and would prefer to have my own. I'm in the process of doing my NVQ and 2391-52 as well so its really a must for me to have my own. many thanks
  15. T

    Retiring next year and thought to start selling off some larger items

    Hilmor pipe bender £250 Boss tower working height 8m £800 Van Vito high top 2010 reg long MOT £4000 I have put these on gumtree right now. As I am retiring next year. May still do little jobs but cutting out the bigger stuff. Happy to stop running all the time to keep up. Think I might start...
  16. D

    Selling old MCB'S and RCBO's

    Hello everyone, I have a garage full of electrical gear as i'm sure many of you do, various bits left over from jobs. Part on my lifelong mission is to keep getting bits out and not just getting gear in, as it's all money! So i literally have thousands of old MCB's, RCD's, RCBO's fuses...
  17. Marti

    If you're selling your private number plate I might be interested.

    Just on the chance that anyone fancies selling their private number plate in the future , I might be interested if it electrical or electrician related. I realise they are not to everyone's taste and I'm compensating / having a crisis / shallow / infantile / got better things to do with limited...
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    £land selling dodgy lights for... well a quid!

    popped in poundland over lunch time to grab a bottle of something to drink and a snack. saw these 'downlights' on the display... turns out poundland have gone into downlights... I started to get all excited thinking of the mark up if i could fit these on a forthcoming job instead of the £12...
  19. Electrical2go

    We've just drastically dropped the price of our Best selling LED Bulkheads!!!

    Hi All, Just to let you know we have drastically reduced our prices on a variety of our Robus LED Golf bulkhead fittings. These LED Bulkheads are IP65 rated and come with a 5 year warranty Suitable for use in retail shops, public buildings, communal areas, sports centres, stairwells...
  20. cprfenom

    Selling half a garage of gear due to taking employment

    Hi guys, Selling off a load of odds and sods mainly for domestic works due to going in to employment in the commercial sector. Includes racking, storage boxes, accessories and cable. Only thing is needs to be gone by the 18th.


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