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  1. N

    How to change normal circuit for lighting to a light sensitive circuit?

    I have garden lights and lights on my fence that I would like to arrange for them to switch on automatically when the sun sets for security purposes. I currently have switches for all the lights on the fence and the garden lights are huge LED appliances that are also hooked up and switched on by...
  2. X

    Does anyone know where i could get a led strip light set up that is powered by a force sensitive resistor/weight sensor?

    Ultimately for my project im making a lamp which will be powered by the weight of an object. So i want to power the whole led strip lighting solely through placing an object on the weight sensor pad. If anyone knows where i could buy a setup like this or how i could go about making it myself...
  3. F

    How to wire for "electrically sensitive" people

    Hey everyone, I believe I may be one of the crazy people who thinks they are "electrically sensitive"... I hate that I am that guy, but this is kind of where I find myself. I'm convinced that the farther from all electrical stuff I sleep, the better I sleep, and I've kind of gotten obsessed...
  4. D

    Pet Sensitive PIR

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can recommend a decent pet pir for a cat? I have installed a Texecom petwise at a property but they say the cat is setting it off at night, never had any problem with these in the past. Cheers
  5. happyhippydad

    Is the Steeple RCD polarity sensitive?

    Evening all. My customer has a series E consumer unit which has a 100mA MK RCD as the main switch. I am adding a socket to the socket circuit on this board so need to give it 30mA protection. I happen to have a 30mA Steeple RCD for a series E CU (I collect as many different CU's as I can)...
  6. AJshep

    Where to ask sensitive questions/advice

    As the title hopefully suggests, what do you guys and girls do when you have sensitive questions that you may like to ask the guys and girls in the trade advice and opinions on ? I'm sure there is a section but I've had trouble finding it, I'm sure it's been right under my nose. I might have a...
  7. A

    Sensitive DC clamp meter

    Hi, I have a budget AC/DC clamp meter but have found it disappointing on low current testing. The lowest range is 40A with four digit display, meaning the lowest reading is 10mA. However the spec for the meter quotes an accuracy of 5% (or something) +/- eight counts, meaning it's claimed...
  8. happyhippydad

    PIR with long(ish) range?

    Hello all.. The customer wants his garden light to switch on the moment he walks into the garden, the sensor is around 12 meters away and it doesn't switch the light until he is half way up the garden. There is nowhere nearer I can locate the PIR. I realise screwfix/toolstation have PIR's...
  9. W

    RCD Keeps Trpping

    Dear all, The consumer unit main RCD (80A, 30mA)keeps tripping. We've noticed it when my stepson plugs in a laptop on the upstairs ring main and also randomly when nothing else is in use (eg at night) and we suspect it's the fridge freezer turning on and off. (downstairs ring main) or when...
  10. S

    Weird Rcd Issue

    I've noticed on a couple of ocassions now. That my Type s 100ma rcd will somtimes trip before either of my 30ma rcd. CAN some one tell me why this may happen?
  11. T

    Domestic Help with another bizarre RCD problem

    Hey guys! I have a RCD protecting the sockets in a 2-bed flat, everything else is unprotected. Every now and then it will trip when we switch the (unprotected) lights off (any lights, coming from 2 different MCBs). It often happens in the early morning between 6 and 830am and we will use the...
  12. H

    Rcd tripping times/ ramp test

    What tripping time should I expect to be acceptable when doing a ramp test on both 30ma and 100ma rcds. I mean is 70ma tripping time on a 100ma rcd too sensitive?
  13. C

    IR Testing

    Hi, When IR testing a circuit where voltage sensitive devices cannot be easily removed, and using test method 2 as per GN3, where they advise connecting line & neutral together and then testing to earth from this connection. Is there any reason not to just test between line & earth and then from...
  14. S

    Sunlight activated switch

    Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a simple automatic switch that is sensitive to when the sun is shining? I have a d.i.y swimming pool with black pipe solar collector, It is hard for me to estimate what the days weather is gonna be like before I go off and work. A simple automatic...
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