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  1. Midwest

    New iPhone September 2018

    My iPhone has gone Pete Tong, so I'm gonna have to get a replacement. And before anyone suggests it, the replacement has got to be an iPhone for various reasons, primarily is I know how to use these ones :oops: I'm led to believe there are going to be some new model iPhones realised this...
  2. simPRO

    Invite to FREE business workshop (26 September 2017, Cambridgeshire)

    simPRO is a new sponsor on this forum and we would like to invite members to our Build a Better Trade Business Workshop - a day of essential business advice for trade business owners. Join us on 26 September 2017 at our offices in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, to receive essential tips and tricks in...

    ElectricalOM - See us at ED&I Expo this September!

    Just 2 weeks left until the start of the UK’s Newest Electrical Design & Install Show that will be held at NEC Birmingham on the 6th & 7th September 2017 and we will be there! Come and meet our specialists... Visit us at stand 120 and our team of specialists will be on hand to give live...
  4. gr7

    FiT Rate July - September 2017

    Does anyone know where I can find the FiT rates for the current period? I have looked at the obvious places and can't find this
  5. Pete999


    Anyone going to the RICHO this month?
  6. M

    Dec/Jan start for C&G 2357 in London

    Im in a bit of a pickle being that Ive just started a apprenticeship, but I missed the start of the C&G 2357 course in September, does anyone know where this course might be starting in December or January in London? Ive spent countless hours searching the interwebnets looking for a college...
  7. S

    Renewables Roadshow - Ricoh Arena Coventry

    We will be exhibiting at the first of six "Renewables Roadshows" at The Rocoh Arena in Coventry tomorrow (Thursday 13th). There are demonstrations and presentations along with a good amount of exhibitors, so we are looking forward to a successful event. If any local installers are planning to go...
  8. S


    I went to my local gym yesterday to handout a fyer and some cards, the owner asked how much I would of charged for the install he just had. Run Down: 2 x 3 Phase DB (33 circuits in total) 15 x floor sockets 10 x wall sockets 1 x 32A socket 10 strip lamps all cabling All prep work was done by...
  9. C


    I am looking to start training in September to be a Spark and have looked at a few colleges One college offers the 2330 level 2 i believe over 2 years, 2 evenings a week The other college offers a course called Building Services Studies - Electricial Installations Course summary - This one...
  10. W

    on site guide

    has the release date for the 17th edition osg moved ? amazon have moved my post date to september also can anybody reccommend any books on earthing? whats required ,whats permissable thanks in advance
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