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  1. M

    UK What sequence to do when doing fault finding (AM2)

    Hi everyone just to let everyone know that I did my AM2 last week and I only failed on the fault finding part. I was very confident before going into the fault finding test but I lost my way and the pressure got to me. I'm so chuffed that I pass everything else. Just to explain what the test...
  2. GBDamo

    sequence of events help required.

    I highlighted the condition of an installation several months ago to a client. In short there is a basement which is very wet and the board holding the cut outs and switch fuses is rotten, and now starting to collapse.There are a TP mains cut out, SP mains cut out, isolators for both and switch...
  3. 1

    2391-52 practical assessment - testing sequence

    Hi guys, i have my 2391-52 practical assessment tomorrow and my assessor has said we have to perform the tests in sequence as stated in gn3 - 2.6.4 Few questions i have are: Once i complete safe isolation procedure and remove cover first up is continuity of protective conductors, surely it's a...
  4. B

    what is the correct sequence for locating faults?

    i'm a bit confused with this question, it doesn't state what kind of fault so the question is open to a broad spectrum, i'm aware the first point is speak to relevant people regarding faults but after that it could go so many ways. am i missing something here? i'm reading through the nvq3...
  5. A

    Help with 2395

    hello all, Failed my 2395 written exam and from wanted help understanding the following questions that came up State two reasons why it is important that the phase sequence is confirmed throughout the installation? State two methods to confirm phase sequence with an installation? The...
  6. AyresomeBoro

    2395 Written (Typed) Exam

    Anyone else waiting on results back from a recent 2395 exam? I done it 2 weeks ago and should find out how I done tomorrow. I feel I lost a whole chunk of marks on two questions based on: 1) Earth rod resistance testing 2) Phase sequence testing Naively neglected these topics during revision...
  7. G

    Sequence of testing

    Afternoon all, i was wondering if any of you could help me with this question.. Why must testing be done in sequence?
  8. P

    Wha would the effect of incorrect phase sequence to the 5kw machine in a workshop be

    hi guys, What would the effect of incorrect phase sequence to the 5kw machine in a workshop be? thanks magpie
  9. K

    Voltage Optimisers.

    Has anyone come across a phase sequence fault when switching on a voltage optimiser for the first time. The system is a cheap chinese one I think with terrible instructions. Can a voltage optimiser know if your input wiring is black, grey, brown instead of Br, Bl, Gr? I ask because we don't...
  10. E

    PIR code advice

    hi guys im new here so please be gentle with me...lol i have just started a new job in a factory, maintenance spark. a few years ago the company had a PIR carried out and guess what, its my job to sort out all the faults,,,,,,,, happy days... not my question is they have been given a code 2 for...
  11. M

    Phase-phase fault

    To protect equipment eg motors, generators, against phase-phase fault, one uses a Negative Phase Sequence Relay. Appreciate if anyone can explain the working principle of the relay. Is it similar to normal over-current IDMT relay?
  12. robd

    Bluetooth feature on Megger MFT 1553...any good?

    Evening all, Have got the above mentioned multi-function tester, have had it for a year or so but never got round to setting up the bluetooth feature. Is it any good and does it actually save time? Also does anyone know if the software is compatible with the NIC forms? Thanks, Rob
  13. B

    Split lighting circuit

    I'm about to do a rewire on an old lighting circuit. I'll have to remove and replace some wiring but not all, thing is, up till now all the circuits I've worked have followed a nice neat radial pattern, but this one is split into 2 or more sections, ie; the line from the cu is split at a jb to...
  14. M


    Hi What are test sequence for a ring main. What are the test sequence for a lighting circuit. Thanks Mark Hi Also the best way to find zs and ze. Thanks Mark
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