1. D

    SWA sheath, earthing and empty consumer unit space

    Hi all I had some house rewiring undertaken on my house and have come across a few issues since painting. First thing was damage to the rubber outer sheath of the SWA cable on the outer wall which I've rapped electrical tape around temporarily as the metal rods were visible and we had a lot of...
  2. happyhippydad

    Can I use the sheath of the SWA as the CPC in this example?

    Morning.. I have a garage fed by 4mm, 2 core SWA. It is a 25m run from the CU. Can I use the armour as the CPC? The Main house is TT. I have always used 3 core so have not come across this before. i am about to check my notes as I know I have information on this and will find the formula to...
  3. M

    Earth clamp for TN-S lead sheath supply cable

    Hi Does anyone know where you can purchase the earth clamps that the DNO use on their lead supply cables? I used to have a few but cant find them anymore and Im not sure of the correct name for them. Cheers Martin
  4. R

    Lead sheath SWA as earth

    I attend a job today and can see the Main earth is via a tag to the SWA lead. I called DNO and they informed me if the ze is within permitted Tn-s values (which it was 0.20 Ohm) then leave it in place. I requested a PME upgrade and they wasn't keen since this was in place. Looking for some...
  5. C

    Swa sheath size too small

    an outbuilding is supplied by a 50mm twin SWA cable from a PME supply The assessor has told me to convert to a TT as the steel csa is too small, is there a way I can prove that surely a 50mm twin swa sheath is suitable to be a 16mm earth?
  6. J

    Code 3 for usign Sheath of MICC as CPC

    This has probably come up before but I cant seem to find it. I have been presented with an EICR produced by another company where they have put a code 3 down for using the sheath of mineral insulated cables as the CPC. No further explanation on the observations and recomendations sheet. No...
  7. Q

    Drilled through wire sheath, advice to make safe until after Xmas

    Hello, I drilled a hole late last night after a long day and stupidly didn't check the wall directly under the plug socket (I know). The RCD tripped and it appears to have just exposed the copper wires, just the sheath is damaged (pics attached). From a bit of googling it seems there is no...
  8. LewisM

    Section cut from outer sheath of armoured cable.

    Some of these armoured cables have a section of outer sheath cut from them the only reason I can think of as to why is to get a better bend on the cable, any thoughts?
  9. Pete999

    Buck folding knife "Buck450 with sheath"

    Nearly new unused £15:00 plus postage PM if interested
  10. D

    Bare mains cable - No sheath

    Hi all, this post is more for my own clarification, we have a council house in the UK and several years ago the cabling was essentially found to be dangerous and it was decided that they would rewire the entire house, all fittings, sockets, breaker boxes etc. They managed to achieve this in only...
  11. S

    High EFLI on TN-S, DNO won't fix

    Hi all Firstly, I'm not an electrician but have found these forums extremely helpful reading over the last couple of weeks due to a running battle I've been having with UK Power Networks. Hoping some of the experts on here might be able to shed some light on the below... I recently arranged...
  12. rolyberkin

    Cable Type

    Sorry bad pic, anyone recognise the black cable type in the top right hand corner of this photo? Not a clear enough pic to zoom in.
  13. C

    Garage install

    Hello Guys Going to be installing power and lighting within a garage. I have been told the walls will be covered with ply wood once the install is done. The fuse board and accessories will be mounted on woodern battens. the only t&e that will possbily require mechanical protection will be for...
  14. a-z electrics

    Knipex installation pliers

    Knipex installation pliers 1396 200 these are the sprung loaded ones. I believe..6 in 1 tools, they sound pretty useful.. Anybody used them? Any good?
  15. W

    ECR - Wood Block light switchs

    Carrying out a ECR. House rewired about 5 yeays ago, wood block light switchs fitted thoughout. No flush back boxes & cables stripped off sheath behind . Be interested off your thoughts :saddam:
  16. A

    Earthing arrangement TNCS or TNS and the DNO

    Hi, I wish to establish what the earthing arrangement is, the cut-out has a label above it that says "PME System" and the earth cable disappears into the bottom of the cutout and then comes back out the bottom and connects onto the supply cable sheath. Reading some other forums people suggest...
  17. driverman

    test results form EICR

    Hi Guys, Taking 2395 exam shortly. Im just wondering on schedule of test results form what do I put down for size of cpc for MICC cable and for SWA cables if the armour is used solely for the cpc? I'm sure that somehow there must be procedure. Many Thanks Read more...
  18. I

    100mA Type S RCD on a TN-S supply

    Just wondered... Found 100mA time delayed RCD on a TN-S supply between meter and CU. Not mandatory, but there's nothing to say this should not be installed is there?
  19. F

    Domestic Cable Quality

    Hi, I'm just about to start a full re-wire of my house and looking for some decent T&E cable. Is the Turkish Altin brand, sold at Wickes, as good as any other BASEC approved cable? Thanks
  20. S

    Tn-c-s how the combined bit works

    I need a dummy's explanation of how the earth and neatral are combined and how they are split. Cheers
  21. D

    Earthing arrangements and the DNO

    Hi Guys. Went to look at a job today. I am only doing CCTV, but the homeowner asked a question about his earthing, as he had removed the clamp from his water supply. Meaning no earth at all. I took a picture of the arrangement, but with the exception of a small 4 / 6 mm cable which you can...
  22. W

    Domestic Clarification on addition/alteration to ring protected by BS3036 fuse

    Had a look at a job today which involves some additional sockets to the ring and a FCU. As it's protected by a 3036 I was looking at providing an RCD in separate enclosure adjacent to the existing metal clad CU. Also the DNO/metering co have been in recently and installed a new meter and 100A...
  23. E

    micc cable in 1960's underflloor heating

    I have split the micc cable leading up to the room stat in my appartment and was wondering if anyone know how this will be wired as i have no wiring diagrams for the installation. I am an electrician but have no idea how this is connected. I know that its fed from economy seven on its own board...
  24. G

    Does underfloor heating need an earth?

    Must underfloor heating always have an earth? I was under the impression that it always needed an earth, but a builder I sometimes do work for has already put it down and there are only two wires and no earth at all.I know that normally the earth is the metal sheathing that comes with the...
  25. S

    Armour sheath carrying a voltage

    Hi guys, Had a situation the other day where the armour sheath on sub mains was carrying a voltage of about 55V.The sheath was not being used as an earth and was only there to give protection to the cable. Can anyone tell me why this occured? Many thaks
  26. S

    short circuit capactiy bs3871 type 2

    could anyone help me with the short circuit capacity and maximum permitted zs of a BS3871 type 2 MCB please. And if using the sheath on a micc cable as cpc what do you put in the cpc mm2, is putting sheath acceptable. Thanks Paul
  27. W

    Bonding Puzzled !

    Hi all Been racking my brains on bonding, got the niceic man coming round next week and want to make sure its right. There was nothing left of the main earth from a tns supply it was all rotten, so the house had no bonding ! I have used 16mm as the new main bonding and 10mm for the gas and...
  28. S

    r1 r2 testing on micc cable

    when testing micc,pyro cable for r1 r2 values is it correct to use sheath as the r2 for a 2 core ?
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