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shock risk

Shock tactics, shock tactic or shock attack is the name of an offensive maneuver which attempts to place the enemy under psychological pressure by a rapid and fully-committed advance with the aim of causing their combatants to retreat. The acceptance of a higher degree of risk to attain a decisive result is intrinsic to shock actions.

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  1. L

    Installing plug sockets in steel furniture.

    Hi all, Figured I'd come straight to the experts with this one because I don't have a great deal of electrical experience. I'm a designer at a furniture manufacturing company. We manufacture furniture almost entirely out of folded sheet steel profiles. Currently I am working on designing a...
  2. admiral-ackbar

    Receiving 120VAC from frame of double insulated TV, is this normal?

    Got a jolt from the metal frame of my 2020 Sony KD-65X9000H TV. Measuring 120VAC at all times unit is plugged in. Now I know there's often some leakage with double insulated items but I thought that 120v seemed fairly high. Is that somewhere around the expected amount to leak? Contacted Sony...
  3. G

    UK Is my UK bought pool pump configuration safe? Should I change it?

    Hi, I hope that someone here might be able to put my mind at rest. I have an engineering mind and a reasonable understanding of electical work, but I'm not confident on this area and want to ensure the safety of my family. I purchased a bestway splasher pool a few years ago (holds around...
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