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  1. ian.

    UK NECIEC shop voucher code

    Hi, I need to update my library from the niceic bookshop, to save a few pounds does anyone have a valid voucher code I could use.
  2. Z

    Conduit in old work shop , assignment

    Hi , I nearly done my assignment, but I need help for couple questions, Please I wanna make right everything. I still think with conduit, better used for main workshops, and I need drawings how to join in DB. Can you help me please or just asking someone.
  3. J

    Wiring up a Woodworking shop in a rental property

    Hi All!! I'm new to the forum and seeking some specific advice. Background:While I do understand and have some limited experience with running wire, wiring outlets and panel hookups in basic residential wiring, I need advice on specific challenge. I live in a rental that has garage wall...
  4. O

    Unsure of shop panel amps!?

    Hi all, first post but have been a long time lurker... Have a few questions regarding my home panel/shop. Below I will post a photo of how I believe everything is ran. Previous owner I believe installed the generator panel after the house was built, it looks like it was ran by an amateur. Our...
  5. C

    Powering my shop

    Hello everyone. I’m a DIY person and I’m about to give my shop a little juice. I had previously ran UFB 35 feet to a 220 outlet for my brothers RV. Now that he’s gone, I’ve built a 24x24 shop. My intentions are to run 16 led shop lights that will pull 7.04 amperes. Also a shop fan (unsure of...
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