1. 208cheezhead

    Do I need to rewire my shop?

    Hello! My shop is currently on a single 15 amp circuit. Is like to upgrade it at the main home panel to a 30 amp. Do I just need to run 10 gauge wire from the main panel to the shop subpanel and then add a second 15 amp circuit on the subpanel? The shop is currently wired with 12 gauge wire. I...
  2. D

    Nice Charity Shop Find - Elliott Lucas pliers

    I had to pop into town on Monday to pick up something my wife ordered and I passed a new charity shop so thought I would pop in to see if they had anything of interest found these elliott lucas pin nose pliers in lovely condition , they wanted £3.50 for them. I gave the lady a tenner as it is a...
  3. sam400

    Lighting for jewellery repair shop

    Hi guys, I ve got a job changing out some old 6ft fluorescent fittings in a workshop where they repair jewellery (very fine work), I am going to be replacing them with non-corrosive LED battens. My first instinct was to fit some 5000k coloured fittings but some people find it a bit 'headachey'...
  4. C

    Why is my shop light occasionally not working?

    I have a unique problem which a licensed electrician could not solve. I have a 110 sub panel in my small shop for the garage and shop. It feeds off the main panel in the house and has been there for 30+ years and operating OK. Within the last year or so occasionally the lights in the garage...
  5. Y

    Upgrading sub panel in shop to QO816L100DF but existing neutral feed is too short to reach neutral bar. How do I relocate neutral bar?

    Upgrading sub panel in shop to QO816L100DF but existing neutral feed is too short to reach neutral bar. How do I relocate neutral bar?
  6. NellyManjaro

    Shop sold upstairs soneone converting to flat

    This will be very vague as dont have many details... BUT ill relay what I can from what I'm told... so someone has asked me to wire a flat above a shop. This was used as storage. Not sure what it was storage for but sounds like no machinery in shop etc so potentially just a single phase...
  7. 4

    Running power from House to shop

    Hello All, I'm looking for a little help with a small project. I'm needing to run power from my cabin to my shop. Max distance is 90 feet from home panel to the shop panel. I will be trenching a 1 1/2" conduit from cabin to shop. I only need 50-60 amps to the shop as I will really only be...
  8. S

    Shop units landlord supply

    Good afternoon everyone. I have a client who has a contract to build some shop units and part of their contract is to provide the landlords electrical installation which he has asked me to do. This is some external wall lights around the perimeter of the building and the car park lighting...
  9. gazdkw82

    Shop sign lighting

    Can anyone offer any advice with goose/swan neck exterior sign lighting? Iv been looking for a while now and most seem to be not suitable for exterior use. I'd like to be able to attach directly to a galv conduit box. Has anyone fitted anything similar?
  10. ian.

    UK NECIEC shop voucher code

    Hi, I need to update my library from the niceic bookshop, to save a few pounds does anyone have a valid voucher code I could use.
  11. Z

    Conduit in old work shop , assignment

    Hi , I nearly done my assignment, but I need help for couple questions, Please I wanna make right everything. I still think with conduit, better used for main workshops, and I need drawings how to join in DB. Can you help me please or just asking someone.
  12. J

    Wiring up a Woodworking shop in a rental property

    Hi All!! I'm new to the forum and seeking some specific advice. Background:While I do understand and have some limited experience with running wire, wiring outlets and panel hookups in basic residential wiring, I need advice on specific challenge. I live in a rental that has garage wall...
  13. O

    Unsure of shop panel amps!?

    Hi all, first post but have been a long time lurker... Have a few questions regarding my home panel/shop. Below I will post a photo of how I believe everything is ran. Previous owner I believe installed the generator panel after the house was built, it looks like it was ran by an amateur. Our...
  14. C

    Powering my shop

    Hello everyone. I’m a DIY person and I’m about to give my shop a little juice. I had previously ran UFB 35 feet to a 220 outlet for my brothers RV. Now that he’s gone, I’ve built a 24x24 shop. My intentions are to run 16 led shop lights that will pull 7.04 amperes. Also a shop fan (unsure of...
  15. G

    Dimmable light woks fine in shop, but not at home??

    Hi, I purchased a dimmable touch table lamp in B&Q a few weeks ago. I ensured I purchased the correct dimmable G9 bulbs, but on getting it home, discovered that the touch function only turns the lamp on. It doesn't cycle through the various dim levels on each touch, and the only way to turn...
  16. Pete999

    Best tool shop / DIY shop you have visited in the UK

    As per title, what in your consideration is the best tool shop in the UK that you have been to. Me in Northampton, tucked away down a un remarkable side street is a small looking DIY shop, well small until you go inside, it's vast a real old style place, parking is a problem thought, good for...
  17. toplightco

    Electrician Replacement Track Lighting Charing Cross Road Shop

    Installation of new suspended lighting track in established gentleman’s outfitters in Charing Cross Road. installation contractor required. Potentially two other shops as well. Contact me for details.
  18. C

    Load Balancing in a shop

    Hi all, A friend of mine who owns a shop has asked me if I can do some load balancing on the three phase board in the shop. In my career I have mostly done domestic and light commercial so three phase load balancing is something I havent yet carried out. Am i right in thinking it is just a...
  19. L

    Medium size shop. Full concrete construction etc .Basement with 2 fire exits.Fire /smoke alarms?

    As title ! Single entry ground front door. twin stairs to basement . Each side of basement (It was knocked into one years ago) has its own fire escape etc . what would be the Basic level of Fire/smoke detection equipment that"should be required" for each of the 2 floors ? Thanks
  20. C

    Installing cable for move of electrical meter and isolator into flat from shop below.

    Hi guys. I have been informed by uk power networks the following. "As discussed on site as you do not require any extra power and you just want your 1p meter moved this will be a job for your supplier to install a riser to your flat and move the meter . I have attached a drawing that shows the...
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