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  1. F

    System fault on panel 001 short/ circuit

    Please how do i start to check for system fault on panel short circuit. I was able to solve this problem before but now it's taking like forever and am getting frustrated please help. I am working on a Esser IQ 8000 control FACP.
  2. F

    Help with a possible short

    Diagnosing a faulty ABS module. Manual say to remove ground cable from battery, disconnect abs harness, and probe for continuity between power pin 15/18 and ground. Multi meter shows 1.5K Ω and 7K Ω respectively. Is this an actual short?
  3. C

    underground ducting in short lengths

    Anyone know where I can get 32mm ID/37mm OD underground electric cable ducting from in shorter lengths, cheapest I found is amazon but everywhere seems to do minimum 50m, I only need 15m and rarely use it.
  4. H

    Dead short readings on TNS

    Evening all A few weeks ago we were doing an Eicr and were getting dead shorts on every circuit between neutral and earth. In the end it was believed that the fault might actually stem from the incoming earth. I understand you will get a short if it was tncs but not usually tns. However the...
  5. Barnaby Stedman

    SWA - too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    been working on site today - came across someones bad calculations - there is 6mm swa in a ducting underground and it only comes out of the ducting at one end! i managed to dig down to the ducting and found the other end buried underground. So what is the best way of connecting two pieces of...
  6. Pretty Mouth

    Short circuit disconnection times

    Could someone shed some light on the following please? 411.3.2.1 implies that the 5s / 0.4s disconnection times only apply to earth faults. I've not found anything else in the regs that suggests they apply to short circuits. 435.5.2 says faults should be disconnected before the fault current...
  7. P

    Domestic Ceiling lights short circuited when a bulb blew

    Just the ceiling lights (3 rooms + bathroom), all wall sockets working fine & no circuit breakers popped out. Any ideas why? Someone said it could be rodents chewing the cables & my upstairs neighbour has had a few infestations recently:mad:. I'm in a Victorian terrace ground floor flat. Does it...
  8. A

    Short circuit - making me short circuit!

    Hi all, I do hope you can help me with my 2014 Fiat Fiorino. I have a short circuit which has stopped the rear tail light and front side light from working. when the lights are on, ignition is on but the engine isn't running the lights work, the lights work whilst the heater plug light is...
  9. happyhippydad

    Why was the RCD not tripping with a N-E short?

    I went to a property to carry out an EICR. Sockets and cooker were RCD protected all the other circuits were not. I realise there is an order of doing the tests but I thought I would check the RCD test button. It didn't trip. I then did an RCD test and the RCD didn't trip. Took the cover off...
  10. M

    Domestic Installing LED strips but not working possible short circuit

    Hi all. Seems like a simple fix just need some advice. I was fixing LED strips in the kitchen today. The switch in the kitchen is a 2-gang which powers the LED strips and the ceiling lights. There are 3 seperate LED strips to go around the kitchen, each connected to an LED driver and power...
  11. Starjack

    5 week short courses

    So is it possible to be a fast-food worker or an office worker and then go on a 5 week course and come out the other end proclaiming to be an electrician. In addition to that should you be allowed to do a 5 week course and immediately go self employed. Is it safe to do a 5 week course then...
  12. A

    How to change spotlight bulb with short cable

    Hi I have been trying to change an led gu10 bulb in a recessed spotlight in my hallway. On others there has been enough cable to hold the bulb and twist it to change, but this is too short, so I cant hold the connector still to twist the bulb. I have tried pulled it with pliers, and also...
  13. S

    Well, that was a short trip

    Just back from Nairobi errr business trip cut short, looking at my "holiday" vids I need to loose a bit of weight........ anyways got to sort out my holiday cleaning...... sand gets everywhere,
  14. Empire

    Crabtree f-60 tp&n circuit breaker bs# and short circuit capacity

    Morning All, Having spent many years gleaning information from you all as a non member I've finally needed to join because, try as I might, I just can't find the answer to this puzzle, so here goes. I've just installed, replaced really, a TP sub board that's being fed from a Crabtree 60A STD...
  15. Spoon

    Doing a "Search" on the foum and what I put down in the search.... Tell me now my title is too short

    Very silly question. I want to search for a whole phrase.... e.g. Welcome to the forum When typing that into the search it searches for each individual word. I have tried putting the search in speech marks "Welcome to the forum". but with still the same result. What am I doing wrong...
  16. D

    tracking power feed short to switch

    120v household line. Feed line suddenly lost power. Tenant reports no heavy usage at the time - says she just finished a shower so possible condensation/steam issue caused the short. one gfci in bathroom works fine, no load on gfci just a direct 12-3 yellow feed line into gfci no load out...
  17. buzzlightyear

    short on members come a join us

    had a call from stroma .we rang you last year ,can you remember .mmm. no . you where going to change to us .mmm no . would you like to join us ,considering the your scam has but the price up mmm,. I under stand the price difference between a good steak and a donkey ear . the answer is no I will...
  18. UKMeterman

    A short video on why following proceedures matter

    Have a watch,
  19. Z

    Dose This Power Supply Consume 500w for a short RGB LED Strip ?

    hello everyone ^^ so I bought 1m RGB LED Strip with a power supply to use for my fish tank as you can see & the information on the power supply is : Input voltage 110v / 220v 50 60Hz Work temperature -55 -+ 110 C Max Power : 250w / 500w 1p raiting 1P68 so my question is dose it really...
  20. N

    Short Circuit When Emergency Lights Are Connected

    I've come across a fault at work. Fuse keeps blowing when they put it in. I haven't tested for a while, and so am pretty sure I'm missing some basic steps with the fault finding process. Small room. 1 emergency fluorescent light fitting, 1 bulkhead emergency fitting. Fluorescent is plugged into...
  21. P

    45 A Cooker Switch with short cables

    Hi, I need to replace a cooker switch. See attached image. The negative is on the right side of the pic. I'd need a 45A switch with socket. I can't really find any switch witch looks like this. Does anyone know where can I buy something like this? "I hope not crimping is the only solution" Thanks
  22. J

    New to the Forum, short intro

    Hi, Jovan here from London 7 years exp 26, self-employed, Completed apprenticeship, 17th ed, 2395, 2396 (midway through). Commercial & domestic.
  23. L

    Short circuit calculation

    Anyone able to help on the following... Short circuit calculation & current carrying capacity of: 50x10mm2 copper busbar & 80x6mm2 copper busbar One for the brain boxes..
  24. I

    Short circuits calculator (IEC 60909) for Android

    Friends, I need help with my app testing. Can I put my app link (Google Play) here? Free, no ads. This application (fault currents and voltages calculator) can be used for the following calculations: - three-phase fault current (IEC 60909); - two-phase without earth connection fault current...
  25. A

    Short circuit after water damage- advice please ?

    Hi all. Advice please. Had a flood 36 ish hours ago where several tens of gallons of water came through kitchen ceiling passing over the kitchen lighting circuit. The lights (6) are ceiling inset 240 downlights, no transformers. The lights are connected in the circuit with connection blocks and...
  26. Alex-SL

    Is the IEC 60909 standard applicable for short circuit current calculations in UK?

    Hi. I would like to get a help from this forum electrical engineers. There is the international standard “IEC 60909” for calculations of symmetrical and asymmetrical short circuit currents. I need to calculate line-to-earth short circuit (circuit 0.4kV) by the software that uses calculation...
  27. J


    We're looking for up to 3 electricians to wire up our modular Anaerobic Digestion units. What's that? Have a look at our website www.seabenergy.com The work is in our fabricating unit in Romsey, Hampshire, 10 mins off J3 of the M27 or J14 of the M3. Units are brand new and the environment is...
  28. Rockingit

    Mate / Improver required, central London for short contract

    Have 2-3 weeks work for someone who knows their way around conventional commercial installations but fancies getting stuck into being a part of something slightly more unusual with the potential for more similar projects over the year. Located near Paddington, good attitude to hard graft...
  29. D

    Use multimeter to short io

    Hello guys On a 24v circuit i use a link between lots of io to test inputs. Can i use the multimeter to short the terminals like a link (copper wire) if so what setting would be best. I know boltage reading doesnt act like a short. But not sure to try anything else encase i break the thing...
  30. N

    EATON MCCB Trip Parameters

    I am to replace an old MCCB with a new Eaton one, the circuit feeds a few boards and the current rating for the circuit is 160A. What I'm trying to understand is the 4 trip parameters that you select yourself on the breaker. These are: IR - Continuous current setting (A) tR - Number of...
  31. M


    Hi. I have a question about MICC/PYRO cable. I have only very rarely worked with this type of cable , I've mostly worked in domestic wiring. However the other day a friend asked me to change a faulty single socket for him, ( piece of cake). It didn't turn out to be !!! He lived in a flat built...
  32. P

    Can someone help?

    so currently doing my level 3 diploma and have this question I'm stuck on can anyone help? a radial circuit is protected by 20A type B circuit breaker and is wired using 2.5mm2 70C thermoplastic single core live conductors with 1.5mm CPC to a length of 28mm in steel trunking. ambient temp is...
  33. D

    school small job

    Hi, a company who I do work for in the north have approached me as the sparky they use for south London has let them down, in short they need an old 32A 3 phase commando removed and a new (supplies) 32A single phase one installed. As discussed we would require an electrician to attend at...
  34. F

    Working on live DC

    Hey guys, My boss wants me terminating new supplies in a -48v d.c Distribution board. Easy enough but the board cannot be turned off due to critical load. Now my question is this. Is it safe and or legal to work on live -48v d.c. and what would the consequences and dangers of possible short or...
  35. J

    Looking for advice

    Hi Forum, At the ripe old age of 42 I have decided that I would like to re-train as an electrician. Yawn, another one they say. Based on the understanding that I've got at least another 25 years work in me, it doesn't feel too late to make a change. Obviously, considering my age, I am looking...
  36. B

    DC battery back up units

    All, I have had a battery back up unit installed for warehouse lighting for the emergency lighting. It has stopped working and the investigation was found to be a short circuit that affected the unit. However after being informed by the designer that both the positive and negative connections...
  37. P

    SCC rating ...

    Hi All In the process of entering data for a recent EICR and could do with a little help to fill in a blank field ... Short Circuit Current Rating for ... a Wylex 100A 100mA DP RCD BS4293 not time delayed. I did look when on site, but couldn't spot it on the device, front or sides and don't...
  38. M

    How to deal with Pyro Cable?

    Situation is there's some 53 year old pyro cable that I need to either remove, or make dead, or cut short and push back into the wall having ensured that the still-live end cannot short out the circuit or come into contact with anything. No hope of fully removing it, as it goes up the cavity...
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