1. T

    Is an accessible switch not necessary?

    Recently the isolation switch of our shower broke, the electrician who came over to fix it have removed the switch completely and have directly connected the shower to the circuit breaker instead the box(red arrow). According to Installation and operating instructions by the manufacturer I have...
  2. S

    Burnt out pull cord to electric shower

    Hello everyone, I have recently had a bathroom refurb in our new house as it had no bathroom fitted before. I have a 8.5kw electric shower that is isolated by a 45 amp pull cord. The shower stopped working so I had an electrician come and have a look and the pull cord wires are completely black...
  3. T

    Shower circuit design supplies

    Hi all Question regarding shower circuit designs. How so many times I see 6mm t&e cables supplying shower circuits on a 40amp MCB ? So for example if you were carrying out a EICR and you noticed a 6mm t&e cable on a 40amp MCB, 8.5kw/9kw shower would you put this down as a C3 or would you not...
  4. M

    Creda Advantage 550C No Power?

    Evening Guys, A little bit of advice if that's ok, We have a Creda Advantage 550C model shower was working fine earlier today, gone to use it this evening and its just not working. there is power to the breaker (pull cord) but when i press the buttons they click but nothing?? I know its not...
  5. N

    Should a shower isolator have a flickering dim light when off?

    Hi, I'm not an electrician, but wanted to ask for some professional opinions. My parent's shower isolator stopped working, so they enlisted the help of someone who they say is a 'qualified electrician'... Anyway, the neon is flickering when in the off position, and a brighter (non-flickering)...
  6. T

    Is what I've done any good/safe?

    Hi everyone, I've come here as a DIYer asking for professional advice/opinion. I have an 8.5KW shower on a 6mm cable and a 40amp MCB. The shower works fine........for about 8 minutes! It invariably trips out. Sometimes it lasts 6 minutes, sometimes it lasts 10. I was considering changing the...
  7. D

    UK Shower isolator

    Quick question... Is there any requirement to have an isolator for an electric shower in the room or immediately outside?
  8. M

    Has the correct shower been fitted?

    Hi...a bathroom company has fitted an electric shower 9.8kw, we have just found out our cable is 6mm. They had a plumber and a chap who was not a qualified electrician do the first fix of fitting the shower and also putting in down lights in the ceiling and they got an electrician to 2nd fix. We...
  9. M

    UK xpelair simply silent illumi shower fan complete

    Hi, buying simply silent illumi shower fan complete . Electrician says there is no connections via ceiling rose. Can it be connected through ring main. Thanks
  10. S

    Electric Shower Problem

    My Mira Sport 9.0 J92B is having a problem whereby it is difficult to regulate, i.e. it's sensitive to a small turn of the knob making it either too cold or too hot. Is this a known problem and can it be fixed or are we at the end of it's life? Thanks for any help Steve
  11. E

    8.5kw shower install

    Got called out to a shower tripping which has been recently installed by another spark. 8.5kw shower newly installed on existing 6mm2LSF cable not longer than 10m from single phase DB. Protected by a 40A RCBO Type B (shower current Calculated at 36.95A @ 230v) when clamped shower was pulling...
  12. Iain Stewart

    UK Inspection Report, Electric Shower, Merlin Gerin and Schneider MCBs

    Hello, We live in an old stone built ground floor flat, built in the 1880s. Obviously the consumer unit and cabling has been updated a number of times over the years by previous owners. One being the Local Authority who owned the property back in the 1960s -70s. We have lived here for 25 years...
  13. P

    Safety Concerns Over a Shower Upgrade??

    Hi Folks, Not been on here for a while, but something came up the other day that has me concerned to the point I thought I would ask here. A good friend asked me if I would connect up a new electric shower for him. This is an older gent, a farmer, and as much I like to look out for him and his...
  14. T

    Mira shower low flow

    Hi all problem with a Mira shower sport. When the customer uses the shower it starts off fine with flow decent and heat good but cuts off mins later with the low flow light coming on, wait 5/10mins and the shower will come on itself. I’ve checked the power connections all well and good and...
  15. S

    Chasing Cables for Shower Advice

    Hi, we are having a shower fitted - the electrician has run the cable vertically over the top of the noggins, meaning when we make the wall good the filler will encompass the 10mm cable he has pinned to them. I'm certain this is not correct, so I'm tempted to retrospectively cut the cabling into...
  16. S

    Chasing Vertical Cables for Shower Advice

    Hi, we are having a shower fitted - the electrician has run the cable vertically over the top of the noggins, meaning when we make the wall good the filler will encompass the 10mm cable he has pinned to them. I'm certain this is not correct, so I'm tempted to retrospectively cut the cabling into...
  17. F

    What kind of Electric Shower install is possible with my existing consumer unit?

    Hi I am moving into a ground floor flat and would like to have a new electric shower installed above an existing bath tub, unfortunately due to low pressure from the hot water tank a plumber has advised a mixer shower is not an option and neither is a pump. I am rather new to all this sort of...
  18. L

    shower not working

    Shower not working after new consumer unit fitted. It's not the shower or isolator switch that is at fault. Source URL: DIY Electrical Forum -
  19. Dan

    Shower Power Booster - Had a drop in water pressure? There's a deal on these, but even when there isn't a deal going they can be a godsend. These little gizmos fire up the pressure of the water feeding your shower (or other taps)...
  20. I

    Electrical shower pipe connection

    Hi All, I've got a job coming up to replace electric shower. The old one has this pipe connection to water inlet upwards but the new shower has got be connected from left or right positions. Had any encountered similar scenarios before and how would you connect new shower to existing pipes. I...
  21. T

    (Wrong category I know) Need advice on plumbing my own house?

    Firstly I know I’ve posted this in the wrong category, I couldn’t find the right one for some reason. I’m a industrial/domestic electrician, I’m doing a rear extension and loft conversion on my bungalow myself. I’m of course doing the electrics myself and I’m looking at plumbing the CH and...
  22. I

    Domestic Power Shower Installation

    Hey, What's the standard way a power shower is installed, I've done electric showers but not power shower before. Also is a fan mandatory in a bathroom
  23. L

    DIY 10.8KW shower installation - Wiring up from CU to Shower - One Switch

    Hi all, I'm looking to install a Mira Sports Max 10.8kw shower and wondered what size cable and fuse I need to use? I live in a top floor flat with loft access so I plan to run the cable straight up into the lost from the fuse board and then back down into the bathroom ( approximately 6 metres...
  24. C

    Tripping Shower

    I have a 9.5kw shower running from a 40 amp rcb. About 10 minutes after turning the shower off the rcb trips. This has only just started, the shower has been in since we moved in. There is no pull cord switch, or rocker switch for the shower. Any thoughts why this might be happening?
  25. J

    Supply loft light from unused shower cable

    I was asked a question today if it would be possible to use an existing cable that was previously installed to supply a shower which has been taken out (6mm T+E) to feed a light in the loft. Initially I said no it wasn’t good practice to do this, but now I’m thinking as-long as the MCB is...
  26. A

    UK Electric shower disconnetion

    Good morning everyone! Got a question for you, I'm currently remodelling my bathroom and the electric shower is being removed and a thermostatic shower type mixer tap is replacing it. My question is can i just disconnect the cable going from the shower to the load side of the pull chord isolator...
  27. M

    Shower Wiring in Granny Annexe

    Hi All, I am Faraz, I'm a Mechanical Project Engineer by trade. This is my first post on these forums. I am looking for some insight into a problem I'm having. I currently have a 6mm Cable running from the main RCD to a 9.8kW shower in a Granny Annexe. the wire currently runs about 25m long...
  28. Baker1988

    UK Mira Advance Flex Shower Unit

    Selling a brand new Mira Advance Flex 8.7KW Shower Unit. It’s all boxed and never used. £100 pick up from Hull as don’t want to wait 30 days for it to clear in PayPal.
  29. B

    Electric shower using trunking

    Hi, not done many showers 9.5kw shower, clipped direct, 10mm cable, 40amp MCB no issues the thing I wanted to ask was, there was existing feed too small so new cable all newish tiles so going to run some 25x16mm trunking now do many shower have any knockouts on top? Or will I have to make my own...
  30. NackJich

    Domestic Shower issue

    Hi first post new member.. Hello everyone.. Diy question but not intending to diy.. A local firm fitted a new bathroom and installed a shower. They replaced the wire to the fuse box and added the unit to the old box as shown in the photo. There was a smell when I went in to the cupboard, and...
  31. J

    Domestic install 10 electric shower (8.5kw) in one hotel

    Hi i would like to know if is possible to install 10 electric shower (8.5kw) in one hotel if is possible what changes do I have to make to the general electrical distribution board Thank you
  32. S

    Lovely little shower unit

    Found this whilst changing a board today. 2 x 32A MCB’s for a shower supply, one for live and one for neutral ! An arrangement I haven’t seen before...
  33. C

    Domestic Electric shower pull switch isolator

    Hi, my neighbour has had to change his electric shower (6kw) pull switch (32A) 3 times in 4yrs. Apart from it possibly being poor quality switches he,s replacing, I was wondering if there is any reason not to leave the pull switch isolator in the "on" position. Thanks
  34. J

    Shower Zone and fan

    Job is to replace this extractor fan as in attached photograph, would you say its in zone 1 or 2, i.e. could I replace with mains or would selv be needed not sure if I can get above ceiling to fit transformer.
  35. X

    Domestic Using an old 32A shower circuit for new sockets.

    Nearly fifteen years ago I moved a bathroom in our house, and repurposed the 32A electrical shower circuit to power a pair of double sockets - which then had multiway adaptors powering all my office hardware (i.e. low overall power). Not exactly complex or risky at the time, and the MCB has...
  36. Gavin John Hyde

    Tumble dryers in shower rooms.....

    Doing an EICR today and customer has a tumble dryer in the shower room. Room is an L shape with shower directly in front of door and around corner under stairs is a tumble dryer. it is fed from a socket in the lounge next door, cable has plug on it in socket that goes along skirting through...
  37. K

    Shower digital mixer valve compatibility with regular fittings

    I have a pretty basic question on suitability of a shower digital mixer valve. Checked with the the manufacturer Mira, who insisted that it should only be used with their shower heads, etc. Asked why, looked around, etc but can't seem to find a clear answer why. Basically I have read the manual...
  38. J

    Domestic Input water temperature for electric shower

    I have a solar pv system that has an Iboost fitted to send excess generation to my hot water tank. Combined with my solid fuel back boilers we almost always have hot water. I also have a cold mains fed 11kW shower - not a power shower. I would like to feed the shower with luke warm water via a...
  39. K

    Domestic Shower fan/light sensor

    Morning all, I am working on a bathroom at the moment and the client has asked if the shower fan/light unit can be wired into a sensor instead of a pullcord switch (to activate fan when someone steps into the shower), I wondered if anyone has done any work like this before ?. Apart from...
  40. A

    What code should this shower be?

    Hi all, I was with my senior yesterday doing a EICR for a domestic house. All of works are fine apart from this shower as shown below. Shower is low and tiled around. I was suggesting to give it a C2 as water might get in contact for such low height. But my senior was saying it's just a C3...
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