1. O

    Mira SE Electric Shower Water Connection

    I've installed a Mira SE shower. My query. The instructions indicate a vertical rising or a falling pipe connection. I connected in a horizontal direction. As the shower connector swivels I can't see a reason to have it only in a rising or falling type connection position, except in the...
  2. 7

    Bathroom Extractor Next to Shower Head

    Doing an Eicr and the 230v timed class 1 bathroom extractor is less than 200mm next to the shower head. I see this as a C2 and would insist on it being changed to at least a 12v fan or even better a new location. Welcome any thoughts
  3. T

    Type of Screws for electric shower?

    Please advise a part number and quote for the 2 screws at the top of our Triton "T80Z fast fit" Shower.? (Also please advise on the type/length of screw etc?) T80Z
  4. Y

    7kw electric shower - 4mm2 too risky?

    Hi all, Been a while since I've posted - got a new project to install a small 7kw electric shower. The shower will be about 7 metres from the main fusebox on the upper floor. There seems to be a lot of debate about 4mm2 or 6mm2 wiring. Due to the diameter of the wall conduits, I doubt very...
  5. W

    Shower switch chord broke ! Can I just replace the chord ?

    Hi all, nylon switch chord broke, but the switch is still working. I'd really like to just replace the nylon chord but it's fairly inaccessible. Could some kind person tell me if this is possible without buying a new switch ? Please see pic. Many thanks
  6. T

    Only getting 170volts between line and neutral on shower?

    So abit of a random one. But yesterday my Neighbor asked me if I'd be able to take a quick look at their shower as it had stopped working. I said I'd go round an take a look and see if it was something simple enough to fix and get it going again. Checked the usual things. The solenoid was fine...
  7. Skippy272

    UK Cables in shower area

    Hi we recently had a leak in the shower area, on removal of tray to locate leak we uncovered hanging electrical cables, should this be secured in place or in conduit? Just seems unsafe to me
  8. L

    Electric shower case: short circuits (?) and RCBO

    Hello, I have just posted in the Electrician's section one photo and two videos of what I believe to be a dangerous situation of short circuits happening within a shower unit. You can see (also here attached): 1) Extensive burn marks on the plastic cover; 2) A vast amount of water leaking from...
  9. timhoward

    Email from customer about shower pump

    This could be interesting. Any thoughts/predictions: I have a pump operated shower – in the past year the pump has been replaced 3 times as it stopped working – but the plumber is at a loss to the problem and said it must be something to do with the electrics? This makes sense, because if I go...
  10. R

    Electric Shower Supply

    We own a small, one bedroom flat (built 1989). An EICR inspection raised three C2 observations and recommendations: (A) The shower cable, and mcb were incorrect size (9.5Kw Mira shower) - Recommend replace 6mm cable with 10mm cable (12 meters, surface run, in trunking) and replace 32 amp...
  11. vards9

    Washing machine and Tumble dryer in shower room - issue with electrical install

    Hi There, Homeowner here with no electrical knowledge, so go easy on me! We've had our garage converted, and coming to the end of the project. We've had a shower/utility room (2.7m x 1.5m) added as part of the conversion, within which is housed a stacked Tumble Dryer on top of a washing...
  12. C


    Hi I've had an electrician fit a new set of led recessed ceilings lights in my bathroom including one which is in my shower cubical. When he has taking the old lights out some of the ceiling came way and he has told me I need to fill the gaps around the light fitting in the shower. I just...
  13. A

    Triton T80 Easi-Fit Shower Cutting out with sink tap on ;-(

    Hiya, Had a Triton T80 8.5Kw shower for the last two years in upstairs bathroom connected to the mains cold supply. Its still working but cutting out and the water going cold when the upstairs bathroom sink tap is switched on. Have just bought a new Triton T80 10.5kw shower and hoping this...
  14. M

    Pull cord switch for power shower keeps breaking

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I keep having the issue with this pull cord switch to the power shower. I used a number of pull cord switches 45A and 50A ones mostly from Screwfix but I think the problem is with the wiring. As you can see on the picture the RED and BLACK twisted copper...
  15. L

    Need help replacing light bulb over shower

    Hi. I have an inverted spotlight above my shower and the light bulb has gone so need to replace the LED spotlight but I don’t know how to get into the fitting to replace the bulb. Unfortunately I don’t have the make and model as it was installed as part of a bathroom refit. Have tried turning...
  16. L

    Can I use a 4mm T&E for a 7.5Kw shower?

    The cable is installed in 3 metres of trunking, 3 metres clipped direct, and 5metres in the joist space with no insulation,
  17. E

    Shower Pump Motor - Considered Running Temperature ?

    Would you consider a single phase Shower Pump Motor operating with a temperature high enough to burn finger tips touching the motor body, to be too high. Shower pump stopped during shower, checked various things. Fuse ok etc. Although the motor as said by the manufacture to have thermal...
  18. I

    Shower overheating.

    Gents, I found this in a shower ( photo) What would you say is the best course of action. 1, new shower. Or 2, Replace cable. Replace connector block. 60amp connector block? Cheers.
  19. bradders2175

    What kW shower?

    Hi All, We have just had an electrical test done and have been told that our 8.5kW shower is too powerful for the 6mm cable. We have been told it should be replaced with a 7.5kW maximum. I was under the impression and stand to be corrected that an 8.5kw would be fine for that cable as long as...
  20. Raptor0014

    Electric shower and no RCD

    Evening all. Doing a EICR in a rental today and presented with this. installation date is 1992 and there seems to be no records since. At some point in the recent past someone has added a electric shower circuit. Obviously a smash and grab merchant as no earth sleeve and it was the same in...
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