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  1. Jberry

    2 electric showers and melted live wire from relay

    This unit is running two showers. Unit was smoking while one shower was running, never tripped the safety switch. Power to one shower is cut off while the other is in use. Is it ok just to change out the relay that had burned? I'm not an electrician but one will be doing the work. The house is...
  2. P

    Two showers off one supply

    Some time ago I built a toilet and shower area at the end of my detached garage for use when doing outside DIY or gardening jobs instead of traipsing through the house with mucky clothes, etc. When I built this I ran a 6mm cable into the garage for the 8.5 kW electric shower through a 45 amp...
  3. D

    3 X single phase showers

    I've been asked to price 3 X 7kw showers. There is a three phase board about 40 meters away. Can anyone see an issue with 40 amp three phase MCB with 10mm four core swa to a sub board then 3 X 32 amp rcbos for each individual shower. Cheers
  4. P

    FCUs - Electricity needed for 2 Digital showers

    i have recently had one bathroom redone. A spur was taken from a plug in the airing cupboard and put into a switched FCU with a 3 amp fuse as per Mira digital installation. The second bathroom is now being done with another same digital shower next door to the other one. I am assuming I cannot...
  5. B

    Load question regarding new showers

    Evening guys I was asked a question earlier and i was unsure if my answer was correct, I was asked if I could install 3x power showers all 3 are 9.5kw I’ve been assured the water supply is more then capable, the board has a 100amp main switch My initial reaction was no, it’s way over the the...
  6. ED17

    How Many 10kw Showers?

    Last year we rewired a bungalow on a large private estate which caters for mentally ill patients. It had 5 bedrooms each with it's own wet room. The builder wanted a 10kw shower in each wet room but as the incoming sub - main was only 16swa protected by a 60amp fuse we told him no. We ended up...
  7. W

    splitting a 100 amp supply for 3 DB's

    I have been given a spec on a job from a builder and it has been suggested in the spec that we should use a 100 amp supply which is currently feeding 1 DB to split it to supply 3 DB's. So using the supply to go into a sub main board. Off this they want to supply 2 flats and a communal mobility...
  8. J

    Supply to Showerblock for glamping

    Hi guys, some friends of mine are setting up a glamping business and have asked for some advice from me regarding the electrics Farmhouse/farmshop fed from a 3phase supply. They want to set up a showerblock roughly 120m away from the incommer. Now the problem they are wanting to use 2 electric...
  9. N

    What Power of Electric Shower Can I Have with 15mm Wide Cable?

    Hello, My last builder's electrician installed wiring ready for the installation of an electric shower. It is a flatish cable about 15mm wide for the widest dimension and has "2x6+2.5mm 2" (2=squared) marked on it. When looking for an electrician to wire in a shower to it one told me that it...
  10. P

    Adding house extension(kitchen)& renovation - any tips?

    Hello all 1st post here. Just bought a house which is to be extended, and renovated. Based in Ireland, and unfortunately have no friends or family with expertise in this area. I have uploaded the house plan. The extension to the rear is a kitchen, and we will make no major alterations to the...
  11. M


    Hi, have been asked to do a conversion of a house to a B and B by a builder and am concerned on the showers, the main cut out is 100a,they already have 2 x 9.5kw (10mm t and e )showers on 63a rcd isolators and 1 x 8.5kw (6mm t and e ) shower on 40a mk mcb and want another 9.5kw fitted ...
  12. mhar

    More overload fusebox!!

    Holiday let sleeping 8+. Gas ch (combi) and cooking. 2 x Wylex rewireable cu's, pme (6mm earthing conductor!), no rcd protection. 16mm dno supply, prob 100A dno fuse, no rating on meter but likely to be 80A 1 x cu for normal (lights, rfc's) etc. 2nd cu 60A rating with 3 x 45A fuses feeding 3 x...
  13. M

    Commercial Power supply for showers

    Hi, would appreciate some advice please, I'm not a sparks. I'm dealing with a refurb on a warehouse with three WCs and a total of 6 electric showers (2 in each WC) to be installed. They're unlikely to all be used at the same time but it's possible. Also in the warehouse there is a large...
  14. S

    16mm T+E for Loft Extension, (en- suit shower. )

    Just wondering if any sparks out there would have any obligations or concerns about a proposed installation for loft conversion,, ( see drawing for details..).. Hear loads of conflicting theories about cable sizing for showers , some of them are borderline at best... and different...
  15. C

    Domestic Main fuse upgrade and associated issues

    I'm due to qualify as a domestic installer soon, and my brother, who is fully qualified, will be doing most of this work. I have a 60A main fuse. I currently have a typical domestic installation, i.e. cooker, immersion etc, and one electric shower. Due to distances between hot/cold supply and...
  16. B

    Maximum KW Shower on current set up - pics included

    I'm intending to finally refit my bathroom, first thing I want to get sorted before I start removing tiles and making a mess is the maximum KW shower I can currently install and what are my options as my current shower suggests my electrics may not be suitable for modern showers. 6mm cable The...
  17. M

    Spares / light switches from around 1966

    I have some light switches to replace in a building constructed around 1966. Theres a few broken (just worn out) although they seem like they were built to last! Steel conduit runs inside the walls & this is relied on for the earth. Unfortunately it isn't a straight swap with a modern switch...
  18. D

    Different cable rating on circuit

    Hi first post here, if during a rewire customer decides they want to keep existing 6mm cable from isolator point to shower so as not to rip up their bathroom wall (& of course keep same shower), but wants a new 10mm cable to isolator point for future use, is a fcu required between the different...
  19. J

    4 10kw showers

    Hi, iv just been asked to price a changing room with 4 10kw showers, lighting and power circuits and need some advice as normally do domestic work! What size armored would you use for a sub mains to be taken off an existing 3 phase supply at a length of 15m and would this cable need to be RCD...
  20. JVMElectrical

    Domestic I'm sorry for disturbing you on a saturday afternoon but ..... my showers on fire?!

    Just got in from a call out and was the best one yet. I'm sorry for disturbing you on a saturday afternoon but ..... my showers on fire?! Where do I turn the electric off in the fuse box as it's still melting? Lucky it's 30 Sec run down my road .... Went in and was met with a room full of...
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