1. V

    What is this part in my siemens fridge

    My siemens freezer seems to be getting jammed every few weeks due to which the refrigerator stops cooling. This has happened after we got it serviced after 10 years of use. The service guy had mentioned he changed a certain wire because the pressure didn't seem right. I'm just trying to figure...
  2. marconi


    Werner von Siemens -
  3. E

    Dishwasher Siemens won't start, instead the on/off button beeps.

    Hi, I am totally desperate, looking for advice. With the Covid, nobody wants to come home to repair my dishwasher. It is a Siemens SN65E003EU/43. I had a problem with the draining pump which I remove and cleaned. Once I plugged it back in, nothing happen and the dishwasher won’t start...
  4. P

    Siemens Stratum DB spares

    Can anyone please tell me where I can obtain spares for Siemens Stratum 400 DB’s or is there anything currently available that is genuinely compatible? I did manage to obtain some spares which were used but found some in a questionable condition. I saw in another thread someone said some Wylex...
  5. F

    Siemens S2S-700 Radio Telemeter?

    Hi, Anyone come across one of these? I'm only familar with the Horstmann series of telemeters, and I can't find any information on these Siemen's models at all. I've a customer who wanted to reinstate their disconnected storage heaters, but when I came to look at the installation there are two...
  6. N

    Siemens RCCB trips even while inductive motor is off

    Good day everyone This is my first thread here, and I'm writing because I have a problem which I'm not sure how to solve. Since its company money, I just want to make sure that the conclusion to the problem is correct. We have an autoclave that works at 121 celsius to sterilize with steam. Its...
  7. T

    Siemens logo

    Hi all new here first post has anyone any experience in the process of programming one of these . I have one in my car and it's lost its program meaning a lot of my lights mainly indicators are not working .
  8. M

    Domestic Siemens RWB29 programmer wiring

    Hi, Can anybody give advice on the following, please? Have fitted all my radiators with thermostatic radiator valves, so wish to remove the room stat from the hallway. Would like to alter the central heating wiring to remove the section that is shown wired to the room stat. Can I just...
  9. M

    Siemens RCCB 5 SM1312 25A 30mA

    I have a Siemens RCCB 5 SM1312 25A 30mA and my Fan Assisted Cooker/Grill keeps triggering it. When I first switch on it is fine then after a minute or two the RCCB is triggered and cuts the power. Someone has told me to increase the relevant breaker from 25A to 32A. Could this be a solution...
  10. Ciccio

    Siemens Altivar 71

    Hi everyone, I have problems with a Siemens Altivar 71. Some friends gave me this inverter, but I don't have any idea how to comunicate with it. The inverter has an RJ45 port with ModBUS and CanOpen access, and I already bought a RJ45-USB Serial cable. I downloaded the Siemens software, but from...
  11. AceRimmer

    Siemens microwave oven element help

    Hi everyone having troble finding a element for microwave oven the appliance has no part or model no. and i have striped it and looked everywhere And tech where not much help without that info here are pics if anyone of you could help thanks again
  12. C

    Siemens Stratum 200 consumer unit

    I am looking for someone that knows of an RCBO which will fit in an old Siemens Stratum 200 consumer unit, need something I can go to wholesalers and buy on Monday. I have uploaded a picture of the consumer unit and also a picture of a Siemens RCBO next to one of the breakers from the Stratum...
  13. Chris Simm

    Hello from Scantime Automation & Training!

    Hi guys, thought i'd introduce myself as i've recently joined the forum on behalf of our company Scantime Automation and Training, hoping to help anyone who is working with or is looking to work with PLC Control Systems on the shop-floor! My name is Chris and i'm a Controls Engineer as well as...
  14. polo1

    Siemens 3ph DB - replacement mcb & rcbo

    Hi all, the breakers for the Siemens DB I'm working on are now obsolete. I'm trying to get confirmation if there are other compatible mcbs and rcbos for the board ( it's a Siemens ODB 100 SW Series A db) and hopefully there is a photo of an existing mcb below. Siemens UK have been unhelpful Cheers.
  15. T

    EU's doing away with 3phase Pumps and motors

    This is starting to get right on my !! Now. Needed a few pumps in the last few months, which wasn't the easiest of jobs getting like for like. But now I can't get them or any for that. All the pump and motor manufacturers are only supplying single phase motors wdf. Some ass in the EU/ G12 or...
  16. D

    Plc software

    Hi Does anyone know where I can download free PLC Programming Software. Not Looking to Download to PLC just looking for something I can practice on and write a program for a forthcoming project. Tried the micrologix demo but it expires after 2weeks and wasn't great anyway. Step 7 would be ideal...
  17. R

    Plc training

    Just out of interest has anyone done or know of any training of the plc nature close to Cambridgeshire? I obviously want to start basic and I want to learn basic fault finding on plc's? Cheers lads
  18. D

    Industrial PLC training rig

    hi all :waving: i am new to electricians forum, does anyone know of a good siemens plc to set up as a training rig at home (in man cave), i need some thing that can be added to as i progress learning plc programming and building projects, i have been looking at s7 200 & s7 300 but not sure...
  19. S

    Intruder alarm with X10 and Web server

    Hi guys, a friend of mine in Gilford has a fresh install, the alarm is first fixed and there are three or four X10 units offering additional switch wires to a heating and lighting circuits. I'm based in Dublin and I have a set up where my alarm turns on lights and I can use an app on my phone...
  20. A

    PLC Parts for Sale

    Hey guys, I have a load of parts that i know longer require i use to carry as spare so some are brand new (omron 110v relays, ect). I have a couple of second hand Siemens S7-300 parts too. Give me a shout if you are interested and i can create a comprehensive list. Cheers
  21. A

    PLC training

    I'm a fully qualified sparky, but I've never worked on PLCs and haven't got a clue how install or programme one. I've done a lot of industrial maintenance work, but so far I've only worked on machines that rely on banks of relays for their operation. I want to add some PLC knowledge to my...
  22. J

    Looking for an equivalent RCBO for a Siemens mcb

    Hi guys, i need to change some Siemens 5sx21 mcb's for a customer,they are in a db,does anyone know what RCBO equivalent i need that will replace them,doesn't have to be siemens. Cheers, John.
  23. S

    Help picking a wireless thermostat and fitting it.

    I'm about to fit my first wireless thermostat but have no experience with wiring them. Can anyone recommend a decent wireless thermostat? It's for a Potterton Suprima so need one that's compatible.
  24. A

    Wind power anyone? could do with advice please

    Hi everyone i'm Andy,just started posting on here.I'm 37 and a full time student currently doing my 2330 level 2.I've always fiddled with pc's and tv's and the like and being 'spurred' on (no pun intended lol) to try my hand at electrics by my dad a plasterer and my neighbour a wind turbine...
  25. E

    please explain relay settings

    We are using 10 MVA 110/11 kv Transformer for 6 MW power plant. The transformer relay setting has given (7sj621 siprotech siemens multifunctional relay) CT ratio 75 / 1 A Relay code settings 51 Ip> 0.8 Ip>> 13 What is the original tripping value and how did we calculate it...
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