1. W

    Domestic Question. Signal for hot water not getting through

    Hi all, 
 After boosting the hot water for probably too long on our pulsacoil thermal storage, the circuit breaker was tripped and I saw that the timer unit had melted through. 
 I got a replacement unit and have installed it and flicked the circuit breaker switch back on. The water seems to be...
  2. S

    What is going on with my signal!?%$£*

    Hi. I live in a 10 year old semi which came pre wired but had no aerial in the loft or outside. In facet no-one on this estate has them outside. I fitted one of the ones below (exactly the same but a four splitter output version, still powered with a power supply) and also bought one of the...
  3. simon77

    How to send data signal from master socket to extension socket?

    Hi, Apologies if a lot of this is pretty obvious, but my knowledge is fairly limited. We just had a Master Socket 5c MK 4 fitted (downstairs) and unknown to us at the time it has filtered out the data signal to the extension socket (upstairs), where the router was previously connected to and...
  4. C

    How Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Work

    Hello, I cannot fully comprehend the logic of mobile phone signal boosters. Basically all claim that you have an antenna on your roof that will communicate with the cell tower. An amplifier boosts the signal that is transmitted within your house. No one says that your transmissions to the cell...
  5. Jay89

    Virgin remote signal extender

    Hi all, I’m after the virgin equivalent of sky’s magic eye. I have a TV to be installed up on the wall of a clients kitchen, breakfast bar below and was hoping to site the virgin box in the cupboard below the worktop. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  6. Spike1947

    Switching off Light affecting TV signal !

    Hi Strange thing happening with next door Neighbours TV , when they switch off their Kitchen ELV(12V) down lighters x6 the TV screen goes blank for a second then comes back on , it is if the signal goes ( Sky Box ) then comes back on , the TV itself stays on . I just do not have any idea of...
  7. R

    Saturn L200 2001 - No signal being sent to fans!

    Good day to you all! I hope you are all having a pleasant day! I'm new to the forums and decided to join because I need some help with my Saturn. When I bought the car the Engine (Radiator) fan was wired to bypass the Cooling Fan Control Module. The reason this was done was that there was a...
  8. Murdoch

    Mobile signal boosters...

    Got a client who wants an amplifier for their "location" - needs to be "unlocked" so that it will work for any service provider. Suggestions please? Thanks
  9. GMES

    Sat Phones

    As title suggest's I got thinking about them while overdosing on Gold Rush , They are quite popular on the show for obvious reasons, as in the remote locations they operate in. So I just wondered If any members had ever dealt with them or indeed owns one and if so what are your thoughts, Are...
  10. E

    Signal tester

    hi, what do you guys recommend to buy for a signal tester. I've seen the pocket sized ones but not sure they are any good?? I'm not a full time installer but when doing re-wires I get asked to install the aerials, I've been lucky until recent at getting good signal strengths. Hence I'm looking...
  11. A

    Digital TV only picking up BBC channels

    Hello all I have recently finished re wiring a customers kitchen and the last job was retuning the digital TV she has in it. This TV worked perfectly well before the new kitchen was installed, however since trying to retune it I can only pick up BBC channels. There are 3 TV's in the...
  12. M

    Help With Diodes And Voltage Drop

    hi guys, im having a problem wiring some relays that need to be activated by 2 different signals, i try putting a diode on one of the signal wires so electricity wont flow thru the other signal wire, but now im having a huge voltage drop, and the relay is not activating by the wire that has the...
  13. W

    Panel Mods + Drawings

    Hello, I do the occasional small mod in control panels to improve processes (I work in the water industry) So in doing so I leave some basic drawings, but I just wondered if the ones I`m leaving behind are actually useful to someone following me behind. Essentially I want to ask the question...

    Odd fault

    Hello not done a new post for a while was at me mates house yesterday and he said sometimes his TV appears to momentarily loose the signal for a split second, then the video and sound are from then onwards, out of sync by a second or so. its a free view digital signal he's talking about. if...
  15. L

    T.v point testing?

    Just wondering whether there is a plug in tool to test the signal of t.v points? Something similar to sky signal finder but to plug into a standard point? Recently been installing a lot of points and the thought of lugging a customers t.v all around a house/block of flats seem ridiculous. Thanks.
  16. joel89

    Tv Aeiral installation

    I have recently installed a new aerial mega booster with a 1 in 4 out amplifier, it comes with a 12v signal booster which has to power it, my question is I'm feeding 4 TVs do i need to signal boost each cable individually?! As on the booster its only got 1 input from amplifier on the aerial, and...
  17. Murdoch

    3G Mobile Signal - call me a cynic!

    So, am I the only person to notice, that since the mobile network providers have been offering a 4G service, the quality of the EXISTING 3G network seems to be getting progressively worse?? Thoughts......... EDIT: I use Vodafone ...
  18. M

    Aquasentry separator alarm

    Hi all has anyone installed an aquasentry separator alarm? If so what cable size did you use for supply and signal. I need 7 core swa for signal but not sure on the sizing
  19. A

    intermittent booster box fault

    I wonder if anyone has any ideas - my TV is driving me crackers! Our TV is connected via a a DVD player / recorder to a signal booster box (which sits next to the TV) and then to a rooftop aerial, we watch freeview. For many months this has worked just fine. A few weeks ago, I would...
  20. jimmymac

    SKY Customer Services

    I've been signed up with SKY for the past 11 months, I get my phone line, TV & broadband through them. When I took out the package they promised me the world and were very helpful but after about a month my broadband speeds slowed down to less than 1 Mbps. I emailed them and they said it's...