1. J

    Recently signed up for a Domestic Electrical Installer course, need help.

    Hello, I'm 19 and recently signed up for a domestic electrical installer course and like an idiot I haven't really researched it that well beforehand which I know I should have. My dad is an electrician in Germany and he seemed pretty happy with it so I just went for it. My question is...
  2. I

    UK Sign off

    I have been asked to get my attic conversion electric tested as a pat tester am I allowed to test and sign off.?
  3. Shaun1980

    I've just signed up, so saying hello

    I'd just like to say hello, I'm currently working in IT but have been studying my C&G 2365 level 2 at college in the evenings over the last year. I'm going to continue onto the level 3 in September and keep on going? I'm hoping to get some agency work as a mate once I have fully completed my...
  4. C

    Finally signed up after a while of browsing.

    Hi all, always browse the forums but never signed up. Seen a thread I couldn’t access so decided I should probably register as been frequenting for a good while now. Chris.
  5. S

    Newly signed up and looking forward to reading the forums etc.

    Steve to this site and in need of advice occasionally. Live in Northumberland...own a rental flat. Hobbies include DIY, guitar playing and computer games. Cheers. Steve
  6. JBT Electrical

    Evenin all just signed up

    Hi all bin lurkin as a guest for a while but decided to sign up as i'm in the final stages of setting my new company up. cant say how excited i am to be starting a new carrer see you on the boards JBT
  7. cprfenom

    Signed certs that are filled in badly

    Morning. A few points really and it's more due to a lack of understanding on what NICEIC will look for. They are as followed How critically will the inspector look at schedule of items inspected and tested? Ie - Ze is N/V on test sheet, but ticked on schedule as tested. If I have signed...
  8. P

    shaver socket

    does a change over like for like shaver socket need to be signed off although i will be carring out a ZS and its already RCD protected
  9. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Certificate problems

    Pretty new to this forum but I'm looking to find out if a NICEIC contractor produces a certificate for an electrical installation to say the installation complies with all the relevant regs and then there is a problem in the installation e.g a fatality or a fire due to a bad installation that...
  10. Sonia Norman

    Signing off my work

    Hi guys I cannot get a straight answer from anywhere so I'm hoping you can help. I am fully qualified C & G 2320 and 2330, 17th Edition. I'm a single mum and I am planning to go self employed, that way I can be there for the kids and get off benefits. What I am struggling with is info on sign...
  11. R

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit Qualification requirements

    They are asking for 2394 C&G within 12 months of signing up, good grief cant i just do the job i have been doing for 30 years without all this damn expense and courses.
  12. N6rul

    jobs signed of by third party

    Ok guys have a question. I have registered with NICEIC. As you guys are aware they need 5 jobs to be assessed. Now my problem is all the jobs I have done have been signed off by a third party. Now can I still show them as my jobs and re do the tests myself and certify again.??? Thanks
  13. S

    cancelling train 4 trade

    I signed up for train 4 trade in june 2011 ive been paying the £135 each month since then. However due to a new job as an apprentice joiner (went for a job to gain site experience which lead to the joinery apprenticship) ive no time to study and have only completed tma01. Im struggling to...
  14. N

    "Signing off" work?

    Hi all, Just a quick question regarding periodic inspections. My father has bought a flat which he is going to rent out. I have replaced the consumer unit and carried out a periodic inspection to ensure all is safe. I am fully qualified but not registered with NAPIT or NICEIC, therefore I...
  15. C


    I signed up to LOCAL TRADERS . COM and went live 2 months ago and have had NO work leads!! ive signed up for four local areas to me costing me a total of £310 plus VAT. i feel like ive been well and truly ripped off and have tried to explain this politally to them asking for a full re fund and...
  16. P

    learning disabled petition

    The college that my son, who has learning difficulties, attended is under threat from cuts. They have just started this e-petition to try and get it discussed by MPs - it's a big ask as i think it needs 100,000 signatories. It did a brilliant job for him and i would hate others not to have the...
  17. SolarCity

    Customer backed out - contract not signed

    Gutted. Arranging to have a scaffold erected on a customers house and he informed me that he had changed his mind - with one day to go! We hadn't signed contracts - unfortunately time constraints mean that I can't visit every site to sign contracts at the moment (stupid, I know). Anyway...
  18. R

    MCS Sign off

    Ive just , as of yesterday done an installation in Manchester on my house to get my MCS .Problem now is NAPIT are so busy that i may not be able to get it signed off with this tarrif if i cant get mcs approved in time. Is there an option for me to get this completed job MCS signed off by a...
  19. E

    PV Software

    Hi, Is anyone using the Paperclip software? I have had an email with a guide attached offering me a demo of the software. Just booking my pv installer training and was just wondering if it was any good?
  20. J

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic certificates

    Hi all, hope ive posted in correct section. I have a customers architect who is being a real pain! I hve signed of an instalation that building control have signed off too. He is demanding that the certificates be niceic with a niceic serial number on?! I use tysoft software and they have my nic...
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