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single phase

  1. S

    Help Required please

    Hi Guys I recently came across two single phase supplies down the same four core cable, supplied by two separate breakers is there a reg to back this up?
  2. D

    Single phase board use with 2 phases

    Hello guys new in this forum. In my 19 years as an electrician I've never seen this. Looking for any thoughts on this. Been asked to install a few new circuits In a domestic garage. There is a granny annex on top of this garage also. Supply is 3 phase in to a 3 phase isolator. From there...
  3. U

    What building can I put 3-333kva, single phase distribution transformer?

    What building can I put 3-333kva, single phase distribution transformer?
  4. J

    Single Phase or 3 Phase

    I´m about to renovate a market stand into a snack bar and need to know if I´ll need Single-phase or 3 phase power supply. The stand is very small 11m2 and will have an electric 4 hob, extractor fan, a couple of small fridges, 1 small freezer, coffee machine, microwave and toaster plus lights...
  5. M

    Single phase induction motor schematic

    Hello, I've found an old motor originally designed for operating jealousies. Could you help me read and better understand the following schematic? As far as I understand, it is a single phase induction motor, there is 47 uF capacitor connected to it in order to start. There are 3 contacts...
  6. T

    Schneider 63a single phase switch fuse

    Has anyone used a Scheider 63a single phase switch fuse before? Im just wondering whether they need crimped connections or whether its a terminal?
  7. robertl

    Industrial Single phase power all thats avaiable for new workshop build

    Hello Everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice on a new workshop, i'll explain. I am planning on building a metal / woodworking workshop (mainly aluminium and stainless steel) for boat work, refurbishment and boat building. I am a marine engineer to trade and i am planning on...
  8. J

    9kW 3ph Immersion Type Heater run in Single Phase

    Hi, I received a 9kW 3ph heater from a friend from india, i was hoping to use this in steam production for a distillation project i am working at. I rewired it and made the 3 heating element in parallel connection. Now my problem is the 6 gauge wires i am using are always heating up, also some...
  9. S

    Sleeving 3 phase cable to single phase cable

    Could someone help me understand what is cable sleeving? Can we sleeve a 3 phase cable to single phase cable? Is this as per any regs? BS 7671? Could you send me some pictures of the same if you have..
  10. C

    Thermal overload 3 phase to single phase pump

    Boiler panel controlling a 3 phase grundfos pump. Pump was tripping thermal overload... Pump replaced for a single phase grundfos by engineer etc... I was asked to convert the control circuit to single phase which I did. But still tripping on the thermal overload. Set it slightly higher for...
  11. S

    Domestic Single Phase Motor Reversing Direction

    Good evening you sparky lot I'm after some wiring advice on an old single phase motor for use on a lathe. Please see the attached pics. The tails have been removed for clarity. Live was connected to terminal B, neutral to AZ. Is it possible to reverse the direction of this type of motor...
  12. A

    Domestic 3 phase PV installation question

    Hi - hoping someone can help with the question below, thanks in advance for your time. We're looking at an installation before the FIT goes away, and discussing our needs with a couple of installers. The complication - we're in an old farmhouse with 3 phase supply. One phase is tapped off...
  13. A

    Noob Question on 63amp single phase plug

    Hi All, I'm not an electrican, i work in the events industry and we have quite a bit of plug and play distribution. I have just recieved a 63amp single phase (blue C form) plug on the end of a cable and was surprised to see it had the usual three pins but now a forth smaller pin shortert han...
  14. G

    Help single phase motor problems

    Hello I am hoping someone can help me please. I am having problems with a motor on my home made 2 x 72" belt grinder This is the motor I have it wired via a DOL motor starter. Recently it stopped running under load, once I removed the grinding belt the motor would stutter and my main drive...
  15. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Single Phase & (some) Three Phase Boards & Devices

    Afternoon all, I've had another clear out. I thought I'd offer it up to you guys before I whack it on eBay. I'm ideally looking for an offer on the lot, however i'm happy to take offers to suit what you need. Here's what's available: 1 x Single phase 11 way consumer unit 100 amp incomer -...
  16. the pict

    single phase 3 wire or?

    On page 46 of the BBB we have various diagrams of the options of supply the SSE are due out sometime within this millenium to provide 3 phase supply , at present there is what I can only assume is a split concentric supply cable connected to 2 cutouts the 3rd I thought was just unused and the...
  17. C

    3-Speed Single Phase Motor Wiring

    Hi, all. I need your expert help in creating the internal wiring diagram of the motor with the following information we retrieved. I have attached a diagram showing: A. Motor external wiring diagram B. Wiring Resistances C. My diagram for main winding only I am missing how to include the...
  18. D

    3 X single phase showers

    I've been asked to price 3 X 7kw showers. There is a three phase board about 40 meters away. Can anyone see an issue with 40 amp three phase MCB with 10mm four core swa to a sub board then 3 X 32 amp rcbos for each individual shower. Cheers
  19. T

    Conversion of 3 ph. to single phase lesson

    Thought you might like to know how to convert 3 phase to single phase in case you need to in the future. Please follow illustrations below. I can accept no liability for following these instructions.
  20. D

    Installing a 230v Single Phase Air Compressor in my home garage

    Hi gents Just joined and this is my first post. I’ve decided to upgrade my home garage compressed air setup since my current 3hp 50ltr 8cfm struggles to run the air tools I’m using to restore my old project car. All was going ok until I invested in a 20 gallon sandblaster with the result...
  21. nicnic66

    Amtech/trimble single phase three phase headache?

    Amtech will not let me record a single phase D.B from a 3 phase D.B for a sub-mains. It keeps saying in a warning message that the installation is 3 phase and it cannot be recorded as single phase even though it will let me record single phase D.B's individually on the board schedules...
  22. Dave Edwards

    Increasing PV panels on a single phase grid connection

    Someone is connected to the grid with single phase supply and they have a 4kW PV array directly connected. They want to increase their PV generation, and add another 4kW. I keep reading that if you generate more than 4kW you need a "3 phase inverter to split the load". But I can't find out...
  23. S

    Help - connecting up single phase motor

    I have been asked to connect up a single phase motor in an extractor fan but not sure of connections and don't have data sheet The fan is a Nicota DDM 9/7 A six core cable comes out Brown and white joined to one connector Brown - capacitor linked to this Black - capacitor linked to this Brown...
  24. Lucien Nunes

    Which CU? Quick answer needed!

    I don't often install single-phase CUs, but I need a couple of metalclad 10-way units for a light commercial situation, which will be populated with all RCBOs. They simply need to be reasonable quality, with not-too-expensive RCBOs, as roomy as possible. If they can be got from Screwfix, so...
  25. L

    Single Phase Load Estimate to Three Phase Power Supply

    Hi Everyone I would be glad if you could clarify this for me: For a Load Estimate Survey whereby 95% is single phase, the Load Estimate is 90 KVA (Single Phase). However, the power supply is three phase 4 wire system. To calculate the current per phase, the 90 kVA is divided by three i.e. 30...
  26. G

    Single Phase Charger on Three Phase Supply

    Hi all, been a bit of a lurker of the forums here for a while and so far they have saved me more times than I can say, but now I have a question that I am hoping you can help me with. I have a single phase forklift charger and it currently has a 2p+e plug and connects to the corresponding...
  27. J

    Help on wiring needed for Single phase 2.2kw motor

    I bought a pelletizer machine from China and the terminal box is without any wiring diagram. Can anyone help ?
  28. J

    Solis 4G 5kW solar inverter single phase 2 MPPT

    Hi forum, I can't find what this display means on my - Solis 4G 5kW Solar Inverter - Single Phase - 2 MPPT LimByPLmt I have tried contacting them direct & scoured the internet but nobody replies. Can anyone help.
  29. S

    3 phase to single phase

    what sort of connection do i need to go from a 32a 3 phase down to a 13a single phase?
  30. B

    50A, Single Phase

    We need to hook up a 110v, single phase, 50A fryer to a 100A, 110v/220v, single phase panel. A few flourescents will be on during the fryer's operation, but not much else. Will this cause any sort of unbalanced load? (110v, single phase, 50A - it's all we could get at the moment)
  31. V

    Single phase joinery planer / thicknesser runs slowly after new motor

    Hi all Got a customer who has a lightly used new in 2013 joinery thicknesser / plainer. The single phase motor burned out for no obvious reason a few weeks ago...and has been replaced with a new item of the same type by a reputable motor company. The new motor runs at slow speed only... I've...
  32. C

    3 Phase Wire Colours on L1 L2 L3 Single Phases

    Hi all, I am looking at a system that is supplied with a 3 phase supply and into a cabinet. Then external to the cabinet L1 and Neutral feed unit one, L2 and Neutral feed unit two, L3 and Neutral feed unit three. Units one, two and three are at a distance of 50 meters from the cabinet. What...
  33. M

    Upgrade to three phase supply

    Hi all, Newbie here with no electrical experience so please be gentle! :blush: I am currently refurbishing my basement flat and during this we have discovered that the supply to the four flats is single phase. I have been told this is unsafe and insufficient for the four flats. U.K. Power...
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