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  1. S

    Does anyone have the accreditation of "SafeContractor"? If so do you get a good amount of work from it. If not do you use any other sites

    Does anyone have the accreditation of "SafeContractor"? If so do you get a good amount of work from it. If not do you use any other sites
  2. Spoon

    Site freezing up when posting web sites.

    What's with the site freezing up when posting web sites. Then when it does post them the web site is not in the post, but them appears 5 mins later? Happened on Pete's holiday post. Probably why Tel posted the same thing 5 times as well.. :) Or is it just the cpc web site..:)
  3. M

    Electricians Mate Electrician's with mates wanted for Central London sites.

    Afternoon all. I'm currently looking for 2 ECS gold card electricians with mates at the moment for two of our sites. First site is based in Friday Street near st pauls cathedral (ec4m) The job itself is the commercial fit out of the financial times building. Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm...
  4. IES

    Electrician Cable Jointers, Cable Terminators (SWA Cables) wanted for work on sites in Manchester and London

    IES Instrumentation Electrical Services are currently recruiting experienced Cable Jointers, Cable Terminators to add to our team. Work will involve Terminating Steel Wire Armoured Cables up to and including 240mm across the UK with prominent sites in London and the North West. Please contact...
  5. J

    Job websites for in-house work

    Hi guys (and gals), what sites do you go to when looking for full time employment? totaljobs? indeed? and industry specific ones? Thanks
  6. R

    Electrician Electricians needed for sites across London

    Our company is an established and innovative BMS company offering a complete range of services associated with BMS and building control services to the construction industry. You’ll be working 7.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday. You will be met with a generous start off rate, workwear + PPE. Rate...
  7. R

    Electrician Electrical Contractor Needed - Various Sites (London, Manchester, Newcastle)

    Hi Guys, I hope you can help. We are a Principal Contractor working in the commercial re-fit and shopfitting industries. We are a small concern that have recently found ourselves picking up some nice fitouts throughout the country and the electrician we have been using are unable to cope with...
  8. S

    Auction sites & their rip off's

    A friend asked me to pick up & check out some stuff he'd bought via an online auction. Only 3 items all in original boxes, so I stupidly picked them up today :mad: 1) A set of jump leads all nicely packed: Open them up to find no Croc clips attached to the wires, 1 of the Black clips missing &...
  9. Dan

    Link Building and Link Swaps for your websites!

    I thought I'd start a thread for link building for your websites. We have had a few but the way the Internet is, I'd guess many sites in the old threads have now closed etc Those of you who consider link building worthy, please post your website in this thread and allow others to post your...
  10. D

    Newbie or...

    The trade has so much sarcasms, literally and I love it! Ok I have been an eye-looker for a year or two just reading etc. About me? This feels like I'm putting my profile on dating sites lol but ok....Im David, lives in Birmingham but mostly in London. Been on the job for few years with local...
  11. 123

    So I have been doing it wrong all these years

    A how to video on installing an external socket:astonished: Get's bizarre around the 2 minute mark :grimacing:
  12. O

    ECS Card - Labourer vs Trainee?

    Hi, im currently looking at getting an ECS card so I can get some electricians mate experience through some agencys. I cant get the trainee card because im not signed onto a course and am not sponsored by a company, so that leaves me with the labourer card option. From reading the ECS site it...
  13. G

    Work From Planning Applications?

    Has anyone won work from approved planning applications that are posted on local council websites? If you did who did you write your letter of introduction to - was it the architect/agent or the applicant directly? I'm thinking of using it as a good source of lead generation and including a...
  14. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC and ECS card on site

    Hi Guys Need some advice regarding site work. I have just been asked to provide an estimate for a contract for all electrical work on a new development of 8 houses. Being an NIC Approved contractor will I also need an ECS card or is my NIC sufficient? I also have 2 blokes working for me who are...
  15. R


    Any one on here build website can give me a roughy idea on how much to build on for me as I'd like my own web site Before any one goes on I no I can build on for free or a small fee but I'm not very good with computers so would just be a headache I don't need So easier to pay to have on...
  16. S

    Subby work finding tips

    Hi all, I'm a spark who is still classed as an improver because I'm just waiting for my portfolio to be signed off. I recently moved to Bristol from Cornwall to find work because its almost impossible in Cornwall, I was hoping to get a job on the books but ended up being forced into subby...
  17. S

    Multi-installation FiT Rate

    The Phase 2A consultantion is not clear on the multi rate, i.e. above 25 installations. Does anyone know whether you would receive the higher rate for installations 1 to 25 (i.e. those registered first) and then the reduced rate for those instalations 26 onwards OR the lower rate for all of...
  18. A

    Wiring question: Upgrading a reciever unit for NOBO heating system

    Hi, I am upgrading a NOBO RF heating system I have. As part of the upgrade, I have to replace a reciever unit that controls my water immersion heater. My existing installation is here: The water heater...
  19. F

    mulitple installations rate

    Hi Chaps, Just wondered if anyone could clarify what the legal definition of Multiple installations, on a commercial installation with complex web of ownership eg where a company has different sites registered as a seperate business but are owned by one ultimate Company ? I have been reading...
  20. W

    hv/sub station work?

    hi, first off i'd like to say hi as i have just joined. 2nd if just like to see/ask anyone a question. i am a qualified electrican of 7+ years with 17th regs. am looking for forward my career to sub station work/ cable jointer in north east england and woundering how to take my next steps etc...
  21. G

    30 to 40 PIR in a DAY!!!!

    Morning guys, Just had a phone call of a company. Who do PIR in large Industrial premise. Wanted to know how many I can do in a day.and he said he has one guy who can do 30 to 40!!! "can you do the same" I said not a chance he can't be doing any inspecting. He's answer was "well he starts...
  22. H

    RCD Protection or not????

    Hi, got a 3 phase transformer on a construction site (office refurb) fed by 6mm swa, form an old 3 phase d/b. Should the swa to the transformer be rcd protected or not, the regs are not really clear on this? The cable is tied up and taped with caution markings. Thanks Craig
  23. J

    Marketing how to get jobs on

    Hi all, Just looking to pick peoples brains on how to get work on for myself. I am qualified electrician and just looking for advice on websites to join,how to market,how to advertise etc , so any help small or big will be much appreciated, so e mail Gary at [email protected] to...
  24. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) health&safty cs or ecs or jib!what

    im getting confused im a jib(approved spark )havnt been on site for 16yrs im not allowed to wire a house need part p! ,i also need 17th to go back AS approved elec,and a health&safty test, man things have changed in 16 yrs,what i see that hasnt is the agencey rates, ok so ill go on site...
  25. A

    flash and iphone - how big an issue

    How much has the lack of flash support affect the iphone users out there? What sites have you tried to get to that you find you cant?
  26. R

    Method statements and risk assessments

    Can any of you tell me as a sole trader do I still need to provide method statements? I am briefly familiar with risk assessments and I am aware that these are job/site specific but not really had dealings with method statements. I have browsed "templates" of them but they seem to be aimed more...
  27. M

    Drumming up work

    Any advice with be helpfull Just starting up on my own, Advice on how to get the ball rolling please peeps. Are sites like Myhammer etc etc any good? Seems like people want a full house re-wire for Four earth pounds :) Agencys Any good?
  28. T

    more on training and good courses

    blokes ive used this site couple of times and found it good for tec stuff! but i can find that on any number of sites init. right now me and loads of sparks i know are starting on there own due to present climate and some real info on a step by step basis...
  29. S

    SDS Drill

    I'm after a SDS Drill (2kg) 110v. Any suggestions on whats best to get??
  30. M

    blue book site

    hello sparks i was wondering could any of you shed light on jobs offered with ' blue book site ' in the advertisement. i understand that its possibly a union:confused: and also is there any other exams or requirements needed to get work on these sites cheers
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