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  1. gazdkw82

    PAT testing - suitably skilled

    All electrician's within my works have been carrying out PAT testing on numerous appliances and extension cables for a while now as directed by our supervisors. Only a few lads have done the PAT testing course many years ago and we are unsure if you have to have taken the PAT course or is an...
  2. C

    Electricians Mate Work available Liverpool... Skilled and mates required

    Hi We are a fire and security systems firm and have a very large project based in Liverpool. We require skilled labour as well as cable puller's/mate's. Give us a message if interested. Regards Craig
  3. U

    Domestic Semi skilled electrician recently moved to South Wales looking for work. Own tools and transport.

    Hello all Recently moved to South Wales and looking for work as electricians mate / Jointers mate. Capable of carrying out most domestic electrical works ranging from remedial works to rewires/ consumer unit installations. My experience can be discussed over the phone. Domestic installations...
  4. phb

    opinions/ advice on which codes to give on EICR

    Hi I was sent to do a EICR on a DB in a commercial kitchen and could do with some opinions on which codes to give. seeing as I haven't done a EICR since the spring and only doing new installation certs I have a fair idea but feel a bit out of confidence with it. thanks in advance for your...
  5. M

    An Australian Dream or visa for some

    I wrote this in another forum, so hope it might help a few out! I am quite often asked "what is it you need to do to get a work visa for Australia?". Firstly, I am fortunate to hold dual nationalities, so can offer a little insight into those that want to enjoy the Australian way of life. I must...
  6. L

    To RCD or not...?!

    Hey Guys, Kitchen socket outlets within living accomodation in a boarding school? I am altering/adding to the existing circuit. My guess is cables buried <50mm won't need RCD as its a supervised environment. But I feel the sockets will need protection. I cant even find the DB at the moment...
  7. R

    RCBO Or No RCBO that is the question

    Hi Guys, Looked at a job today. Basement flat. CU Has a Circuit feeding a small CU in the upstairs shop cable is a 16mm T&E on a 40 amp mcb. Rest of circuits on RCBO's. Question is Should this cable feeding shop be RCD protected? Does this become commercial? The Board in the shop is RCD...
  8. the pict

    Commercial or not

    CU change for a hotelier serving rooms, RCD ? or ist it commercial, skilled and instructed, Pict
  9. zone77

    socket outlets in commerical premisis

    what code would i give on PIR for skt oulets in commerical property with no rcd protection? all skts Zs are under max values and only intended for staff:confused:
  10. H

    RCD Protection requires or not?

    Hi there all, I've been asked to do some work in a recently refurbished college, It was fully rewired and a very descent job was carried out indeed, however there is no RCD protection :confused:... When I questioned the caretaker within the premesis he informed me that the installatio...
  11. J

    PIR codes

    Do all sockets need to be rcd protected on a commercial/shop premises or just ground floor ones? All floors are of the same shop. Any help much appreciated
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