1. M

    Trade Skills 4 U qualifications?

    Hi all, I am looking at the 2 courses below and wondering what it actually means in terms of getting a job. City & Guilds 2365 Course Level 2 & 3 Diploma - Bronze: Domestic Installer Course -...
  2. G

    Australia skills assessment

    Hi guys I’m doing my Australia skills assessment end of this month to hopefully obtain a visa at the end of it. Was wondering if anyone has recently done it or can offer any tips or advice for it?
  3. K

    Want to start course with Able skills

    Hi I'm new here but have been looking at posts for a long while. I'm thinking to start studying with Able Skills, doing the 2365 level 2 and 3 home study course, which costs £4250. I already work for a small electrical firm and have 4 years experience, with in my opinion good knowledge of...
  4. R

    Want to get back into the trade after 25 yrs out

    Hi all. I completed an apprenticeship via the CITB way back in 1992 (C&G 236 part 1&2 + JIB AM1), I think it was the 16th writing regs at the time. My employer at the time apparently “liked” me a lot and decided to have me managing/supervise the contracts/jobs instead of being on the tools...
  5. Daniel Parsons

    Trainee Most important knowledge and skills for new electricians..

    What would you list as the most important knowledge (theory) and skills (practical) needed for new apprentice electricians? We are putting training programs together for a Rotary Club in Asia, i don't want to start digging thru the regs at this stage just looking at getting some bullet points...
  6. T

    Default forum response to DIY enquiries vs. skills shortage

    To the qualified electricians on the forum: The default response to DIY enquiries on how to do stuff seems to be "Get an qualified electrician in, it's too difficult for a DIY'er to do". Given the skills shortage within the industry, is this a reasonable response? Is there another way?
  7. SanTugBoat85

    Looking to start out / add more skills to my toolbox

    Hi I am looking to achieve some electrical qualifications to add to my toolbox and am looking for some advice on what's what. Back story: I'm 35 years old, my day job is in IT and have a small property maintenance business on the side, I find myself having to get a electrician in to do some...
  8. F

    NVQ level3 Able Skills ...

    Hi, I am doing the NVQ with able skills and finding it difficult to understand some of the questions. Is there a book that can help with the questions at the end? As I understand this questions are separate from the portfolio, not even sure if other training centres do them.
  9. P

    Electrical and Electrical HND transferable skills?

    *Electrical and Electronic (apologies for the mispelt title) Hi guys, Might seem a bit of a strange question... I'm currently just in the final few months of my Electrical and Electronic HND. I've recently been helping my mate doing a house re-wire and really enjoy that side of things. If I...
  10. littlespark

    Self employed spark wanting to broaden his skills...

    I'm looking to further my knowledge in CCTV, alarms and door entry systems. I am already working as a self employed electrician but would like to specialise in the electronic security fields. I've installed systems in the past, but what do I need to be 'certified' ie which courses should I take...
  11. C

    Advice required if you have had similar predicament

    Hi all I have completed level 2/3 2330 and 2 years ago started a job as an improver electrician at a maintenance firm. 12 months in i began working to Level 3 NVQ. However, the qualified electrician i was working with resigned shortly after. Good news is i got more responsibility and...
  12. S

    Looking for weekend volunteering work

    Hi I'm looking to volunteer on a Saturday or Sunday to build up my skills and learn again as an electrician I am qualified as an electrician but need to brush up on my skills any help will be much appreciated thank you I'm from the Blackburn Lancashire area
  13. nazyv

    Recently qualified Electrician looking for work & more field experience in Cardiff

    ACHIEVEMENTS: An experienced and fully qualified 17th Edition Electrician Full Driving Licence and have own transport JIB Gold Card EAL Level 3 4337/4338 Initial Verification/Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations Electrical Installation Apprenticeship...
  14. K

    Renewable Solutions Team - Electrician wanted to cover wales and north, s and y plan heating systems

    Electrician Salary :£27,000 Work Based: Cover areas in the North east, North West, Midlands and Wales. Your appointments are based in one area per day. Days of work: Monday to Friday 8-5 with optional overtime to increase your wage Role : A strong back ground in wiring a variety of heating...
  15. C

    Skills Assesment Australia

    I am in the early stages of applying for my permanent residence visa for Australia, for this I have to get my skills assesed at the Downunder Centre in London. Has anybody been through this company and have the same assessment, if so any heads up and what sort of things are likely to come up. I...
  16. C

    Trade skills 4 u

    Hi all, Hipe I'm ok to post this here can anyone tell me of trade skills 4 u is the right way forward for myself to get the qualification needed to becoming an electrician.
  17. N

    2365 course ?

    Hi all anyone doing the 2365 course if so how you finding it ? started mine 2 weeks ago, early days
  18. D

    Train4Trade Skills, legal action

    I am in the process of Taking legal action against these people, I would like to here from as many of you who has a grievance against them, the more of you we can get together the more chance we have in succeeding you can email me at [email protected]
  19. SRE

    Green Deal Training????????????????????????????????

    Green Deal Advisor Training Asset Skills is working with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to train 'go early' Green Deal Advisors to help gear up for the launch of the Green Deal in the autumn. To become one of the first Green Deal Advisors (domestic and non-domestic), energy...
  20. N

    Mining Australia Info

    Here is some useful info i have obtained about gaining work into the Mines "without experience" Having said that there are some very useful links that you might want to save for a later date....... read this.... And here...