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  1. J

    Running cables in skirting boards

    Hi guys, Just wanted to ask if anyone knew whether its ok to run twin and earth in a purpose built skirting board designed to enclose cables. I have seen pvc skirting boards and mdf skirting boards that are specially designed to enclose cables. All you'd have to do is a chase on the wall down...
  2. S

    UK Sockets in skirting boards

    Just been watching the daily briefing from Downing Street and was amazed to see sockets and accessories mounted in the skirting. Perhaps it needs a rewire.
  3. Mark Wright

    Sockets on Skirting

    Hi, is there any Regulation for old properties in regard to the Height of a socket? Seem a bit confused not sure I've heard of any of this on 2365.
  4. DJSheridan

    Old House - horizontal wiring behind skirting

    Hello all, Just some advice... I am fitting insulating boards on an external wall in a bedroom (50mm thick with plasterboard) as the end terrace wall is solid brick with no cavity... I am wanting to spur off an existing single socket in a bedroom (two cables going to it) to an additional double...
  5. happyhippydad

    Tails (or rather T&E) behind skirting.

    Hello all. About to do a CU change and from the pre works visit it looks like the 16mm T&E from the meter is run 3m to the CU behind the skirting board. No mechanical protection seen. TNS. Ze = 0.28ohms. This clearly isn't acceptable and I shall advise getting it changed but my question is...
  6. K

    Please help. Sockets on wooden skirting.

    Hi. I'm a currently selling my home, a Victorian Terrace house from the early 1900's. The buyers have just had a survey completed which has highlighted a plug socket mounted on wooden skirting as a fire hazard. We have been living here since 2013 and have had no issues, this was installed...
  7. G

    Safe Zones, 230yr Old Cottage

    Hi New here and hoping someone may be able to provide some advice. I'm not a novice from a wiring perspective but from a regs perspective I haven't got a clue. I will also be engaging an electrician for a load of works but need to do some prep work as part of renovation and route planning. I...
  8. C

    Running cable behind skirting board

    Hi, now don't jump to conclusions, I need any advice on running cable vertically behind a skirting board not horizontally. Customer has large 1960's skirting boards approx. 250mm high, maybe higher, and has asked me to install new recessed sockets without removing the skirting board. A fairly...
  9. C

    Domestic adding a piece on during a rewire

    We're part way through a full rewire and the vast majority of cabling is now in. We had asked for the sockets to be at new regulation height but for whatever reason we came home to find them all at skirting level. No big deal we thought and left them to it. However 2 bedroom sockets have been...
  10. N

    Domestic Guidance needed on moving sockets higher up

    Hi I moved to a new detached house which is ~90 yrs old. It has RCB switchboard outside (Kitchen, lights, smokealaram) but I am not sure when the house was re-wired last. My problem is that I need to lay a new floor. However the current sockets, sits just above the old skirting board which is...
  11. G

    Fault finding maps

    Anybody make a map of existing stuff when doing alterations ? Left all 1st floor socket cables taped together ready to go back in. Just found this after pulling 1/2 the house apart Blasted all the new fronts etc on the other day came to turn on and 2 faults on a 2 leg radial circuit. 1 leg...
  12. M

    Eicr codeing

    Hi, What code would people put for a lighting cable going along skirting board with no trunking ect, its in a really old building so not sure weather this complied then or not as its in an exposed position, i want to put c2 But is it c3 Would be thankful for your input Regards Kurtis Randle
  13. W

    Domestic Running cables to a socket

    Hi guys my first post in here its probably common sense but here i go. Im currently an apprentice maintenance electrician so domestic wiring i dont see too much of. My question is for my logbook. I have to run in a radial socket circuit. I know all the usual stuff B20A MCB 2.5mm cable clipped...
  14. S

    Domestic sockets on skirting no backbox

    Hi, Came across some sockets mounted in tall skirting using metal frames screwed to the front of the skirting (trunking adapters?) with no back box. Void behind is hollowed out brick. Pretty sure this is a no no but I can't find the relevant reg, anybody? Cheers s
  15. M

    Moving a socket up by 30cm

    Hi peeps, I have been landed a job to move a double socket up by 30cm as the existing surface mounted socket is in the way of the new skirting board. What are my options? - Use 30amp terminal block? I will find quite hard to bury the block and the skirting board will be covering it therefore...
  16. S

    Domestic Use of Asley J803 JB's in ring circuit

    House built about 1974, wiring OK. But all are sockets on a shallow skirting so need to raise them all to about 450mm plus new skirting. Option 1 - pull wiring down below flooring and extend each wire to new sockets above skirting using 2 Ashley J803's thus maintaining ring. Option 2 - pull...
  17. D

    Socket heights 10mm

    On a visit to price a consumer unit change, plus other small jobs around the house. All of the sockets in the house, apart from the kitchen. are actually all about 10mm above the carpet, when plugs were put into these sockets they had to pull the flex to the side of the plug. The customer...
  18. S

    Skirting trunking

    Hi, I've been looking at ways of routing cable around a room perimeter behind a skirting. I know that the skirting is not a safe zone so therefore 522.6.101 comes into play requiring mechanical protection of some kind. How therefore does pvc skirting trunking comply? Could I hide the trunking...
  19. kingeri

    Accessories on skirting board

    Did an EICR today, generally ok, but found a FCU on the skirting board outside the bathroom that feeds a flex outlet on the skirting board in the bathroom directly behind, for a heated towel rail. The main issue was that the FCU was screwed onto the skirting board using drywall screws and there...
  20. E

    50 year old radial sockets at floor level

    Doing a re-wire for a customer who doesn't want surface mini trunking, can't channel walls and wants me to use 50 year old conduit to re-wire.It was originally wired as a radial circuit and don't think I'd get 2x2.5 mm T & E's down the conduit.Assuming the kitchen can be done seperately, could I...
  21. N

    Domestic Cable Behind Skirting Boards?

    Hi all, just wandering what the view is on running a 2.5mm radial circuit behind a skirting board when it's fully protected by a new 17th ed. RCD protected CU. thanks in advance Neil
  22. W

    Socket heights in old house

    Hi Guys, Just new to this forum and wondering what the rule is with regard to the socket height in old houses. The sockets in question are fixed to the skirting board, (It's an old old house so the skirting boards are bigger than normal), the house was rewired about 30 years ago but the lad who...
  23. S

    Height of sockets

    Hi again, I know that the regs say that sockets need to be a minimum of 450mm from the floor, but if you are adding a socket to an exsisting room does it still have to be that minimum height as it would obviously look out of place with the others. Can anyone help please.
  24. O

    Domestic Fault finding - perplexed - help!!!

    Last night one of my neighbours asked me to look at a fault which had developed after new skirting boards were fitted! Today I went round, isolated the circuit and the IR test from the board confimed a L-E very low IR, not too much of a surprise as the RCD wouldn't hold if anything was switched...
  25. W

    Drilling behind skirting?

    Chasing bit on chase only or long drill bit on hammer drill?
  26. sparks1234

    Skirting trunking

    Interested in others opinions on skirting trunking, or to be precise dado / skirting trunking and mounting heights. With the regulations for mounting heights with regard to accessibility for disabled persons as we know we have this gap between 450 and 1200 for siwtches etc etc. How do we go on...
  27. T

    Wiring Ring Final Circuit.. Laminate floor ??

    Have a customer who wants me to wire a new upstais ring main in his house.. The only problem is that one of the bedrooms has laminate flooring, he doesnt want to lift the floor up and cant touch the ceiling from below. The customer has asked if i can run the wiring behind the skirting board...
  28. T

    Good practice wiring in trunk/conduit

    Should all the conductors of a circuit be taped together at intervals along the length of the trunking they are installed in? to minimize magnetic problems and induced voltages/currents,the tapes only removed when leaving trunking to go into conduits. I suppose it makes it easier to identify the...
  29. R

    spare socket

    hi just a quicky i have to put a spare in a living room but can not get access from above plus have to hide the wireing wich is the best way of going about it?
  30. W

    skirting trunking

    how does skirting trunking with sockets mounted on it get round the minimum height requirements???
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