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  1. C

    USA How do you properly drive sleeve anchors?

    Recently I've been assigned to a new water park construction site and my days have been regulated to mounting and securing hundreds of feet of PVC conduit for protection against moisture. During my installation I've been mostly limited to mounting strut to concrete walls and floors in order to...
  2. the pict

    10mm cable sleeve and doh

    Anyone know where I can get earth, and blue sleeve to go over 10mm insulated cable or even the size I need I have shrinky stuff but jeez it aint aint easy not melting stuff, yeah I know should have done it before I stuffed it into the cu but I have done 3 sub boards at one end before the penny...
  3. H

    Mounting bracket on brick wall

    Hi, I've been having difficulty mounting a bracket on a brick wall, the bracket needs to be able to hold 15kg and comes with sleeve anchors but for some reason they don't seem to hold. I've bought replacement sleeve anchors and these also do not hold (not sure why as I'm drilling the right size...
  4. Sonia Norman

    distribution board

    Hi I was wondering if anybody has come across black stub slv? My mums church consumer unit is a nightmare. All of the connections are black stub slv, with half on them not marked as live. Thats ok for the ones that were already connected in the board. But in the board were some wires just...
  5. S

    Drill chuck - which brand to buy?

    ive been looking for a while for my drill makita bhp451 because the bits are falling out etc. would this rohm be any good or would i be better off going for a jacobs? Rohm Twin Sleeve Steel Keyless Chuck RV 1/2" x 20 :
  6. P

    Lighting circuits

    Is it permissible to drop a 'brown/blue' + earth 1.5mm cable in a lighting circuit to a room lighting switch (switched live circuit), or must it be a 'brown/brown' + earth?
  7. D

    Finally working in bathroom

    Hi All, Thanks to all for the great advice and ive taken it onboard and going to wire timed bathroom fan by running 3 core/e from bathroom lightswitch where i can conect to L1(SL), COM(Perm L), N and E then run that 3 core/e cable to Fan Isolator and onto Fan giving me Sl/PL/N at the fan. Is...
  8. L

    3 phase sleeving?

    Right, if i'm supplying a three phase motor in swa, obviously taking brown/black/grey to their respective colours at the mcb, do I have to sleeve all of them brown to indicate live conductors or are the fact that they are phase colours sufficient? Not sure whether to sleeve them at the motor or...
  9. J

    Keeping Good Records (bookkeepin)

    Hi all only been self employed For 5 months and still not sorted out a proper method of keeping records. I do keep a diary of the jobs and price of the job. I just wanted to know how you guys sort your records out. i intend on getting an accountant to sort the tax man out but want to make it...
  10. Y

    Central heating wiring centers.

    Hi, just a quick Q. Have just wired up my first s-plan and it all work great and passed the tests etc. But what should be sleeved with brown in the wiring center. Is it all live what comes back from the valves, like a switch, live in and out??? Since there is already a neutral terminal in the...
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