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  1. S

    Sleeving 3 phase cable to single phase cable

    Could someone help me understand what is cable sleeving? Can we sleeve a 3 phase cable to single phase cable? Is this as per any regs? BS 7671? Could you send me some pictures of the same if you have..
  2. MarkRibbands

    Sleeving Brn-Blk-Gry cores for SP. Is there a convention?

    If using 3-core SWA Brown/Black/Grey for a single-phase circuit, what colours do you use? I leave the brown as live, then sleeve the black with blue for N and the grey with grn/yel for E. It's arbitrary, but was wondering if there's an informal convention, and if maybe I've been 'doing it...
  3. B

    Partially sleeved earth wire

    Hi. I’m a builder who is currently adding an extension and renovating and requiring his own home. The newly acquired father in law, who I was told was once a sparky, has been helping with the electrics. He is retired and not part p registered so I have paid the local council to test and write...
  4. N

    Sleeving on Stapper Cable

    I am about to change two, two way switches which have the old colours Red, Yellow and Blue for the strapper cable, only the black switched live to the ceiling rose has a piece of red tape on it to idenitify switched live, should the Yellow and Blue also have red table on with these also being live.
  5. R

    They could have at least used sleeving?

    What's going on.. Had to do an EICR on this property, noticed a shed load of overheated Halogens on walking in... Then I removed the board cover!!
  6. N

    Domestic Loop In/Out connections in light fitting

    I often come across bathroom lights or similar with the loop in/out connections brought into the light enclosure and connected using choc blocks (or in some cases just twisted and taped!). I rarely see heat resistant sleeving used, although I sometimes do. My question is, to be fully compliant...
  7. Murdoch

    Guess the fault(s)...

    Pretty much as the title says...... just a bit of fun :oops::oops::oops:
  8. S

    AM2 Question

    Does anyone know if i'll have failed my AM2 because i forgot to put brown sleeving on the strappers in one of my two way switches? Its the only fault i had with my installation and so i'm hoping its not considered to be a major fault? Can anyone put my mind at rest?
  9. N

    Two Way Switch

    Is there a correct way to wire a two way light switch, I have one where the two sets of cables are wired Red - Common L1 Black (switched live and Yellow. L2 Red and Blue, another is Red Common, L1 Red and Yellow, L2 Black switched live and Blue.
  10. G


    whats your views ? eicr completed and theres various c2-c3 faults cert deemed unsatisfactory work carried out to make safe what is issued to say its satisfactory following repairs repairs being , no sleeving , earth not connected sockets switch not switching and a shower fault , but...
  11. grimysparks80

    Sleeving, grommets and other lazy faults

    Im getting really sick of going to jobs that have been done in the last few years where the electrician hasnt used sleeving, grommets ect. Im finding it very rare for electricians to bother with this stuff. Ive spent the last couple of months going round putting right and checking jobs done by...
  12. E

    ZS on final sub circuit

    Lads Have measured R1 + R2 and get a total of .45 ohms, when I test the ring with my tester I get 2.1ohms, the unit was calibrated last week, any ideas?
  13. M

    Switch Wiring Problem

    Can anyone help, please? I have lived here in Portugal for 8 years and understand that following the wiring colour code changes that happened in the UK during 2004/2006 the codes for both countries are the same for fixed mono phase installations (Brown, Blue and Green/Yellow). I´m not an...
  14. J

    2-way switch

    do you have to put a brown piece of sleeving ident on the black and grey conductor in a 3-core + earth cable at the switch??:rolleyes:
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