1. J

    Anyone know of any manufactures of small recessed DB's or any other options?

    Hi all Have a job to replace 6 way recessed DB. Have looked extensively online but smallest can find is 10 way. Seems there's limited choice with these. Don't mind if have to chisel away abit to but need something preferably near the existing dimensions which are: Width 305, Height 180, Depth...
  2. Rockingit

    Very small footprint, 3-4kva 1 or 3ph UPS - recommendations?

    Need to find a v small, hard wired, wall mounted UPS to provide 60mins for fire alarm, emergency lights and fire suppressant (mist) in a BMO to satisfy the requirements of section 560. Phone calls and catalogues so far have only found me massive plant room size, I need to fit this in a...
  3. J

    Why neutral and hot reversed only when a/c is turned on?

    I have tenants that have 3 fairly new small a/c units all the same and when any of them are turned on my tester reads hot & neutral reversed. The 15 amp circuit that feeds these units has no ground wire. Is this normal or could these a/c units be wired wrong from the factory?
  4. M

    Testing small Hmo smoke alarms

    I’ve been asked to inspect a bunch of small Hmo LD2 smoke alarm systems by a landlord which certificates are best for this?(I am a 1 man band mainly domestic installer )any advice would’ve appreciated ,thanks
  5. B

    Ceiling box too small

    Hi I have ceiling boxes in my garage for old fluorescent lights. I want to install a single outlet in them to support new led lights. The existing boxes are round and the screw holes are 2.75 “ apart. I can’t find a way to adapt a 4” outlet plate to this box. Is there an adapter available? I...
  6. S

    Grounding issue - getting small shocks

    This is proper first world problem but i hope someone can shed some light on this. I live on the sixth floor of an apartment block and have an outdoor terrace with concrete paving stones. I have put some fake grass on top with some polystone planters. I keep getting small shocks when touching...
  7. S

    cost effective options to heat a small temporary space.

    Hello I hope everyone and their families are ok at this time. During my own self-build (mostly diy) I have to build a small living space (in a garage) two-story for myself and my family of 5 for 1- 2 years before I finish the full-size house. it is temporary but will be approx 30sqm meters...
  8. L

    UK Small light switch

    Hi All, Today I've found a faulty 1G light switch... OK, nothing strange about that! Problem is that it's smaller than the usual 86mm square. This one is only 68mm square and I'm damned if I can find one anywhere. Must admit, I've never come across one this size before. Anyone any ideas...
  9. M

    Small central UPS for converting circuit to emergency lighting

    I am looking for a product to convert an existing lighting circuit in a communal stairwell to be emergency battery backed up. There are 6x 7W LED mains fittings, so say a max 50W load. I could just add emergency lighting fittings, but wiring and access is difficult. It also needs to have a...
  10. D

    Interesting article about small business pension pitfall Thee three words
  11. L

    Small design projects

    Hi, Does anyone know of any websites or sections of this website where you can find/bid for small electrical design projects? Thanks
  12. happyhippydad

    Any recommendations for a light weight electric screwdriver?

    I would like a lightweight electric implement for undoing and doing up screws on sockets, switches etc. It's really just for when I am doing EICR's as you take off quite a few faceplates. There are so many options out there that i'm getting a bit snowed under trying to narrow down my search...
  13. Lucien Nunes

    Recommend me a small CU with DP MCBs / RCBOs

    I need to go shopping in the morning for a small metal CU, about 5 outgoing circuits, but they have to be fitted with DP OCPD including some C-type. One overall RCD is OK but if I can get suitable RCBOs that is a possible. It's so rare that I fit a small single-phase board, I've no idea which...
  14. multimick

    small soffit downlights

    I know i hate them as well,but need recommendations for preferably mains ones with 50mm ish cutout cheers. About 5 or 7 in total
  15. K

    On small jobs charging for cable

    Hi all I was just wondering how every charges for cable on a small job? Let me give you and example, you are asked to replace 4 down lights, but one 1 of them you fined that the cable is to short so you replace that cable back to the next downlight, Normally i would just charge for sundries £20...
  16. R

    Electrical Install in a Small Office Building

    Morning all, I'm new to the forum but just after some advice. I've been asked to price for an install on a small Office (12 desks over 3 floors of a 150 old building). Its for a firm i've done electrical work for for years so i'm happy to take it on. Its been a while since I did an office...
  17. D

    Domestic New small solar system advice needed

    Hi all, just got hold of 2 12v 98amh deep charge batteries could someone advice the cheapest way to complete solar system. I want to use it at my allotment to power mist spray bench, grow lights in greenhouse a small water pump and possibly lights and stuff in shed. I assume the batteries would...
  18. Diver233

    TT earth cable small and god knows where the rod is

    Just started to test a TT system, so found the earth and thought that cannot be it for the size of the house. (See pic). So tested the Ze and got 94 so less than a 100 but I thought I’d check the connections to the earth rod. Cannot find it anywhere. I can see a new main electric feed has been...
  19. G

    Domestic REWIRING Small 3 bed house.

    My grandson is confused by conflicting information given by contractors quoting to rewire his house, which is a small 3 bed semi. The incoming mains and meter are located at the front of the property (external meter cupboard). The consumer unit is located in the kitchen at the rear of the...
  20. Ckiner

    СRM for small business? Many thanks in advance!

    Hello everyone, We are currently looking for an 'all in one' CRM system to use within our business. We are looking at using Work etc, has anyone had any experience with this system or could you advise on any others? We need the CRM to have the below features: - basic invoicing - sales lead...
  21. a-z electrics

    Domestic How to test/certify a small 230V generator installation?

    Hi all, Got a client with a small barn workshop and caravan powered by a portable 230V 6kW petrol generator. (Loncin 8000D-A) . The original 32A commando lead had a domestic double skt on the end, and theres another lead with a commando socket for the caravan. Theres only one 230v o/p. He asked...
  22. S

    Which Van is best for an electrical contractor?

    Hey guys, i guess this is the correct place to post this. I'm looking at getting my own van and just wondering which ones you would recommend as the best sparky van, and what kind of racking systems you use? Any pics of vans and racking systems would be very grateful. Cheers
  23. O

    Lighting circuit - spur small load from that

    Attached are 2 photos. One is the wiring behind light switch. Other is wiring from that circuit (located above the cabinet). As we can see: it's 3-core+earth. Currently, the lights in the room work fine on/off with the light switch. If I connect a simple lamp holder to the wire above the...
  24. M

    Any ideas for a small 4way cu with rcd

    hi can anyone suggest the smallest cu u know looking for 4 way with rcd to fit in a cupboard limited space due to MI and meter only got 210x 170 have been hunting but can't really find anything suitable, just trying on the off chance that some one has been able to source a wee board in the...
  25. M

    Level 3 2365 and 17th edition electrician looking for work in the oxford area.

    I have recently finished my level 3 2365 electrical installation course. I also have my 17th edition. I am relocating to Banbury in January so I am looking for work in the oxford area. I worked for a small domestic firm between 2006 to 2010. I then had the opportunity to try and play golf...
  26. naylorpd

    Voltmeter on 3P CU - connecting very small wires

    I'm in Azerbaijan so UK regs don't apply but safety and common sense do. My house has a 3 phase supply to the main CU, which then feeds 6 other CUs around the house - one on each floor, one for aircon and one for garden. The incomer is 3P+N, no earth. I have two earth rods in the garden. We...
  27. I

    Domestic Help with Bathroom light (Ansell adi16) Small Glow

    Hi All, Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. My bathroom light, which has been working for a year since I moved into my flat, has stopped working. It's an Ansell ADI16 (here's a link to the model) and the problem is the fluorescent tube only lights the first centimetre on...
  28. C

    Swa sheath size too small

    an outbuilding is supplied by a 50mm twin SWA cable from a PME supply The assessor has told me to convert to a TT as the steel csa is too small, is there a way I can prove that surely a 50mm twin swa sheath is suitable to be a 16mm earth?
  29. P

    Small Metal enclosure for door entry power supply

    Hi all, I am hoping someone has already had this problem and can suggest a solution. Last minute decision by client to have an electronic release on a door means we have to mount the power supply (bell systems 340c) on the wall in a public space so it needs to go in a metal enclosure. PSU...
  30. A

    Small fuse box - problem?

    Hi all A house I’m looking at buying (3 bed semi 1930s build) has a smaller fuse box than I’m used to seeing with just a master switch and three additional switches for sockets, lights and cooker. Is this a problem? What about if I want to run power to an outside building? Will this small fuse...
  31. rolyberkin

    Steeple 32 amp RCBO small test button wanted

    Has anyone got one of these preferably 'new old stock' they want to sell?
  32. P

    Removing small section of coving

    I need to remove a small section of plaster coving to run a new cable from the wall downstairs to under the upstairs floorboards (putting a new light in they want on a seperate switch). So ideally I want to remove a small section of coving and then replace it. I have done this in the past with...
  33. D

    Your Tradebase - for small electrical business

    has anyone subscribed to Your Tradebase for quotes, invoicing etc? It looks great and I’m on the free trial but it’s £25 a month if you subscribe. Would be keen to know your thoughts if you’ve used it for your sparky business or if there are less expensive ones out there or alternatives. Thanks
  34. D

    Electrician Electrician needed for small commercial project (Manchester)

    Hi there, I am looking for an electrician to do works on a small unit (700sqft) that I intend on turning in to a small restaurant. I am at a crossroads currently regarding the power supply and I am looking to either bring in a new 3 Phase supply (£3900) or run a convertor until the building's...
  35. H

    Repeated small shocks from electrical equipment

    I have just moved into a new apartment (in Hong Kong - a place with some slightly dodgy building practices). The owner of the apartment had someone remodel the entire apartment, rebuild the walls and build a kind of ‘media centre’ area in a cupboard behind the TV. It has a load of sockets and a...
  36. static zap

    An ECHO - Electrician Talk , small error -Title side

    Most recent Poster seems to be auto-credited with being thread -creator- .... Correct ORIGINAL Thread Name + creation date. -- LHS Title side ! Original poster's Name - Disappears, replaced most recent-commenter ! ( Just notice my name on a thread - from a day before ---time travel !)...
  37. E

    Small Bulbs Keep Blowing

    Hi all, I have noticed something very odd in my home. All of the small bulbs keep blowing. When I say small i mean the fridge bulb, the freezer bulb and today the cooker bulb blew, tripping the fuse and this was a brand new bulb fitted only a week ago. I was just wondering if anyone knew what...
  38. UKMeterman

    Just a small 33KV to 600V 35MVA transformer

    Hi, I thought you might like
  39. T

    Electrician Small domestic job - Peterborough

    Looking for someone to fit some extra sockets and light fittings (preferably LED) in my garage. Glinton (North of Peterborough).
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