1. S

    Smart Heating

    Hello to everybody taking the time to read this post. I hope it is oK to post this here. I will start by introducing myself, I'm Martin from Stockport and I'm here today with a question I'd like to get some opinions on if I may… Given the current climate with smart technology, I feel it time I...
  2. K

    Smart Switch random question

    I have over 20 smart switches in my house. I have done them all myself and understand the process. Maybe this isn't the question but it is all I can think of...Is it possible to turn a single pole fan switch into a multi pole switch? Okay so the scenario is I have an office that has 1 switch for...
  3. B

    Running CAT6 cables...

    Hi All Just moved into a new house and am going to re-wire the whole place (sparks by trade). I have very little experience in home network systems but would also like to run CAT6 cable for internet in each room, CCTV also. Are there any good websites or can anyone give advice on where/how I...
  4. GS tech elec Ltd

    Other Fancy getting into smart systems?

    Hi all Hope we are all well. I run a electrical and smart building business in the South West but am looking to expand through the UK. We offer programmable systems, centralized lighting and custom home name a few services. I am now looking to work with sparks in other cities...
  5. S

    Possible cause for light switches no longer turning on after smart dimmer install?

    I installed a smart dimmer switch in my dining room, which worked fine. The next day, I installed the same type of switch in my kitchen. Not only did it not power on, I noticed that the light switch in the dining room no longer turns on, and that the light switch in my foyer no longer works...
  6. O

    Help with Smart Switch

    Hi all! So I’ve recently moved and in my old place I installed smart switches as the wiring was pretty simple. However this new house was a flip and they remodeled the kitchen and redid all the lights and switches and made the wiring a little complicated for my liking. If it weren’t for the...
  7. A

    Wiring of smart 1 gang light switch

    Hi .. I bought a smart light switch from Sonoff and would like to fix it myself The current switch has the following wiring .. L1 / COM / Neutral The Smart Switch has the Lin / Lout / Nin I'm not sure which wire goes where Anyone can advise please Thanks in advance
  8. B

    Smart immersion switch

    I have a client who has requested a smart immersion switch as she works away in the week and wants to heat the hot water for her return. Can anyone recommend one?
  9. K

    Fitting a WiFi smart dimmer

    Hi, I’m new here. I’m in the UK. I bought this: Smart Touch Switch No Neutral Line 1/2/3 Gang Wifi RF 433Mhz Light Switch with Garage Door Remote Control Wireless Panel Switch...
  10. Baddegg

    Smart lighting garden

    Got a customer whom I’m sorting exterior power to shed for and have now been asked if I can add exterior lighting, up lighters in flower beds and general garden lights.....was after any advice recommendations for set up with regards controlling the lot from phone app?....
  11. D

    USA Single Pole 3 Gang Smart Light Switch Wiring Help

    I'm trying to replace old 3 gang light switch to new smart light switch. It's single pole with one breaker (switch board). Smart switch requires 4 wires (black, red, green and white) but my old switch only have 3 wires (black, black and green) I connected black(top) to red(line) and...
  12. T


    Dual Fuel Smart Meter Engineer opportunities! FOR A TIER 1 CONTRACTOR £31,000- 34K basic 18 Duel fuel (or equivalent) meters to be installed on average per week. £10 bonus for the 19 & 20 duel fuel meter installation. £20 bonus for any over 20. £5,000 yearly bonus paid in 4 quarters based...
  13. C

    Wire Smart Switch

    Hi, home foyer here... Bought a simple 2 gang smart switch and trying to connect it. To test I was actually only going to replace one of my one gang dimmer switches with it to check it worked. instructions that came with it are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. So I disconnected my old...
  14. B

    UK Making Extractor Fans smart with Shelly

    Hey, I'm looking to smartify my extractor fans in toilets/bathrooms for two reasons really 1) I currently leave the light on the let the fans run to bring humidity down, I'd rather it did this automatically 2) I want to smartify my lights, and I don't want the fans to be on permanently. I've...
  15. I

    No neutral smart switch, faulty?

    Hi, I've just purchased a 2 gang no neutral smart switch, however I was sent 3 gang. I thought i'd use it anyway. When i connected the common(S) to "L" & Switch live "L1" & "L3", nothing happened, switch didn't light up, lights didn't come on. My current switch operates 2x lots of led down...
  16. OnlQQker

    Predicting The Future Of Consumer Units Etc...

    I think they will become computerised to a degree, either like a mechanic connects his laptop to the cars computer or a digital read out giving all the information you need regarding diagnostics etc! Everything is changing at a great rate of knots! Happy new year to everybody by the way. 🍺
  17. O

    No neutral wire for smart switch?

    Hi all, first post here, let’s go. So I’m installing a smart switch in my kitchen and after pulling the existing switch out I noticed that there are only two cables in the wall box. Each of the two goes to the switch with a simple straight connection. I’m assuming that these are both live...
  18. PeakSteve

    Sonoff Wi Fi DIY MINI smart switch issue.

    Has anyone had an intermittency issue with a Sonoff DIY MINI smart switch? This switch takes a voltage-free switch circuit (i.e. your old switch cable(s), separated from the mains) across it's inputs S1 and S2. Any change of state of the light switch(es) will change the output of the device...
  19. K

    Smart Light Switch Wiring

    Hi, I've bought a smart light switch to replace a GET dimmer switch and I'm having some issues. My spark wired in the original dimmer and I have a live, switched live and earth cable to the socket, which is wired to a live and 'switched' terminal. The new smart switch has a standard layout of...
  20. bigspark17

    Smart electric panel heaters

    What makes are people installing? I install haverland ultrarad atm but finding the heater almost impossible to control for users that dont own te property ie holiday lets. Look forward to replies
  21. J

    Smart Lightss - Moving a neutral, IFTT

    Thinking of going the following & wondering if there is any reason why I shouldn't I live in a UK House with the Lighting wired as loop in/out at ceiling rose & then a twin and earth taking a permanent line to switches & bringing a switch-live back (over the blue cable - marked with brown...
  22. D

    update my light switch to a Smart Switch

    Hi everyone, Basically, I am planning to replace the light switches in my new build house with smart switches and as the switch has WiFi built-in it needs constant power to work so will require a neutral wire I've pulled the back of the existing lightswitch and have a "Common" and "L1" 2 x...
  23. F

    Smart lighting was

    Probs with Aurora smart lighting. Inline controllers 4 nos controlling 96 gu10s, just cannot link together nether could the computer guy, we tried everything, without success. Any one had similar problems
  24. P

    Accuracy of smart meters

    Having solar pv, battery storage and a ev even though listening to numerouse complaints about smart meters I decided to go for a smart meter to be installed by octopus so I could benefit from the low 5p night rate it became aware on my first bill that even though I was put on the go tarrif at my...
  25. T

    Can't install smart meter due to not enough space

    Hi recently moved into a house that has solar panels installed and Tesla power wall 2. It would appear some of the equipment is installed in the external meter box. E.on are not able to install smart meter due to not enough space. As the meter is alot bigger that old metet I would like to get...
  26. T

    UK lighting for smart switch made in China!

    Hi, have just received a smart light switch ordered off Amazon UK which on receipt has been manufactured in china with wiring installation instructions that don't seem to relate to UK.. :-O I have a two gang one way fitting which seemed perfect for the switch as ordered - at the moment I have a...
  27. S

    Smart meter question

    Is this a smart meter? Just bought a house with it already in, and I don’t want a smart meter! We’ve changed suppliers and have to provide them with readings so not really sure? Any advice appreciated
  28. L

    Smart switch wiring on a 3 way switch

    How do i wire this?
  29. J

    Smart meter install failed

    I had arranged for a Smart Meter to be installed today. It would not fit due to the size of the isolation switch currently fitted. See photo of the inside of the meter box located outside. Is it necessary to fit such a large fused isolation switch? The SWA cable at the bottom runs to a consumer...
  30. T

    2 gang light switch to a smart light switch

    Hi looking for some advice if poss. Recently I purchased a smart switch to replace on in my man cave and I'm a little stuck on how to wire it up. It controls 2 lights no 2 way switching. I have attached 2 pics one of my existing switch and one of my smart switch all input is appreciated thanks.
  31. Gavin John Hyde

    Smart lighting garden system

    got a job coming up, need to control 4 lots of lights on a garden, will have 4 zones aroind koi pond and decking etc... First thought was a wise systemWise system but customer wants an app for it on his phone. Anybody got suggestions for a decent wireless control system that has a phone app...
  32. D

    Smart Light Installation

    Hi all, I could use some help identifying the wires in one of my light switch box to swap out for a smart light switch. I see the line and load wires that were connected to the old switch, one of which is pigtailed from 3 separate wires. I also see the white neutral wires that were tucked...
  33. Gavin John Hyde

    Rako smart controllers and lighting

    Had a call from a customer, the family have a Rako smart home set up to control the lights in different rooms. Says some switches no longer work and system is playing up. Not sure if it can be readily or easily fixed, as it is not the cheapest stuff and also from what little I know quite a...
  34. D

    Smart Switch wiring help

    Hi , I want to install a smart switch 2 gang 2 way switch in kitchen to replace the one already there which operates the lights and under cupboard lights. What wires would go into what connections on the smart switch.
  35. D

    3 gang 2 way smart switch wiring HELP

    Hi there. I've recently had an extension and want to change all of my switches to smart switches. I've ordered the correct smart switches from Amazon. I have a few different 2 way circuits and a few 1 way. So my issue is, on the new 2 way switches there doesnt seem to be anywhere for the L2...
  36. littlespark

    Customer thinks smart meter is wrong

    Going to see a new customer tomorrow. He thinks his new smart meter is reading higher than he thinks. I don’t know the house, but guessing at still old fuseboard rather than mcb or rcd looking at the street address. Anything easy I should be looking for to explain high usage? I’ll suggest LED...
  37. Electrical2go

    OLEV Grant switching to SMART Charging

    All government funded home chargepoints for electric vehicles must use innovative ‘smart’ technology from July 2019, the government announced on 14 December 2018, fulfilling the commitment in the Road to Zero Strategy published in 2018. This means chargepoints must be able to be remotely...
  38. Doomed

    Rolec smart card meters

    Is there any way to disable the low credit beeping the newer models have. Rolec told me they only do the beeping ones, but they will cause me loads of grief if I install them with the beeping enabled. They are to go into a marina environment and are in the rolec cases, have fitted 2 already and...
  39. R

    Testing Smart Homes

    Evening All, I have been asked to test a newly built smart home. This place has the works! Everything from the heating, lighting, alarms, music etc is controlled (by Loxone). I feel a bit overwhelmed about this and was wondering if anyone had any experience doing this? I believe the lights are...
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