1. happyhippydad

    Snickers floorlayers trousers or other?

    After trying a couple of cheapy trousers years ago I have stayed with snickers floor layers for 5 years. I use them with the snickers 9118 knee pads which have outlived a few pairs of the trousers. I have 2 questions: 1. Is it worth spending the extra for the 'flexi' floorlayers trousers...
  2. F

    Snickers tool pouch wanted

    Hi Very random post but here it goes .... Does anyone have one of this snickers tool pouch’s? Any condition accepted Many thanks Francisco Barros
  3. sam400

    Snickers toe guard boots sz11

    have for sale size 11 toeguard jumper boots there owned by snickers so good quality. Have been worn for one day, all my colleagues wear trainer style boots but they are not for me. £30 + post Toe Guard Jumper Safety Boots with Composite Toe Caps and Composite Midsole -...
  4. Leesparkykent

    Work clothing

    What make do you go for? looking at ordering in some new T-shirts, sweaters etc but want something that's going to last.
  5. Simonslimline

    Work trousers.

    Just wondering what brand of work trousers anyone uses/recommends. I usually go for scruffs pro but the 2012 version which seemed the best are not available anymore. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  6. A


    Hi all, Looking for some new boots and trousers to replace my tired dewalt boots and snickers. Any recommendations and websites? Thanks
  7. T

    Work trousers

    What are the best work trousers with knee pad pockets? I can't make up my mind!!!
  8. S

    Work trousers

    New to the forum, so apologies if in the wrong bit. Looking for new work trousers, mines are pretty done now. The trousers I'm looking for are ones with the flappy pouches on the sides next to the pockets (if that makes any sense!). But I'm looking for ones that have slots in the flappy...
  9. onions1066

    Items for sale

    I've got a few items for sale after a clear out, I'm going to advertise them on eBay but I'll see if anyone wants them on here first, there is the following 14.4v dewalt circ saw body 18v dewalt circ saw body 18v dewalt reciprocating saw body snickers winter jacket in black and blue ( large /...
  10. C

    Site work pants

    Has anyone bought/know of anyone that has bought any of the Site range of trousers through screwfix? I currently own a couple of pairs of Snickers duratwill but one of the pairs is coming to the end of its life and so I am looking to replace, they are a fantastic pair of comfy, hard wearing...
  11. T


    hi guys just treated myself to some new work trousers snickers to be precise , what you guys like/dislike workwear wise
  12. T

    Dewalt pants, any good?

    This may have already been discussed but dewalt work trousers, are they any good or am I best sticking to snickers? Don't get massive amount of wear and tear as I'm mainly service but the pants the firm supply are rubbish no pockets for tools phone keys etc
  13. 8

    Quality Workwear

    Hi im new to the forum was wondering what ye find are the best working trousers out there. I have a few pairs of the old snickers stuff lasted me 4 years of apprenticeship and still going strong.
  14. K

    Work Shorts

    Want some from Screwfix, all out of my size, would prefer some with pads, is there such a thing, obviously longer shorts haha
  15. B

    Snickers workwear

    Hi anybody use the snickers duratwill trousers, thinking of getting some but think the 50 mark is a bit steep for 1 pair of work trousers unless they are worth it comments appreciated
  16. D

    Snickers work pants

    Mine are so comfortable I Look forward to going to work to put them on! Got a lush 35" set that fit a treat, bought a back up pair about 1 1/2 ago never worn them hardly first pair still going strong! I wear mine on weekends, after work, going out for a meal, chilling round the house, DAMN...
  17. S

    Working in the SNOW

    Whos working in the snow or who cant make it to work?
  18. A

    Work Trousers - What you using?

    Time for some new work trousers, what have you got, how do you find them and how much do they cost? Like the Snickers DuraTwill but theyre a bit pricey!
  19. S

    Work trousers

    Gents, can anyone recomend a good pair of work trousers that you can put knee protectors in, someone has already recomended the snickers ones are they ant good? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  20. R


    Am in need of stocking up on some new work gear. In particular some decent but comfortable trousers (cargo/combat style with plenty of pockets). And sweater/jumper type tops for when the autumn months arrive. I usually go with hoodie style tops, not because im a yobbo looking to get banned...
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