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  1. wheeto

    SolarEdge SE2200H

    Hello, I've moved in to a house with a string of eight panels in series, connected to a SE2200H . The previous home owner had the inverter replaced about two year ago. Since I moved in, I've always thought it's "not been quite right" but hadn't found the time to investigate fully. Well, today's...
  2. jakobw

    SolarEdge Auto-Transformer W/ Sunny Island 6048

    Hi all, First major post here. Have a question for any of you that have experience with SolarEdge systems and specifically their SEAUTO-TX-5000 Auto-Transformer. I'm needing an Auto-Transformer to go between a single 120V Sunny Island 6048 and a 240V Sunny Boy 6000US. Typically I would look to...
  3. J

    Solaredge designer

    Hi. I been using the Solaredge designer on a laptop but now I´m trying it on a ipad pro with the applepencil. Does anyone know how I rotate the screen and how I manage to drag out the panels on the roof? Regard Johan.
  4. M

    fronius or solaredge and solar quote

    Hi I would be grateful for advise. Is fronius( ? prima) inverter better than solaredge new HD wave for 4 K home installation. There are reported problems with solaredge optimiser needing replacement with time which would be a hassle. Are there any fire safety concerns with fronius. Can fronius...
  5. A

    Electrician Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol

    Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol After consideration of the pros and cons, I have decided to upgrade my current inverter to the Solaredge 3.6kW with x16 power optimisers. Primarily it is because I like the idea of a 20 year warranty on the inverter (19 years...
  6. A

    SolarEdge inverters failings

    Hi guys, first post so please go easy on me. I had a 4Kw solaredge system installed few years ago, all was well until pigeons started nesting under the panels and starting big mess. For years they grew in numbers. I got a roofer who installed black wiremesh (he called it hedgehogs, the stuff...
  7. Worcester

    SolarEdge replacement

    We have one site causing us serious grief It has a solar edge system on 8 panels: 4 east 4 west @ 15° (2kWp) It has over 2 years 'blown' the fuse on 4 inverters, as it a non replaceable item, each time needs a replacement inverter. We've monitored the AC supply over an 8 week period and both...
  8. E

    print solaredge graphs

    is there any way to print graphs from solaredge monitoring portal? The only way i found is printing the whole page from browser but this is not useful. i also want to keep some more statistics such us power production of inverter or a panel individualy. Portal's statistiscs is for the cow!
  9. E

    Solar Edge

    Here where you can find more info on solar edge Solar Edge Website
  10. E

    Live public solar power site

    I thought I would share this site with you all , as we are all intrested in how each others systems are doing so here we have Samsung 247w x 16 Solar edge inverter SE4000 x 1 Power optimizers x 16 south facing tilt 45 south coast england click link to view SolarEdge please feel free...
  11. methley

    SolarEdge monitoring portal update

    Has anyone else noticed the SolarEdge monitoring portal has been updated today? There's a new admin section which allows quite a lot of self-configuration which could only previously be done via the support desk. However the site layout section appears to be broken :-( I've dropped them a...
  12. W

    help with solaredge se4000

    Hi folks, Ok ignore the fit senario issue. Would the solar edge SE4000-er-01-gbr work initially with 8x240 or 250 watt panels. I understand that it would not be as efficient as matching then later add an additional 8 panels (same type) regards wiggly
  13. E

    Just check a few Solar edge system

    Just check a few solar edge system and seen this one doing really well 3.95 kw Samsung 247w x 16 south facing 40 southcoast.:sultan::sultan:
  14. D

    SolarEdge reporting

    The SolarEdge website says 'data from the inverters is transmitted to the web using an Ethernet connection or a wireless link and can be accessed via the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal' so the data clearly has to pass through my broadband router. Is it possible to intercept it/log on to the...
  15. W

    Solar Edge - break thru or what?

    Hi all, I've come across a competitive quote that includes Solar Edge products - Solar Inverters, Power Optimizers and PV Monitoring | SolarEdge and it all seems very good. Serious improvements and features are claimed, overcoming many 'inherent problems' caused by adjacent roofs not pointing...
  16. I


    Hi All, Has anyone commissioned a solaredge system? I need to establish how to measure the string short circuit current (Isc) for the commissioning sheet. Has anyone done this? Thanks - itty
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