1. F

    Designing an Electrical Panel with Brum Solution - Busbar Capacity Query

    I need to design an electrical panel, and the main circuit breaker is rated at 250 A. We are implementing a 100% Brum solution for the panel, but Brum's earth and neutral busbars are rated up to 125 A. If I require 20 earth poles, can I use two 10-pole busbars rated at 125 A each? Or does each...
  2. H

    Dumb questions about PEN fault and solution

    Sorry if these questions are dumb, but I thought I'd ask you guys as I'm brand new to this field. I was watching this video from John Ward and had a few questions about it. 1. In a TN-C-S system, if there was a PEN fault before the service head, the current would go through the protective...
  3. Rockingit

    Need to find a solution to heating water

    Not quite as daft as it sounds, this follows from my thread a day ago. I need to find an electrical (ideally, gas could also be an option...) to heat a plastic bath tub of water to around 45C, and then maintain it. I've rejected the idea of using those deathtrap looking immersible elements...
  4. M

    SSR relay problem solution

    Hello everyone, I have a goldsmith oven to which I had to change an SSR relay because when it reached 475 degrees centigrade the temperature increase stopped. Since the oven must reach 800 degrees in about two hours, I have to solve the problem. I changed all the main components to the oven...
  5. Pegasus

    Low Back Pain, solution?

    Hi I was wondering what others do to relieve their back pain and when does it usually onset?
  6. Roger H

    Moved a storage rad broke the curtain

    Moved a storage rad broke the curtain between the bricks and the front panel Company does not sell them now is there a solution?
  7. M

    I'm looking for advice on best cost effective solution to split a daisy chain of downlights.

    I'm looking for advice on what you think would be the best cost effective solution. I intend to pay an electrician to do all connections but would like to have in mind the best solution before I bring them in. The cealing is plasterboard and the wall is blocks for switch 1 and switch A...
  8. J

    Best solution

    Hi Guys looking for some advice, my friend has asked if I cant install 8 double sockets in his lock up so he and his employees can do a course there. I asked what would be plugged in he said 7 transformers im guessing 2.25kva and that would be feeding the heat guns they need. 1600W each. If all...
  9. A

    High power manually-reset thermal cutout solution

    Hi I am trying to create a thermal cutout circuit to protect a large (10sqm) silicone heat pad table. The total heat pad load is around 30A (split between seven 1kW heat pads), running off a single phase 32A supply. The heaters are controlled with Eurotherms and SSRs, which fail in the closed...
  10. P

    Third Solution Anyone ?

    Hi All, I would like to have a Ring Video Doorbell fitted to my garage - the version 2 which runs directly off the hard wired doorbell. The Issue I don't have a doorbell at present and the garage Consumer Unit (see pic) is full. I have been provided with the following advice; Solution 1 (The...
  11. D

    Under Cabinet Lighting Wiring Solution

    Hello everybody! My kitchen is being decorated and i am planning to wire under cabinet lighting, which will be turned on and off from separate lighting switch. I would like to hear your advice, which is the best practice to wire under cabinet lights connected from switch? I become across...
  12. L

    Open PEN solution

    How many threads have there not been regarding the issues resulting from employing a TNC-S supply system? The current earthing arrangements to mitigate the consequences of a broken DNO neutral are not satisfactory and are not likely to change in the foreseeable future largely due to cost. But...
  13. K

    Lighting Solution Advice Needed!

    Hi all, I am in need of some help with a project I am working on. I have recently equipped my listening room at home with a Philips Hue Bridge, controlling 12 Lightbars which are responsible for setting the mood and general light in the room. In this room, I have three audio racks, each has...
  14. M

    need to plug in two DC 12v 120w fans, to 120v house plug?

    I need to plug two 12v 120w DC fans into AC 120v house plug. The wall worts i have tried don't work. What is the best solution, outside high humidity, green house?
  15. Lucien Nunes

    Compact 3-phase DB solution needed

    I'm moving my workshop into a room that contains the intake. I want to put cabinets where the switchgear is at the moment, so it would be very handy if I could condense it into a small space above the meter board and put a little cupboard around it. I am looking for the most compact...
  16. B

    Multi Use Portable Solar Solution

    Hi All, Sorry to jump straight in with a question but not sure where to start. I’m basically looking for a portable solar option around 100W to cover all bases: Increase my boat’s solar capacity (it came with a 100W panel wired in but I’ve since upped my battery draw). Use on the car to keep...
  17. S

    Complicated multi solution for a skinflint

    hello all, I need a heating solution for a small unheated toilet. Ideally a wall fan heater that is multi controlled so not on unless occupied and temperature is cold enough. was thinking a thermostatically controlled wall fan heater (so regulated to operate below a reasonable temp only) AND a...
  18. P


    Dear Friends, I hope i will find some solution with you. I have installed a system with Goodwe inverter GW10k-ET, hybrid it has 9.3 kwp modules and 6.4 High voltage BYD battery box. This is the situation: We turn on the whole system, everything works perfectly, now we want to simulate a...
  19. S

    Lighting relays overheating. Solution?

    Evening all, Been to a customers unit recently due to some high level lighting that had stopped working. The cause was a relay that had overheated causing the neutral pole to fail open (they are 2 pole relays). When opening the panel I noticed the relays had signs of thermal damage. Some...
  20. C

    Power to tail light problem

    One of my tail lights remains on permanently. When l switch it on it turns off. The other tail light works as it should. Can someone please help?
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