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  1. Robin Forsyth

    FuseBox 18th Edition Solutions

    Blatant advertising removed.
  2. J

    RS Solutions Mainslink 500m wireless mains to mains discount code

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, so first post. I need to purchase one of these Mainslink 500 m wireless jobies as communications cable between boiler and central heating has been cut and instead of re-running the cable, this seems to do the job. Has anyone used one of these Mainslink wireless...
  3. christopher.sparkin

    Borrowed Neutral - Solutions

    Scenario - Installation of new split load board, BN found in usual place (stair/landing light). BN found in testing done before commencing work not after ;-) What's the general consensus if the customer does not want to pay for the added work that would be required to rectify the fault? Do...
  4. Soulsurfer

    Garage door alert solutions ?

    Hi I have a client who is always asking for random things electrically... This time it's a possibility to fit maybe something like a roller lever switch or magnetic reed switch etc.. to alert her when her garage door is opened, while she's in the house. With an LED flashing or buzzer etc.. I...
  5. Dobes_88

    Inrush currents and solutions......

    Good evening! Wanting to pick the brains of people more experienced in this field, approaching 2nd fix stage of an ongoing rewire where the client wants a shed load of lights throughout. What particularly worries me is the hallway and kitchen grid switches where there’s around 10-12 lights...
  6. James Kinrosd

    Earthing solutions for EV charge points on lampposts.

    Hi guys, Does anybody have experience of installing EV charge points on lampposts- I am unsure how often the lampposts' earth can be used especially if TN-C-S and how the 18th edition might indeed rule this out. If the earth cannot be used is it a realistic solution to install just one copper...
  7. Sim Electrical Solutions

    Sim Electrical Solutions

    HI Guys, Just want to say hello as i embark on my Journey into the unknown as have taken the leap into trying to run my own business. Hopefully i can learn from the more experienced tradesmen out there and also help with the Novices who are starting out as well. Will be spending lots more...
  8. FatAlan

    Lighting solutions for conservatories

    Anyone recommend any lighting solutions / systems for fixing lights to roof of conservatories. In particular I'm looking at aluminium frame and ideas re unobtrusive wiring. Pic attached.
  9. E

    flat roof commercial mounting.

    We're quoting on our first flat roof commercial system, looking for recommendations as to the simplest install, least ballast, best looking etc... Not yet come across any that make you think 'wow that's the best!'
  10. N

    Solar Edge Inverter & Optimisers required urgently

    Does anyone know where I can get an SE 3000 Solar Edge Inverter and 12 x OP250-LV-MC4SM 250w power optimisers? We have been let down right at the last minute by our suppliers ! Thank you Nic
  11. G


    Hi guys just been looking around the net for electrical books and just wondering about good books to have. I have bs7671, GN3 and on site guide and a few college standard books trevor linsley, Any recommendations? i am interested in getting the electricians guide to the building regs i dont...
  12. I

    Best Book to keep in toolbox

    What would be the best book to keep handy for reference when house bashing?
  13. S

    Snags & Solutions books

    Hi All, Can anyone advise on the 'snags and solutions' books, and whether they are suitable for the new/improving electrician ? Cheers Steve
  14. K


    i hope this is in the right section, has anyone read the nic books such as, niceic earthing/bonding snags and solutions, niceic from the helpline niceic wiring snags and solutions just wondering if they are worth investing in??? thanks.
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