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  1. L

    Next power tool - 12v or 18v - SDS, Multitool or something else?

    As title. Looking at my next addition - anniversary and crimbo coming up so want to get the pennies saved ahead of time. Currently posses 2 Milwaukee M12 tools; Impact Driver and Combi Drill and love them, get constant abuse at college and home and are a joy to work with. Looking at the next...
  2. C

    Am I missing something

    Would anyone connect this control circuit like this ,it’s a Chint starter
  3. JC Denton

    Something seriously wrong with my ionizer

    So I've recently purchased an ionizer from Walmart... going to withhold the name for now. Since I started using it I've experienced many strange electrical phenomena. I've done a ton of troubleshooting, and narrowed it down to the device itself. I was tempted to try a different wall wart, but...
  4. Leroy Merlin

    Missing something?

    Might be missing something but Screwfix seem to be selling massive meter tails....? Was this in amendment 1? 😂
  5. S

    Help Required please

    Hi Guys I recently came across two single phase supplies down the same four core cable, supplied by two separate breakers is there a reg to back this up?
  6. Wilko

    Cooking Cable in the Kitchen

    Hi - working on a new kitchen today and while stripping out some cable I noticed a damaged section, pic below. I had a good look about and no external heat sources nearby, so I can’t blame the central heating pipes. The conductors’ insulation doesn’t seem to be heat damaged, maybe it’s tougher...
  7. S

    something wrong with breaker box

    I've lived in this house for the past 8 years, never had a problem. until a few months ago the lights in the living room, oven, fridge and central air all started to stop working sporadically. checked the breakers and they don't get thrown. noticed that the light is actually getting enough power...
  8. Dan

    Testing Something

    Testing Something Testing 1567723946 Testing testing testing
  9. D

    Tool bag enthusiasts (Pete) Something for the weekend

    Sparky tool bag/tool review...
  10. henrypj

    Hi, just to look for something new!

    Find this forum and see if there is something interest me!
  11. bonjovi

    have you ever sacked anybody ,or seen them sacked for something shocking

    I was running a large 3 story L shaped office building in brum some years back and we employed several agency guys some really good from what I remember and some Houdini would be proud of , well this day was site meeting day when all the bosses came round patted each other on the back and...
  12. littlespark

    Saw this and just had to say something....

    Way to go ruin my childhood.... Click here to ruin yours I think i'm going to cry
  13. S

    Something for Tel, Pete999 maybe and Baddegg

    as Baddegg loves the over 60's What the Fcuk are these adds that are popping up, if the analytics/algorithms are in place then nope I am not a Gilf Hunter......
  14. L

    Time to do something

    Hi all, finally got the activation email, Gmail wasn't recieving the email so switch to Yahoo and voilà. I'm the wrong side of 25 and realised I need to actually find something I enjoy doing and having a trade appeals to me. Currently planning what route to take, can't see apprenticeship being...
  15. happyhippydad

    I have to admit something..... and I'm a little embarrassed...

    I've just signed up to a DIY plumbing taster course! There, I've said it. I've gone through 2 customers water heating pipes over the years and the next time (arghh, tempting fate!) I'll fix the damn thing myself! I'm actually quite looking forward to it :)
  16. rolyberkin

    Something not quite right!?

    I think someone forgot to connect this in 1989? Found it poked down the hockey stick!
  17. Pete999

    Forgotten something.

    Just been watching a jointing video, (yes I know how sad) the Jointer (a Russian) was building up a lead solder finish to the Joint, can't recall what the correct term is for this sort of skill, can anyone put me out of my misery?
  18. Pete999

    Something forgotten after a long layoff

    An HV question, I use to be an AP (Authorised Person for several HV distributions) but having not touched it for many years, I was just mulling over things last night, and I recall, when phasing out a 11KV ring main, I seem to remember that when doing this, if you phased across 2 cores on...
  19. Baddegg

    I’m sure it’s something simple but I can’t work it out....

    Hello all help please! Simple job change light... Got live lighting feed into Bathroom (not sure where it’s fed from yet,not looped from previous light so in hidden JB somewhere) 230v l-E 0v N-E 24v L-N but cannot get light to work? Tried spare pendant and bulb from van still not working...
  20. SparkyChick

    Something for the tool tarts....

    Found this in a floor void earlier... It's a screw driver by the way, just in case you were transfixed by the scantily clad lady and didn't look at the rest of it. And one quick flick of the wrist later... I bet some poor soul was devastated when he lost his favourite tool ;)
  21. E

    something good for the troops to do

    UK troops join Malawi anti-poaching fight - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43090206 id be happy if its all our armed forces did , trophy hunters are now the hunted i enquired with a south african outfit about joining their anti poaching unit years ago but they would only allow native south...
  22. M

    Domestic New consumer unit -I think I've done a very simple 'stupid' - help please.

    I've just swapped out an old consumer unit for a new one - like for like in terms of circuits. One lighting circuit will not set. I've disconnected the earth on that circuit and it still won't set so I would appear to have a live-nuteral short. However I did nothing to that circuit at all...
  23. littlespark

    Something else to disconnect before testing...

    First came double sockets with integrated USB outlet, now BG has a double socket with USB and a built in wifi repeater. I think i'll just stop using 500v dc across L & N completely. I'm now waiting for double socket with integrated toilet roll holder.
  24. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Why don't we have something like this in the UK?

    Or is that to much to ask?
  25. lurch

    Shopfitting. . .. am I missing something?

    I been around for a few years, but have never been involved in shopfitting in any depth. However on the odd occasion I have dipped into it I have always been disappointed with the standard of work. .. cables slung across ceiling tiles, no grommets, taped connector joints on lighting etc . ...
  26. M

    never to old to see something that surprises you

    i have to admit i am a self confessed tool nut i cant help myself when the wife finds out i have just bought a dewalt chopsaw and legs plus a makita plungesaw with 2 rails and clamps she might kill me. why a spark would need these she wouldnt understand im a bit like tim the tool man. sorry im...
  27. jaydub

    Deciding if something is notifiable...

    Just installed a new 2-way RCD incomer board in a garage / car port. It is fed from a 'commercial' car workshop unit, but it's unclear as to whether the garage is domestic or commercial, i think really it would be tied in with the guys house but because it's supplied from the commercial unit...
  28. sparkdog

    Ed China leaving Wheeler Dealers ?

    Looks like Ed is leaving Wheeler Dealers as new production team want to cut corners or something.Had a video clip of it appear on my mobile phone. Not exactly made my day.
  29. UKMeterman

    Pat test pass for items with USA plugs and cords

    Hi, Could you explain to me how these two items could have passed the in service equipment examination and test. Both items have USA two pin plugs, and one is on USA zip cord. The item is being used in the main hall at Hampton Court...
  30. GMES

    Anybody got one of these

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Mobile-Phone-Batteries/Samsung-Galaxy-Battery-Charger-Rechargeable-Portable-External/B01DJC492K/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1487958245&sr=8-3&keywords=samsung+galaxy+s7+edge+charger+case I bought the above yesterday from Amazon, purely because my phone runs out of charge...
  31. sythai

    Lamp Post

    Hi All Carrying out some works on a domestic property and builder would like a lamp post at end of driveway. To be honest not something I tend to fit many of, done a few smaller post lights. He wants something 'full size' 2000+ high. (And would be handy if could find one with photocell built...
  32. westward10

    50ma rcd.

    So not much going on so I thought I would throw this out. On a periodic last week in a school we had two of the MK power tracks where you plug the sockets to them. Each track had an rcd enclosure with a 100ma, Wylex BS4293 rcd. The oddity is that the rcd enclosures have traffolyte labels fitted...
  33. H

    Outside light - tripping RCD

    Went to a job last week, replace an outside light with another customer bought one. Straight swap, few extra holes in the wall for new mounting, job done. Photocell model. Left the job with a working light. Now, I fitted this in the p***ing down rain, which in itself was a tad silly of me but I...
  34. 247 handyman

    How to check if a fuse feeds a ring final or 2 radial circuit

    Hi guys. I need to check if I have a ring or 2 radial running from a fuse. I have an old wylex fuse box in which someone has put a blue 15amp fuse in a red 30amp carrier. If I disconnect the 2 cables and check for continuity of the 2 lines then the 2 neutrals will this tell me if I have a ring...
  35. Pete999


    One for Admin, not sure if I'm making something out of nothing, when I look at the "new posts" as an example I get say 17 new posts, yet when I scroll to the new posts there are maybe only 7 showing, is this just the way of the Forum or am I doing something wrong? any help from Admin would be...
  36. B

    Maximum disconnection times

    Hi does anyone know max disconnection times on tn-s system for: 16A radial 6A lights 32A distribution Cheers
  37. F

    Hand Free Walkie Talkie - Recommendation

    I've got a pair of cheap walkie talkie's which work OK'ish but need something better Looked at the various posting here but they are a bit old Need following requirements 1). Hands free operation, wireless 2). No pressing of a PTT button 3). Headset 4). Smallish and portable (Battery only -...
  38. S

    Van Proximty Alarm

    Hi Guys, I've been looking for an alarm for my work van that will chirp out an audible alarm if someone walks up to it. I want to prevent someone trying to break in, rather than fit extra dead locks, etc... I need it to be: - separate to my standard alarm - on its own separate fob - I'll...
  39. W

    Neutral-Earth fault?

    Can anyone help us with a problem? Since the summer one of our RCDs has been tripping every night at the same time (22:52 before the clocks went back, 21:52 ever since). There are two RCDs in the switch board: the one that trips has an outside workshop, upstairs sockets, downstairs lighting and...
  40. C

    LED Fluorescent Light Fitting - Standard Fluorescent Tube

    OSRAM - 4058075000988 - DAMP PROOF 1500 1X LAMP HOUSING IP65 | CPC UK - http://cpc.farnell.com/osram/4058075000988/damp-proof-1500-1x-lamp-housing/dp/LA0602907?CMP=KNC-CPC-ebooks Says its pre wired for LED lamp. Can anyone tell me if it will take a normal (older type) tube? Thanks
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