1. Dan

    Has the password you commonly use ended up on a database somewhere via a breach? Enter your password you use in various places (note, you should always use a different password for each login you have) into the website above and you will see if it has been included in breaches. So like when Yahoo got hacked, eBay got hacked, Adobe got...
  2. M

    Relocating a remote wireless thermostat to somewhere out of range of boiler?

    Hi All, hope you can help. I've inherited a fairly stupid CH setup from the people who "renovated" my house before I bought it, and need to do something about the CH. Its 3 floors - "basement" with bedroom, shower room & access to garden. 1st floor - main living area, kitchen, sitting room...
  3. R

    Somewhere in South wales to calibrate my fluke in a day.

    Hi, Does anyone from the South Wales area know somewhere I can get my Fluke MFT calibrated while you wait. Around by me the only place I can get it done is where they send it off for a week! Perhaps somewhere in Swansea Bridgend or Cardiff? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Pete999


    For the Admin, seem to have lost all my bits on my Avatar Arm membership trusted Advisor etc, have I been a naughty boy? Got trusted advisor but no Arms membership. Can I have them back please?
  5. N

    Hi everyone! I need your help and advice !

    I'm Cristian and I'm glad to find you My story is : Since I came here in UK (nearly two years) I was working as a Technician installing water softener and equipment for a well known company but my heart is somewhere else so I decided to try and get a job as an electrician or mates at beginning...
  6. S

    rcd trip y

    hi i was on a fuse board change to day and the new fuse board was switch off and no buzz bar connected and no tails connected but 1 of the circuits which was a radial to the kitchen when you put the neutral in it tripped the rcd can any 1 tell me why :lightbulb:
  7. J

    Anyone undertaken the 2394/2395 around West Yorkshire and can recommend somewhere?

    Hiya I'm looking at doing my test and inspection certs in the next few weeks and wondered if anyone can recommend somewhere reliable to take them around West Yorkshire. I know it has a very low pass rate and its obvious some places are only bothered about the money not quality of teaching. It's...
  8. D

    Domestic What system and where's the fuse?!

    Currently confronted with this... tails coming in from a hole in the wall and no sign of a service head or cut out... Any ideas?!
  9. C

    Fuse on a Baxi Solo 2 boiler

    Fuse on a Baxi Solo 2 I have a Baxi Solo 2 60 RS Balanced Flue central heating boiler which I think has blown a fuse following my incorrect attempt to install a remote room thermostat. The pilot light is still lit but the boiler does not fire up. The fuse in the mains switch is OK so the...
  10. V

    SMA Sunny Boy Earth fault / Water penetration

    Afternoon all, Just thought i would share my afternoon with you all. so i have 2 x SMA Sunnyboy 1200 inveters both situated outside next to each other(IP rated of course), when i noticed an earth fault today. Following the manual, i tested the string, + to PE and - to PE, both 0 Volts So went...
  11. K

    Very high r1+r2 readings and Zs in conduit?

    Hi, Why would I be getting very high r1r2 readings and Zs readings in a water heater circuit wired in the existing conduit when the house was built back in 19oatcake...? Would the conduit have anything to do with it and if so? Why? Thanks
  12. D

    Choc Block in a plastic enclosure on a lighting circuit... Is it compliant?

    Fitting new downlighters (2 independent lamps) and was planning on adding them to the end of the lighting circuit in my loft using a suitably rated terminal strip, inside a surface mounted plastic enclosure. Read somewhere that this wasn't compliant, can someone enlighten me? Have I got the...
  13. the pict

    L & N Volts

    I was round at my local changing some busted kitchen sockets and I thought I'd give them a quick Zs PSC PFC check however on one I was reading 240 V L N and 67V N E the meter would not do a PFC and the PSC was 660A with a Zs of 45 Ohms which is within range more investigation is needed...
  14. S

    Domestic Central heating problem

    Seen this somewhere before. Guy calls me to say in the last 3 weeks his street has had a few power cuts. Since then his central heating system which controls both the boiler and the hot water has had the following problem. He can turn both heating and hot water on separately. But when he...
  15. G

    Replace Old RCDs?

    I have several old RCDs. A couple of sockets in the garage and an old Powerbreaker adaptor. How do I tell if these are the old type which need to be replaced?
  16. D

    Calibration in London???

    I have a Fluke 1651 multi tester and need to have it calibrated. Does anyone know somewhere in London that is reasonable or somewhere I can post it off too that offer good rates? New to the trade and hoped for some inside info instead of trawling the net for the best price. Thanks:)
  17. E

    Shop rcd's

    Does a shop have to have rcd's or can it run on normal protection ?
  18. D

    Dual RCD CU

    if someone can clear this up please, when upgrading a CU to comply with the current regulations, does the new unit have to be a dual RCD to avoid tripping off the entire installation in the event of a fault or is it still acceptable to have just an RCD board :confused:
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