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  1. S

    Trying to source an item not having much luck

    Hi all I am desperately trying to source several of these Legrand RCD twin socket outlets for office 3 compartment floorboxes but not having much luck. Could anyone very kindly point me in the right direction? :) Many thanks
  2. T

    Domestic Air source heat pump heating issue

    Hi there, I have an air source heat pump with a few issues: 1. It gets stuck on defrost mode. When it goes to defrost, it gets stuck and ends up becoming an air conditioner in the depths of winter (fun). I suspect this may be a faulty valve (or what ever reverses the coolant) getting stuck on...
  3. J

    Faulty Air source heat pump

    My NIBE F2015 air source heat pump which is only 7 years old has an apparent fan motor failure. The fan turns freely and the motor starter capacitor has been replaced but the unit will still not run. Any suggestions for a fix?
  4. N

    calculating the de-rating of a cable near a heat source

    Im Working on a new build site at the moment, and the kitchen layout has changed to include an island with a hob on it. Meaning im goin to have to get power to it. The underfloor heating pipes have been run in already and the floor has been screeded. Theres about 50mm before you get to the...
  5. A

    IET study books. Help where to source decently priced.

    hi guys just about to start an electrical course and I need various IET books. 18th ed regs, on site guide ect. could anyone advise where to look for decent price? regards
  6. 1Justin

    Black PVC/conduit back boxes. - Source?

    I need black surface back boxes. PVC or ABS conduit boxes would be fine, as would metalclad, but not the crunchy ones. - There will be some conduits involved. I can find only Wickes (who sell a single outlet black box only, no doubles), same at CPC. Occasional Ebay sellers do have some with...
  7. C

    Hi, new member in need of air source heat pump help

    Hi Just signed up to see if anyone can point me in the right direction with air source heat pump for my above ground pool. It stopped working a few weeks ago and I thought the display unit had gone. However I've tried to replace it but that doesn't power up either. I've had the top off it and...
  8. M

    Trying to source coloured LED garden floodlights/similar with a catch

    Plan is to illuminate a bunch of impressive trees (including a few Californian Redwoods!) in a garden. Client wants to be able to change the colour of the lights easily and (here's the catch) independently from each other. I've found lights that look suitable in several places but they're all...
  9. A

    Domestic Installing an Air Source Heat Pump

    Hi all, Has anyone installed this air source heat pump. I found it on ebay 12000 BTU HEAT PUMP INVERTER SPLIT AIR CONDITIONING CONDITIONER WALL MOUNT UNIT | eBay -...
  10. Jackflash

    new wiring of Y plan

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any tips on wiring a boiler with mid position valve. I've been rewiring a house and have had the job of wiring the boiler dropped on me by the plumber. I have a.. Worcester boiler Center mid position valve Honeywell RF Chronotherm 'wireless' programmable thermostat...
  11. Pete999


    Wiring Regulations - BS 7671 -...
  12. M

    Free Calibration

    Hope this hasn't already been posted, Trade Skills 4 U (a forum sponsor) are offering free calibration at their new Warrington facility; Free Calibration Morning -...
  13. H

    External Cable Clips

    Hi Does anyone recommend any good external cable clips other than the standard ones with the nails. Looking for something good quality, preferably something that can be screwed in to the wall Thanks
  14. G

    Electric Underfloor Heating as Primary heat source under Engineered Wood?

    Hi all, Looking for advice, I am an experienced electrician and have been asked by a customer to install electric underfloor heating throughout a converted victorian chapel as a primary heat source. The customer is open to all options. I am intending to have a professional appraisal from a...
  15. Dan

    Who Are Our Resident Green Energy / Solar Experts?

    Just wondering who our resident solar experts are.
  16. M

    Distribution Board, Blakley, MDA, 1600A 4P Incoming MCCB

    Hi everybody! We are selling used Standard 1600A Mains Distribution Assembly In order to maximise the flexibility of standard high current MDAs, the incoming and outgoing MCCBs incorporate electronic trips, which can be easily adjusted on site from 40% to 100% of the nominal rating. The...
  17. J

    safe isolation- the niceic way!

    niceic initial assessment tomorrow! woop woop Seek permission to isolate isolate, locked off with signage- keep key on you prove my gs38 approved voltage indicators on a known source (will use supply side of main switch?) test between L-N,L-E,N-E for voltage re-prove voltage indicator on known...
  18. D


    I need to replace some 12v outdoor PIR`s formerly made by Smiths, then Timeguard. The CODE is SL099 easily found on Google. However, they are nowhere to be had as they have been discontinued. They send a signal to the mains control box (CODE SL055) which controls up to 3000W of lighting and...
  19. F

    Display energy certificate open source software

    Dear all, I am a student and as part of my thesis there is a high need to perform a DECs calculation on a set of buildings. Of course the overall process is not related to a commercial process and therefore this is not related to the standardized method. So my question is if there are open...
  20. S


    Hi can anybody recommend some software iMac compatible for to edit the architects drawings, basically to add the electrical drawing details to drawing sent over?
  21. H

    Halogen gy6.35 Light Source

    For a project at university I need a fairly intense light source for a fluid dynamics experiment, as the previous one broke. I've been advised a halogen source of around 50W should be sufficient, though as I am a mechanical engineer, my electronics understanding is very basic. Through basic...
  22. B

    10 way c/u with main switch on the left?

    Hi All, First post on here! I need a 10 way c/u with the main switch on the left. MK does one but I've read some pretty damning reviews. There's also a brand called Techna that do one, but I can't find anything on that one. Any advice would be much appreciated. :stooge_curly:
  23. S

    Mains hook up problem. Is this possible?

    I would like to be able to plug a mobile catering trailer up to a mains source. The trailer is behind a hire shop and the manager has agreed to come to an arrangement that will allow us to hook our trailer up to his mains if I can find out how to do it legally taking into consideration all the...
  24. Spinball

    Air Source Heat Pump Cylinders - new, hybrid techology, MCS pending. Your thoughts?

    Giona UK - Electric Water Heaters Hot water only. 900 watt pump on the 300 litre version. COP of 2.98 http://gionauk.com/downloads/Direct%20Air%20Source%20Heat%20Pump%20Water%20Heater.pdf Am told this is new tech because it combines the heat pump with a cylinder. Will it get MCS? Will there...
  25. G

    Eaton rcbo

    Hi dudes. Need to source a mem/ eaton rcbo for a new shower. Do you think I should sack it off and fit a separate rcbo shower consumer unit ? Thanks
  26. O

    Domestic [Need Advice] Reuse phone chargers

    Hi everyone, I'm making a house model in which I use one VAC bulb and another one but uses DC source. What blocking me at the moment is the electric source of the VDC bulb. I want to use circle in phone charger (I have many of them, ones of Nokia 12xx) to transform VAC into VDC and I tried but...
  27. W

    Panel/Convector heater?

    Have a customer with no heating at all in 2 of her bedrooms ( No gas supply also ) both rooms are around 6 x 3 meters .. Any suggestions for a decent panel/convector heater that will heat these rooms adequately?
  28. T

    LED Driver

    Hi All I have never posted before but i need some advice, I need to source a LED Driver my wholesaler says that it cant find it the driver in question is AC Adaptor 24v dc 2 amp the above is what it says on the driver it self the driver is used on a led round feature in a retail unit Can...
  29. J

    Really stupid voltage drop question

    Hey all, reading through the 17th trying to get my head around some areas of it. I did physics at school and some at uni so electrical calcs usualy dont bother me the slightest. BUT, If were calculating voltage drop over a reasonable length radial, for example twin and earth or SWA feeding a...
  30. P

    Commercial Wylex RCD's

    Hi, My name is Phil and I am based in Warwickshire, whilst I have many years of experience in the electrical industry I have recently come across a problem that I cannot recall seeing before. I installed some new fluorescent fittings in the local community hall and upon carrying out a Zs reading...
  31. I

    RCD Tripping - Boiler Control Box

    Hi Guys, Hope someone can shed some light on a recent problem: We have attended a problem whereby an RCD was tripping in a property due to a capacitor (suppressor) in a boiler control box shorting. We have removed the capacitor, and now all seems well. The questions are, Does anyone know...
  32. S

    heating a swimming pool

    whats the cheapest efficient way of heating a swimming pool gonna be about 25mtrs/15mtrs im thinking air source heat pump
  33. M

    old imperial conduit

    hi there does anyone know where i can source a 3/4 conduit die have got a stock etc thank you
  34. G

    Whats the next big thing in Renewables

    HI all, What do you guys think the next thing will be with renewables, or what other areas are there thats worth it now, Heat Pumps,Biomass?? looking at something else other than PV now that seems dead, i assume that if you have the quality management system in place its pretty much the same...
  35. R

    MCS for Heat Pumps

    Evening all. This may be of a strange request but we are a MCS registered company installing PV systems but are looking at adding heat pumps to our company. As you will all know in order to become MCS registered you need a job under your belt to be assesed on, basically i'm trying to find...
  36. G

    Who has experience in "HEATING WITH ICE" ?

    Has anybody got experience with heating a house with ice via a heat exchanger. I think it could be an interesting way of storing the excess PV-Kwh produced during sunny days for the winter, seeing the export is a mere 3.1 Pence and once smart meters are installed one might get stung for...
  37. S

    Proving Unit for assessment

    Ay up each...I have my Elecsa assessment coming up and my proving unit has gone astray...do I need to replace it to pass my assessment...? Cheers
  38. polo1

    3 Phase query - help!!!

    Hope it's ok to post here and on the general forum!! What would cause me to lose indication of a phase when aplying a load to that particular phase?It only happens when certain circuits are closed/loads applied. Thanks. PS It's a 3P&N Sub board with no isolation and I cant source where it's...
  39. C

    Series and parallel

    Hi there, let's say I have two 24V DC powered appliances, and I would parallel them up and use a 24V DC power supply to power the appliances. However, what would happen if I series them up and use a 48V DC power supply instead? Both appliances are resistive load and has the same power...
  40. 85mick85


    Any one know where i can get my hands on some good cheap software like doing drawings of the cad type? i just want it to play about with? maybe do some asfited drawings? any help please thanks:confused:

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