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  1. M

    I'm looking for Level 3 diploma evening course near South London

    Hello all. I am Martin and it's my first post. I am looking for C&G Level 3 evening course 19+ from September 2020 as close as possible to SW19 in South London. I checked a couple of places in the area but I couldn't find anything. Please let me know if you know any. Regards
  2. I

    Kiwi Sparky's in Aussie

    G'day - am after some registration advice under the TTMA - anyone have info? will be greatly appreciated.
  3. S

    Electrician JIB Approved elec avaable London central, south east London

    Very experienced JIB sparks , solid all rounder. Including rail and tram signalling . Some Cisco background allied with fire and intruder, door access control installation. Commercial to industrial everything inbetween. British born national with Australian A grade on top of JIB cards
  4. 4

    Trainee South Wales Electrical Training

    Did my 18th Edition and Level 3 Combined Inspection & Testing with these guys. I cannot praise this training provider highly enough. They were fantastic to train with. Their Instructors are first rate, they are helpful beyond belief, and are always able to give you the correct answer. I also...
  5. Alex Price

    Electrician Looking for electricians to join us

    ECS it is a family run business. We do specsavers,banks,sports centers,Costa coffee,timberland,O2. PM me for details.
  6. P

    Looking for work over xmas south london

    Hi I am a timed served jib 2391 approved electrician with over 20 years experance in commerical domestic sectors i have my own van tools tester etc, im looking for work over the xmas period as im still wating on invoices to be paid
  7. J

    Combined East and South facing panels impact using a bypass diode

    I am new to the forum so Hi to everyone out there! I am also a new DIY Solar PV user and I am looking for some technical advice on an unusual string configuration. So some prelude before the question: I have been looking at Solar on and off bust its always been too expensive and the FIT's keep...
  8. E

    Looking for training advice in South Wales area

    Hi everyone, New to the forum. After some advice if possible. I completed a BTEC level 2 in electrical engineering a few years back but went down a different career route before taking it any further, I’m now looking to get back into the industry. Any advice anyone has on how to go about this...
  9. S

    New member from south wales

    Hi all, new to this site and looking forward to using it regular hopefully contributing to some of the topics and picking up some advice.
  10. jimmy gunstone

    hey guys, new member here :)

    hey, im an avid diy-er and surprised ive not joined this site before.. Im happy to be here and hope to fit in with all you other guys nicely :) thanks for having me!
  11. M

    Hi new to group J E A K S SERVICE LTD based in South London

    Hi Newish to group, Electricial engineer for a few years on and off. My Background Computers Satellite installation engineer Air insulation engineer 17th edition engineer with testing and inspection I do subcontracting and private work J E A K S SERVICE LTD Hi Newish to group, Electricial...
  12. R

    Somewhere in South wales to calibrate my fluke in a day.

    Hi, Does anyone from the South Wales area know somewhere I can get my Fluke MFT calibrated while you wait. Around by me the only place I can get it done is where they send it off for a week! Perhaps somewhere in Swansea Bridgend or Cardiff? Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Jay Hog

    New Member looking for work in South East

    Hi, we have recently started undertaking electrical work having been trading for ten years as an installation business. I have NICEIC and Safe Contractor and all electricians have IPAF, PASMA and Asbestos Awareness, 10m public liability. If anyone needs help on current projects or subbies to...
  14. B

    Best place to find work in the midlands/ south Birmingham area?

    as above, I’ve got loads of contacts over the years but all London based and none have any connection with the Midlands, getting a bit long in the tooth for working away now and change of circumstances mean I’ve got a chance to come back to south brum, as I’ve always worked by word of mouth I...
  15. D

    Inverter Packed up, Advise on a replacement and someone in South Wales to install please?

    Morning all, I've not needed to be here for a long while. My power one pvi 3.0-outd, has malfunctioned today. I'm getting Error E031, I can hear the relays clicking away. I found an Australian youtube video on it, and they seem to think although it can be repaired, it seems its not worth it...
  16. AJshep

    PLC Courses in South East any recommendations ?

    For a while now I've been interested in PLCs (installing and programming) and I've had quite a few instances where they would have come in useful. Unfortunately trying to get any information anywhere is like getting blood from a stone, it seems to be a guarded secret ! I've done a fair bit of...
  17. A

    South African overhead transmission linesman looking to get work in uk?

    Hi, I am a south african overhead transmission linesman looking to find work in uk. I am 46, but can keep up with guys 15 years younger than me. If anyone can help, I would appreciate greatly!!! Thank you
  18. C


  19. P

    Electricians Mate Electrician's mate looking for work in South Wales area

    Hello everyone, I have C&G 2330 in electrical installations level 2 & 3 which I did in college a few years ago. I've recently signed up to an online college to do a full scope electrician's course so I'm looking to get some experience. I completed the ECS H&S test last month and had 44/45 but...
  20. U

    Domestic Semi skilled electrician recently moved to South Wales looking for work. Own tools and transport.

    Hello all Recently moved to South Wales and looking for work as electricians mate / Jointers mate. Capable of carrying out most domestic electrical works ranging from remedial works to rewires/ consumer unit installations. My experience can be discussed over the phone. Domestic installations...
  21. K

    5kw solar array and limit to 16amp?

    I had someone around yesterday to discuss installing a PV system for me, the discussion was mostly just an overview of technologies and different pricing such as loaning the roof and paying nothing, paying outright or paying with 5 years 0% finance. I've done a bit of reading and know a bit...
  22. S

    GFI fault showing on Power One Inverter

    I have a nominal 4Kw system comprised of 16 REY solar panels arranged on my roof with 11 facing south east and 5 facing south west. it is now 11.15 am and the Gfi (Ground fault indicator) LED is still illuminated. The total generation (FIT) meter is showing a red light which means that no power...
  23. M

    MCS Accreditation today

    Hi All just had accreditation today 1 non conformity said that my mutli array on different aspects was not good enough to say south, east, west, wants degrees from south. to do calcs, just have to redo papper work & send in sorted.
  24. S

    New Guide Tables Help

    Just doing a quote from the new guide, wondering were you find the tables for beyond 45 degrees of South any help greatly appriciated. I have a job we are looking at slightly South of West ie 248 degrees or 68 degrees past South Any help greatly appriciated
  25. R

    Help identifying switch

    Good evening chaps. I am after some help with sourcing 2 replacement dimmer switches for a pub. I went to the pub in business hours today as it was the only time both the landlord and i could make it thus meaning i was unable to remove the cover plate and read the label of the switch. I will...
  26. S

    change/upgrade solar pv system

    I have a solar pv system whixh is 2 years old. My setup is over two roofs east/south due to roof configuration. 3kw with aurora outd 3.6 using the twin mppt inputs. 13 x romag 235w. 9 x east, 4 x south with the 4 south paired up with to on the east to give give enough voltage for the twin...
  27. jason121

    Panels on North East side

    Any comments on attaching panels via 35 degree incline facing an azimuth of 250 degrees for extra output
  28. S

    How long does DNO approval last for?

    It looks like one of my customers may be having an electricity supply installed. If we ask now we can have single phase that will take 10kwp which seems sensible. The cost of getting the supply is expensive and so there's only enough to pay for 4kwp after installation at the minute. If we get...
  29. E

    Live public solar power site

    I thought I would share this site with you all , as we are all intrested in how each others systems are doing so here we have Samsung 247w x 16 Solar edge inverter SE4000 x 1 Power optimizers x 16 south facing tilt 45 south coast england click link to view SolarEdge please feel free...
  30. I

    Solar Leads

    Solar Hot Key Leads Available. Main Criteria is: Client must be a home owner Client must have a roof that faces south, south-east or south-west. Interested in Solar Installation Profiled so the individual is energy efficient, have the ability to purchase solar or credit worthy. Can be...
  31. I

    Solar Hot Keys

    Solar Hot Key Leads Available. Main Criteria is: Client must be a home owner Client must have a roof that faces south, south-east or south-west. Interested in Solar Installation Profiled so the individual is energy efficient, have the ability to purchase solar or credit worthy. Can be...
  32. VoltzElectrical

    out of work...again!

    hey folks, I fresh out of work again after 6 months on a nice theatre/ cinema build by me. It was a great job that lasted 6 months, but everything comes to an end. I have registered with loads of agencies and look regularly on the job websites but i fear I may be out for a while this time...
  33. V

    Solar Edge v SMA Transformerless Inverters

    Does anyone out there have a 3KW or 4KW Solar edge system in North West England on a South Facing roof (within 15 Degrees of due south) with a 30 Degree inclination with no shading issues, that wants to do a comparitive study with a 3KW (x12 panel, 250W per panel) Suntech system with a SMA...
  34. S

    Solar PV Surveyor needed!

    Hi I am looking for a freelance experience solar pv surveyor to do a survey on a property for me. Does anyone know of any or where I will find one? I dont need any installers to carry out the work just the survey! Thanks!!
  35. S

    Scottish and southern DNO

    Can someone provide a link to Scottish and Southern DNO forms please? Thanks
  36. M

    philadelphia panels

    Hi, does anybody have any experience or views about these panels. Other than the company's website, there seems to be little additional information available.
  37. S

    Hello from SE London

    Hello! I joined yesterday after landing on the forum often enough from Google searches that I had to join to be able to keep looking! So thanks for all the useful answers to my questions, which have been previously asked by others... I'm currently a part time electrician doing domestic...
  38. W

    Part P Training Centres in the North East

    Can anyone direct me to any suitable part P training centres in the north east, Im from Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. Many Thanks
  39. M


    Does anyone know of a good accountant in the south east london area who won't cost me an arm,leg,left kidney etc........... Much appreciated.
  40. A

    working in ireland

    going to do some work in ireland for a mates brother and have a few questions. is there a diffrent colour code out there or is it the same as over here and haveing a new meter fited but there said that they need the electican to paper work first but didnt now if i was ok to sign it off i have...
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