1. R

    Looking for advice, want to change career.

    Hi All. So i am 30 years old and thinking to change my career. At this moment i am working for a builders merchant as a manager and earning 28k, but I really want to change my career. Thinking to lear electrician trade, but not sure how to start and where to start. I have a family and i need...
  2. T

    NZ Sparky- Southampton Area

    Hi everybody, I have recently relocated from New Zealand where I am an experienced electrician. I'm looking for any type of work at the moment, but unfortunately I don't have my ECS card yet as I don't have my National Insurance number yet - a lovely catch-22 for you. If anyone has any jobs...
  3. S

    Thinking of getting back in the trade Southampton

    Hey guys, A number of years ago I completed the first year of a city and guilds course (2360 I think) and passed with a distinction, did my 16th and then got a job working as an elctrical and mechanical engineer and stopped college. After a few years some things went wrong, the company went to...
  4. Marti

    Sparks in Bournemouth, Poole & round to Southampton and Portsmouth

    Hi There, This is a bit of a big "ask"but the only way I can gather what I need to make a big decision. We're considering moving to Bournemouth but there appears to be limited work compared to Essex and, as expected, lower rates as well. All of which is a price well worth paying for such a...
  5. B

    Electricians Mate Looking for weekend work electrical mate/improver - SOUTHAMPTON

    Hi all, Currently living in Southampton working in the electrical industry. Would like some part time work on weekends as my current employer offers no over time. Experience in domestic, commercial and industrial. Have own transport. Any questions please ask.
  6. J


    We're looking for up to 3 electricians to wire up our modular Anaerobic Digestion units. What's that? Have a look at our website The work is in our fabricating unit in Romsey, Hampshire, 10 mins off J3 of the M27 or J14 of the M3. Units are brand new and the environment is...
  7. S

    Electrician Need Electrician Southampton Area

    Hi Guys Im a small business bringing in too much work for me and my lad to handle on our own. Im in talks with a couple of local businesses to bring in extra contract work and therefore looking to bring in a permanent electrician. Need to be comfortable with domestic, commercial, data networks...
  8. D

    week 4 training coarse

    Evening all, has anyone done a week coarse for full scope doing it in southampton and dont know whats best to brush up on. doing it with trade qualified. cheers people
  9. J

    train 4 trade

    i have been in the trade approx 20 years and was an apprentice.Due to the fact of not being able to keep my pants up i had to give up the apprentiship to earn more money.Having passed c+g parts 1 and 2,and my am1, i was employed as an electrician by various companies.Then the recession hit and i...
  10. S

    Got my course books

    Blimey! No one told me I'd be sent a library in a box! And then there's the degree in advanced physics to work out the voltage drop, ohms law and the likes!!!!! It's been a while but I'll be getting my head into the books for a while.
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