1. telectrix

    spam problem

    getting loads of spam emails from a domain called . apparently this is a google cloud based domain and is being hacked with all this crap. can't block them, they come into junk box every day . is there any way to block htis domain or stop the spam.?
  2. suffolkspark

    Biddlesbourge spam user

    Just a heads up to any mods currently online.... User in title is a spammer have just recieved pointless private message saying i hope your children have down syndrome? Sorry to dissapoint but im afraid they dont
  3. buzzlightyear

    return of the jedi, back at you.

    just received the spams from e.g. Katie Ellis & Paul Scott. having their been many of them posted to some of the sparks on this forum .so I have send both scam mails forward to each other .happy days .
  4. T

    Regarding the matter of noisome spam

    Okay I can see that whatever the case there is no one working with the forum who can stop the spam. Well I acknowledge that clearly you get on to it and wipe it off each and every time it appears and am always grateful you respond so quickly. I realise it must be a chore that you hate as much as...
  5. H

    Recent Spam (and the 25 character title limit that is still in place for no apparent reason)

    Has Dan gone missing, because this spam is getting silly now - @Dan maybe this article can help you put a stop to it? Block China Web Traffic IP Addresses and Chinese Hackers -
  6. T

    What we can do with spam posts

    So, I thought if I put the author of a post, such as the spam posts, on ignore they will disappear? However they do not they are there still large as life. Is there any way to clear the screen from my (the user) end? Oh great admins tell us please:rolleyes:
  7. S

    Spam advising on this site is unbelievable

    I am unable to post as the sheer amount of spam popping up on my phone when I click on anything, what is going on. ¿¿¿
  8. Dan

    Forum Spammers getting annoying!

    Hi guys, Firstly, apologies for not being around as much as I should be. We're here in the background dealing with things but generally don't have much time to chat in threads. We're getting a bit more time now so will be on more and more each week. Secondly, wow, this spam is getting silly...
  9. GMES

    Recent spam attacks on the forum

    Hi Guys, just thought I would let you all know that we are well aware of all the spam attacks we are getting, mainly because we have the fun of clearing them out on a daily basis. I also know it must be frustrating as members to wake up to it everyday, so would like to say thanks for your...
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