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  1. G

    Domestic appliance spares

    Is there a national chain of retailer that supply this kind of stuff. Trying to get an oven element in Chester today and had no joy whatsoever. Are these items typically order online?
  2. UKMeterman

    For Sale [South]: Megger PDA1 Power disturbance analzyer for spares / repair

    Hi, I have an old Megger PDA1 Power Disturbance Analzyer for spares / repair, it does power up but suspect the nicads are shot. Any offers?
  3. gazdkw82

    Fluorescent tube spares - fridge

    went to the shop up the road and was approached by the owner. He asked if I could help fix the lighting on his open beer fridge. Basically is 2x 58w 5ft tubes but one of them has burnt out at the end and has stopped working. Iv took the tube out but it will need a new connection at the end. Is...
  4. Dan

    Panasonic Viera TX 55 inch screen

    Anybody know where I can get one?
  5. J

    Commercial oven spares

    Hi, Does anyone one have any reccomendations for a company that does spares for commercial ovens? I need to replace the thermostat on a old pizza oven that heats to 360 degrees. It's a roka werk oven but it's 27 years old and I can't find any spares online for them.
  6. UKMeterman

    Megger BM203 bin or repair

    Hi, I have a Megger BM203 which has a faulty display. Should I just bin it, or send it for repair, what do you think? Thanks
  7. T

    Hand Dryer spares

    Anyone aware of a company that may stock spares for older models of Warner Howard hand dryers? Model is an LE48 (been superceeded by SM48 according to the manuf and spares "no longer available"). Dryer works it's just the sensor module that's defective. The new model dryer is only about £70...
  8. S

    Dewalt woes

    Hi all I have problems with two of my dwalt tools Jigsaw -dw320k -I insert & secure the blade but every time I try to cut anything the blade flies out. Using Dewalt blades but can't seem to keep them in ? SDS Drill -dw005 -bought off eBay & received today -batteries seem to be holding 24v but...
  9. K

    Storage heater spares Manchester area

    Hi Lads, anyone know a place in Mcr that might do of the shelf spares for creda Storage heaters\? Got a good place in Colne, but its a hell of a drive.
  10. Y

    wanted"pretty long shot"

    Looking for a battery cover for a megger 320 rcd tester.lost the original.any one have spares. Megger dont sell the cover you have to buy the whole back cover of the machine.Price and p+p tnx
  11. N

    mira shower

    hello to everybody im new to this site i have a problem with the shower its mira 8.7kw when i switch it on the main tripped out i checked and found that the shower is short somewhere and i suspect its the elements i want to know can i get the new elements or i have to spend £200 thanks
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