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  1. nicnic66

    Old boy sparks!

    Any old boys on here? Was just curious what it was like installing ceramic kit back in the day? Ripped out one today with asbestos carriers.:mask::mask::mask:
  2. O

    USA Wiring Mishap - Wondering How Much I Destroyed…

    I'm a DIY kind of guy, and was never really fond of household 120V/240V power before, until I had a friend who used to be a journeyman help me understand enough to wire up my house we are completely renovating. So, after putting some walls and trusses in place, and running conduit all day...
  3. J

    UK I was wondering what other Sparks offer standing out from other local competitors? Be good to hear and share to better ourselves 🤗

    I h e been installing emergency lights with Fuseboards that’s are in cupboards, under stairs or just anywhere awkward, on the same lighting circuit as the floor the boards located. many years now on kitchens I’ve been installing all fused spurs into the back of one kitchen cupboard leaving...
  4. C

    American conduit

    Whenever I’m on Instagram, I always see posts from sparks in the good old US of A, and whenever you see a conduit system install, there are always loads of individual conduits running alongside each they not use trunking over the pond? Don’t get me wrong, it looks super impressive...
  5. K

    Electricians Mate Sparks Mate looking for work / London

    Hi all, I'm 30 year old based in Walthamstow looking for work as Electrician's Mate/Improver in London and surrounding areas. I have got City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 and 18th Edition, ECS Electrical Labourer card, driving license, hand tools, power tools, ppe. Ability to install twin and earth...
  6. D

    One for the weekend from a sparks in Cambridgeshire

    Testing and inspections on a new flat
  7. D

    Instalment from Chris the sparks

    Chris walk away from the £5300 rewire , your price was already on the cheap side imo for a full rewire of a 4/5 bed house. Any less and you might as well do it for free. The cheaper sparks won’t do a good job , I guarantee it will be s rushes bodge. In my area you would be looking at £6000+ for...
  8. D

    Possibly one for Pete (or other older tool tarts)

    What does the AF on an old spanner stand for ??
  9. F

    Electricians Mate Sparks mate looking for work in Essex

    Hello guys Looking for work in essex area. Im 33 years old looking for sparks mate job. I have pretty much all tools and own transport. Hard working and looking to work alongside electrician that will take me on. Been working since i was 13 and looking for full time work. Please let me know if...
  10. S

    Electrician Looking for sparks West Yorks

    Sparks required for job in Huddersfield. Commercial refurb, 4 weeks work. Mainly 2nd fix. Power, lighting & EM lighting, fire alarm, CCTV. Plenty of hours available. PM for more info’ Thank you
  11. j1mbodrea

    Doing 2391-52 atm, does anyone need any help completing EICs and EICRs

    Hi there, I'm doing the 2391-52 atm Live in west London area, is anyone looking for an electrician? Level 2-3 diploma along with 18th Editon Regs. Looking for permanent work Thanks Jimbo
  12. D

    How You became a sparks ....?

    More Delroy in action funny vid
  13. FoxySparky

    Electricians Mate Sparks Mate Looking for Work Hertfordshire

    Alright Lads, I'm a 30 year old Sparks Mate based in Hertford, with C&G Level 3, 17th edition (training for 18th), and 6 years experience in both industrial and Domestic. Looking for full time work. I am training for my Test and inspection course, and hope to start and complete my NVQ within...
  14. D

    Delroy the sparks ⚡️

    stumbled across the youtube sparks the other day and I must say he made me smile , this vid in particular:)
  15. redzero

    Self employed domestic sparks in West Sussex

    First post to say hello. My background is a traditional 4 year apprenticeship in industry 1979-1983, gradually moving off the tools and into management. Jobs with several brand name companies, followed by a jump into self employment as a domestic electrician when Part P came in, in 2005. I...
  16. darkwood

    The drawbacks of been a sparks!

    Working in a factory today and we had a 2 second power outage, 40 faces looked my way as most of the cnc's stopped part job... I tend not to blame the ice cream man for hot weather but ain't it strange he's always around!
  17. Bobby34

    Noob Sparks awaiting assessment

    Good evening everyone, so I have taken the plunge and signed up for the NICEIC domestic installers scheme for which I have an assessment next month. I have a new installation to show the assessor with 7 circuits and practising the dead and live tests over and over so hopefully the on the day...
  18. S

    Never knew that David Jason was a sparks.......

    some others, 10 Famous People You Never Knew Worked As Electricians -
  19. OfficialAsh

    Advice for new sparks

    Hello guys, I am a 20 year old with business experience (director), looking to branch out and go to college to do level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications to become an electrician. Getting into these colleges are a bit of a pain due to my lack of GCSE's however it's do able! My question to you guys, is...
  20. D

    Sparks vs Plumbers... What's the score?

    What's the beef? Unusually, I'm a member of both electricians forums and plumbers forums, I work across both areas, in fact I frequently combine water and electricity in many varied and fun ways! This leads me to ask why sparks and plumbers are forever complaining about each other in their own...
  21. Pete999

    Not agreeing with it, just after some thoughts from fellow sparks

    Been watching an American documentary on the IBEW Electician's Union, realise it's an American idea, but do you think this sort of thing would work in the UK? just asking for opinions please. Do you think it would upset the Schemes much? would it take far to long to organise and Police, if...
  22. Arkenbang

    Are there any TT LV wooden pole monkey power distribution sparks on this forum ?

    If there is, maybe you can help me identify what these new boxes are that have recently appeared on all the overhead LV distribution poles/lines located in Devon.I have never seen them before on any overhead power distribution systems. Cheers.
  23. A

    Looking for a plan :) Sparks, help me! :D

    Hi to everyone! Really happy that I can join electrician forum. I'm from Republic of Moldova and moved to UK for just 6 months. Holding a Master level degree in electrical power engineering with more than 5 years of experience. Start working as a maintenance street lightning electrician and...
  24. markythesparky

    What percentage of Sparks voted Brexit?

    Hi guys, This may have been done before, and to be honest I can’t be bothered to check. I was just wondering whether what percentage of you voted Brexit and what percentage didn’t? I read all this stuff about what type of person voted out and what type voted in but the people I meet on in the...
  25. K

    Thinking of sending this to local sparks to get some hands on experience any thoughts

    Dear sir or madam I would like to offer my services on weekends on a voluntary basis to help with the wiring and installation of electrical equipment. I am currently working as a security engineer for an accredited company installing cctv, access control and fire alarms. The purpose of my...
  26. Marti

    Sparks in Bournemouth, Poole & round to Southampton and Portsmouth

    Hi There, This is a bit of a big "ask"but the only way I can gather what I need to make a big decision. We're considering moving to Bournemouth but there appears to be limited work compared to Essex and, as expected, lower rates as well. All of which is a price well worth paying for such a...
  27. Richard Campbell

    Electrician Experienced Commercial Sparks Required

    We are electrical contractors based in Hertfordshire and are currently looking to bolster our labour force. Don't really want to go through agencies. We have a number of jobs in Hertfordshire & North / Central London starting or on going Experience in commercial projects essential Testing &...
  28. Jim90

    To the new wannabe sparks -

    First job, check to see why a fountain is tripping, first guess the fact that the lake has iced up doesn’t help! Once deiced furiociously ( my apprentice actually said he’d p*ss on the lake to speed the process - politely declined ) We checked out the supply and had a dead short L-N-E, found...
  29. N

    Salary of us poor sparks

    I’m curious to find out how us electricians earn, compared to others? Having read the editorial in professional electrician about how our counterparts in Australia, Japan, USA, Germany earn anything from £11k to £19k more than we do here, added to a train driver now being able to get pay of...
  30. Jim90

    Question for domestic sparks

    Hi guys, Got a potential PJ coming in from a family member and I just would like some advice. I haven't done any investigation yet. Basically a family member's house has or what it seems, fluctuating voltage. I've sat at the house for a few hours and noticed the lights in every room...
  31. john84

    Nottingham Sparks rates of pay

    Hi Guys, I'm a electrician currently living and working in the South East. Myself and the family are looking to relocate to Nottingham. I just wanted to put a post up to get a bit of feedback on rates of pay day/ hourly rate. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  32. R

    I want to be a sparks in Spain

    The attached are the installation forms from a Spanish electrician. They are for a rewire, board change and running a new cable from the meter to CU. Two pages versus our endless reams.
  33. Phil Thompson

    Price check please, NI sparks in particular.

    I have a customer who has questioned/insulted my price on completion of work plus extras. Basically I was asked to wire an electric shower, it's for a rental upstairs flat, I suggested they add a smoke and heat detector in, the board was old bs3036 and I suggested instead of spending on an RCD...
  34. D

    New Sparks in the house!!

    Hi Sparkz, how u all doing? glad to be here on this Forum with you lot. Am currently undertaking my studies to be a full fledged sparks. going through the route of Renewable Energy Installer. Any pat on the back for encouragement would be gladly appreciated...
  35. 2

    Newly qualified sparks

    Hi all. I am a newly qualified DEI (17th edition and part P regs) based in Somerset
  36. rolyberkin

    Quality Of New Build Electrics

    Done some work recently on a local new build estate (Countryside Homes), the standard of electrical work is dire (mind you the build quality is shite also), is this normal on new builds? In the house I worked on today the consumer unit looked like spaghetti junction, there were two holes in...
  37. S

    Electricians Mate Looking for electricians mates commercial projects London

    Looking for electricians mates commercial projects London
  38. Dave

    How to check the integrity of insulation?

    I recently bought a house and started to rewire it. A sparks mate came and helped with a few bits and I got him capping the chases. He put a nail through a cable in one chase, then told me he may have done it in a couple of other places, he's not sure! I had a plasterer going round behind me...
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