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  1. simpson93

    Wireless garden speaker system.

    Evening all, I’m looking for some advice/recommendations. Ive been asked to put 2/4 speakers in a garden as an afterthought. no route into the house to connect to an amp and so im after a Bluetooth controlled amp that could control 4 speakers, or 2 if not possible. any recommendations?
  2. E

    I would appreciate some advice on my little BT speaker project

    Hi, I'm new to this, and I need some advice with my first Bluetooth speaker project. I'm not sure if my plans on doing a portable Bluetooth speaker are correct (is it going to work?). I have 4 18650 batteries (one battery has 3.7V 30A) that I'm going to use for the project. Also I'm going to use...
  3. Pete999

    The Speaker

    Just seen a report that Mr Bercow receive s the following expenses: £1003 for a taxi £7000 for a Jaunt around the US £118 Per month fo e/Sky tv In his Apartment £12K leaving Party £ 3696 for another leaving party £234 for a drinks Bill £560 for a lunch bill and these parasite ar asking us to...
  4. C

    In ceiling speaker isolation

    Morning all, wondered what your thoughts are here. I‘m doing a rewire in a property along with a new consumer unit for a client. they have now asked for installation of 4 pairs of in ceiling Bluetooth speakers, each pair is supplied by a 12v transformer. I’m trying to decide on the best way of...
  5. M

    Hardwiring a 5v Google mini speaker

    Hi all HNY. I posted yesterday about installing a Google home mini in bathroom. Looks like this would be ok as on a 5v plug supply and in Zone 2. Although there is possibility speaker could get damaged due to condensation have explained this to person wanting me to install it but seems happy to...
  6. M

    Google home mini speaker in bathroom

    Hi all I've been asked to install a Google home mini speaker on wall shown in photo attached. This looks to me like would fall within zone 2? As this has 5v plug this shouldn't be an issue should it. Do I also have any IPX concerns with this. As far as my reading of regs it just seems to say...
  7. M

    Domestic Gauge Speaker Wires: Clueless

    Hi Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong forum I had a look on the search tool but couldn’t find a definitive answer to my query. A relative of mine has 4 speakers inbuilt into their ceiling (see pic) and 6 gauge speaker wires (see pic) coming out of a wall panel. None of us know exactly how to...
  8. L

    Logitech Z200 Speaker Adapter Problem ?

    I hope this is right place to write. Adapter dead ! Which is 5V 1.5A. My speaker still working but i need power source. Can i run with USB POWER ? Original Adapter: Speaker: THIS MY SOLUTION --- > USB POWER: IT'S WORK OR NOT ? I MEAN, CAN IT RUN PROPERLY ?
  9. N

    Honeywell G4 - Internal Speaker Volume

    Hi All I've just replaced an old alarm system with a Honeywell G4. I've noticed that the internal speaker is much louder when the bell strobe is on. For instance, if I turn the strobe on in the engineering mode when I press the button the keypad beeps through the speaker are considerably...
  10. AJshep

    Reccomendations for a speaker that can be mounted outside.

    I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has any reccomendations for an outside speaker. The job is for a small local Cinema,at the moment they have a large 50" TV playing trailers in a window which faces the street outside. They would like to mount a speaker on the front of the building so...
  11. W

    Domestic speaker installation

    Hello, So I'm currently renovating a place for myself and partner to live in.. I'm looking to put a speaker system in when I come to do the wiring and was wondering what type of systems are around. I'd like to have a speaker in the kitchen, hallway, dining room, lounge and a couple outside on...
  12. C

    Speaker/Amp Power Supply

    I'm not sure which would be best suited, a 12V 2A or 12V 3A Power Supply to power a 15W Amplifier (2*15W Outputs) and a Bluetooth Module. I thought that since the amp is using around 30W output (2*15), it would need about 12V 3A in alone (probably a little under that), but the bluetooth module...
  13. D

    Quick question about 12v parking buzzers

    Hi, just joined to get the definitive answer to this conundrum. The parking speaker in my car is really quiet, so I bought a 12v DC buzzer from Maplin to replace it. The Maplin buzzer doesn't work when connected to the car, but works if powered direct fom the battery. The voltage at the...
  14. J

    ceiling speakers

    On the job I am doing atm- (the customer lives in Canada- untill the house is complete- so liaising with her can be tricky! - and the builder who I am subbying for is rubbish for answers!) on the drawings by the tv in the new kitchen- it has 'digial/optical speaker cables' and then 2 ceiling...
  15. K

    silly question im completly new to circuits

    what is the name for the item I will need to increase the power of an electrical pulse from a circuit. situation is I have phone which I want to connect a much larger speaker in place of the other current speaker, obviously the power provided by the phone is not enough to power the speaker I...
  16. L

    Honeywell Galaxy S2 Full Set

    Hello I was at a clients yesterday to sort a Galaxy S2 as they had just moved in and had no idea how to use it and change codes ect... anyway, whilst showing them how to use it they was not that happy about the loud double beep that is produced from the internal speaker when it has set...
  17. A

    Domestic Using the lighting circuit for a radio in a bathroom?

    I want to put a DAB radio in our upstairs bathroom, but getting the supply to it could be awkward, so I'm considering putting an RCD fused spur on the ceiling and running the supply off of the lighting circuit. This way, the radio can be mounted above head height and be switched remotely by the...
  18. D

    French Fuse Box

    A friend bought a house in France and asked me a few questions I couldn't immediately answer. I'm sure those are the same posts that are used on the back of my hifi speakers.. hang on a minute.. yes they are! There are four speaker posts, one for each phase and I assume the red one's...
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