1. T

    Stereo speakers rocker switch

    At our cottage, we have a stereo in the living room, on the deck and out by the covered firepit. Way too many stereos, cables, remotes, etc. What I want to do is have one stereo (living room), a rocker switch panel, and then wires out to speakers to all these locations. I feel I need rocker...
  2. S

    Need help with outdoor speakers and amp

    Hey guys, I need your help. I bought the following 4 speakers, amp and selector switch: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010U5EGKE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_T9FODbSWNDB8J https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000A5S926?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NPZM489?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I had...
  3. S

    Domestic Ceiling speakers in cold deck roof.

    Hi, Is it possible to install ceiling speakers in the cold deck roof? I understand that cutting hole through (fully through) the insulation board is out of the question. Is it even doable even or does it have to be warm deck roof. It's a flat roof with big flat roof windows. Same problem I...
  4. K

    How not to melt a cable

    Any help appreciated, I have a basic understanding of electrics. I'm going to be hosting a small event ran entirely from one 2500kW generator. Off this I'm running two 500W speakers, a laptop connected to a mixer, two small laser projectors (doesn't specify any wattage but they're domestic not...
  5. Jay89

    Recessed ceiling bluetooth speakers

    Hi all, A customer is after some ‘affordable’ Recessed ceiling Bluetooth speakers suitable for a bathroom. I’ve never only ever installed customer supplied Bose and Sonos ones that are a small fortune. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, J
  6. J

    Bluetooth Speakers Wiring With Downlights

    Hi, I am converting a bedroom into a bathroom. I am replacing the old light with 4 downlight/spotlights. I also want to fit some Bluetooth speakers in the ceiling. The only thing is the ones I am thinking of buying come with an adaptor that plugs into normal wall sockets but there wont be...
  7. F

    Hidden Speakers and how to hook them up

    hi everyone :) the previous owners of our house had some speakers installed in the kitchen the end of the wires are just bare (I've added some photos) I was wondering 2 things 1) what's the easiest way to check if they work, and 2) could I hook them up to some sort of Bluetooth receiver maybe...
  8. Leader

    What would you have and why?

    So my partner and I have possibly lost our minds and bought and old chapel which, all being well, we'll start to convert in 2 or 3 months. I want it to be all singing and dancing in terms of lighting/audio/etc but I also want it to be unobtrusive. I don't have any experience working in high...
  9. J

    ceiling speakers

    On the job I am doing atm- (the customer lives in Canada- untill the house is complete- so liaising with her can be tricky! - and the builder who I am subbying for is rubbish for answers!) on the drawings by the tv in the new kitchen- it has 'digial/optical speaker cables' and then 2 ceiling...
  10. Dan

    What's Your Speaker / Amp Setup?

    I have an Onkyo SR606 with 4 bookshelf speakers (no bass or centre). Just seen this though...
  11. E

    Pics of Sonos wall mount setups

    Hi all, After some guidance with a Sonos setup. Looked for a few decent multi room media setups for our home and the Sonos products look right up my street. My question really is how have people run the supplies to the units. I want to give the impression that the units are completely wireless...
  12. linuxthefish

    Domestic Maximum load for shaver socket in bathroom?

    Hi, what's the maximum load I can run from a shaver socket in a bathroom? Can I run speakers in the bathroom from this point? If that load is maximum, can I put extension cable into the bathroom and how long does it need to be away from the shower?
  13. J

    Extending power lead from mains adapter to speakers

    Hi I want to set up some speakers in our bathroom. I intend to use computer style speakers (15v, 1.1A) powered by a mains adapter with music supplied by battery operated MP3 player. My plan was to plug in the adapter in the loft and lead the low voltage cable through a duct into the bathroom. I...
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