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  1. H

    MFT for sale special price?

    I’m looking to purchase a MFT, that can do all the required tests. Hopefully I can save a small fortune and strike a good deal prior to shelling out a wedge. To that end... (waffle over) Is there anyone on here with such an instrument for sale?
  2. G

    Special Purpose Machines

    Good morning, I wonder if anyone can help me. My company produces special purpose machines for the global market. We have built an impregnation machine for a client in Brazil. Three phase power in Brazil is 380 V @ 60Hz. Our client now wants to send this machine to Turkey instead. Three phase...
  3. S

    Bonding required when alterations in special location

    hi guys Just a quick question as I’m being told I don’t have to Would I have to install bonding to water and gas services if I’m to install a fan in bathroom due to it being a special location

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  5. EalingBadger

    Where to get special tool to undo light fitting screw?

    The pictures are of a type of anti-tamper cover retaining screw (M5 x 60mm) that is fitted as standard to a whole slew of lamp fitting in a local church complex. None of the bulbs have ever been changed since the place underwent a major refurb 20 years ago and all the new stuff was...
  6. D

    CE mark for self designed/assembled Special FX triggers/relays...

    Hi all, A question about regulation... I design and assemble fairly basic mobile kit used to trigger SFX, which is part of my work. The devices are fairly straight-forward, typically an 8 way IP enclosure with a 12vdc transformer and a timer relay to respond to signal input from the FX trigger...
  7. 7

    Special location - bathroom

    Quoting for new lights in bathroom along with adding extractor fan Reading into the regs, above 225cm is out of zone and therefore a swapout only requires minor cert. Fan motor will be in the loft with only the vent being in the location however out of zone. Am i right with the requirement to...
  8. Electrical2go

    October Special 10% Off Click Scolmore Inceptor Omni Colour Selectable LED Downlight

    The Inceptor Omni is the latest addition to the Inceptor range of cost effective integrated fire rated downlights. The Omni allows the installer to select the colour of the light upon installation ranging from warm white, cool white all the way through to daylight. We're offering an extra 10%...
  9. Specialist

    CPC screwdriver special offer

    For anyone interested CPC have a Wera 7 piece VDE Insulated screwdriver set on offer @ £12.98+ vat
  10. Tim.

    Special Forum Exclusive Offer from Vansdirect

    Fully Loaded Fiat Fiorino Cargo with only £500 deposit, ONLY £145 per month! Fully Loaded extras included in the Fiat Fiorino: USB, Rear parking sensors, Bluetooth, 5” touchscreen Sat Nav, Cruise Control, Alarm, Air Conditioning, Panelled bulkhead, Front fog lights and Ply-ling If you...
  11. Dan

    TTA Special Offer for New Independent Fixer Members

    TTA Special Offer for New Independent Fixer Members advice reviews and feedback 2017 The Tile Association has unveiled a limited special introductory offer for new tile fixer members in 2015. Click here for more information on this... TTA Special Offer for New Independent Fixer Members Are...
  12. Dan

    New Special Offer Available from Vans Direct

    New Special Offer Available from Vans Direct advice reviews and feedback 2017 The latest Volkswagen Caddy Startline is available with a £0 deposit from Vans Direct from just £199 per month on Lease... New Special Offer Available from Vans Direct Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice...
  13. Dan

    EICR - Special Location Sheet

    Dan submitted a new resource: EICR - Special Location Sheet - Editable Special Location Sheet for Certification and Inspections Read more about this resource...
  14. 0

    Outdoor socket notifiable

    Sorry to go over old ground but just need clarification. I have extended the ring main in a kitchen and customer now wants an outdoor socket. Is this now notifiable? I believe not as ammended rules state notifiable for new DB, new circuit, work in special location? Thanks.
  15. kingeri

    Correct cable for SELV circuit

    Hi guys, at a job tomorrow and looking through the spec. Bathroom is to have 12v SELV downlighters (not sure why). What cable is best to use for the run between trannies and lights, i.e. the 12v parts of the circuit? It's been a while since I've had to deal with these, as I don't recommend...
  16. R

    Inspection camera

    If anybody is interested, Aldi have inspection camers on special buy this Sunday. £69.99 with 3 year warranty. ALDI - Home page
  17. R

    Drill Bag

    ALDI - Sunday Special Buys 5th August 2012 Just a heads up... In on Sunday. I bought one last year to keep my 10.8V drills and bits ect in. Works really well and will be buying another on Sunday.
  18. SKY

    RCBO - Question 2

    Sorry to be a pain gents - just filling my brain matter with info. Are there any special requirments when testing and inspecting RCBOs? Are they vulnerable to testing in any way? or any special requirements needed when testing? Thanks All
  19. telectrix

    di-log voltage tester

    saws this . looks a good buy. DI-LOG DL6780 Voltage / Continuity Tester SPECIAL OFFER | eBay
  20. S


    I went to my local gym yesterday to handout a fyer and some cards, the owner asked how much I would of charged for the install he just had. Run Down: 2 x 3 Phase DB (33 circuits in total) 15 x floor sockets 10 x wall sockets 1 x 32A socket 10 strip lamps all cabling All prep work was done by...
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