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  1. S

    Mains LED spike lights failing

    Hello Just wondering if anyone has experienced any failures recently with their mains LED garden spike lights? Have had 2 go completely and one that's barely got any output in the space of a few weeks. Using Deltech lights and can't say I've had a problem before but what with the cold weather...
  2. J

    GU10 Spike Light recommendation

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good GU10 Spike Light (twin) to use, getting fed up of the brands I've used leaking after a few months. Cheers
  3. G

    Earth spike , through wall?

    Hi all, Just fitted a car charger , I need to put an earth spike in but having trouble siting it, the main consumer unit is on the garage wall , directly behind it is earth as the garage is set into the hill if you know what I mean so if I drill through the wall I will hit the mud, is it ok to...
  4. rolyberkin

    Low Voltage Garden Spike Lights

    Anyone used any that they can recommend, as always client doesn't want to break the bank so mid range would be good.
  5. Spike1947

    Old MEM Fuse Box

    Hi I have a old MEM 3 phase Fuse box that has 20A double ceramic fuses per phase ,the question is if I link the 2 x 20A fuses together would I be able to get a 35A feed from it ! , sorry if the answer sounds obvious . What is the equation for that ! . Spike
  6. W

    Socket size for 5/8 earth rod driving nut

    Does anyone know the socket size i need to fit the head of the driving nut for a 5/8 earth rod please? thank you
  7. D

    Outbuilding with exported earth from main house, but also an earth spike...

    As a scam inspection piece I'm looking at a rewire of my folks garage. Going to be a really simple job, just adding a few sockets and updating the CU to a 17th edition board. The supply to the building is a 15ish metre run of SWA from the main CU, sheath earthed to the MET. Oddly though, it...
  8. J

    Outside building supply

    Hello All I am currently constructing a cattery 70 metres from our house I will be running (if all on ) 5kw of heat lamps I will also have a 32a ring main and of course lighting My plan is to run 16mm swa from a henley block split from our house cu The house is a TT earth (with incoming...
  9. the pict

    out buildings

    This has been rattling around in my head for some time, I have read the guide in the sticky section about exporting etc,so a building outside the equipotential zone should not have the earth exported, right ?, and a spike (s) should be used, but, what about the armour this should be terminated...
  10. S

    Earth Electrode Testing

    Hi I have just joined this forum after discovering it through a search engine. I have a question as regards to testing an earth spike. I have completed a new installation but would like to test the earth electrode resistance before the supply authority comes to connect the power/metering etc...
  11. P

    Domestic Ze ?

    Guys, just thinking, how sad on a sunday morning. If you had a consumer unit in a garage ran from the main board in the house would you do the Ze tests in the house ( i am thinking yes unless you had a earth spike near the garage is this right). Also if you did put in a earth spike at the...
  12. A

    Power to an out building

    Say you wanted to power a shed office, or somethign similar, and lets say it's up the end a garden. Would you split at the meter to an isolator switch or a breaker then swa all the way up to a new CU. Then for earth would you have to use an earth spike instead of the earth down the armoured...
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