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  1. T

    Date of install of Square D split load board

    Hi all and everyone, Newb poster to the site here, So hope I’m not asking a question that’s already been answered. Went to a job this week to survey for a consumer unit upgrade, and The current consumer unit (board) And all the fixed wiring were installed at the same time. (So says the...
  2. 4

    Split Consumer Board - R side RCD switching off L side cicuits

    Hi folks, Would appreciate some thoughts. Called to a friend's house earlier in week. No cooker or sockets. She said that the cooker had tripped a couple of times when she tried to set up the electronic timer either before or during use. Timer needs to be live to allow electric oven to...
  3. T

    How to make y split extension

    So I am building an extension in my shop to run some 30 amp appliances and I just wanted to split the outlet and make a Y like this product Would I just use a junction box and then take some wire nuts and connect the 3 + together then the 3 - and finally the 3 grounds? Then just wire up the...
  4. S

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?
  5. G

    16-Module Split Load Main Switch Consumer Unit issue

    I have an issue with finding out which of the ring circuits is causing the breaker to trip when any appliance is switched on it, can anyone tell me how to find out? I believe one part of a ring circuits is on one side and the other is on the other side of the split and I believe this is...
  6. K

    UK RCD keep tripping.

    Hi All.. I have a 16mm 3 core swa feed a 9way split board in shed, 30m from incomer .. from the split board I have run a 10mm 3 core swa to 2 way board for hot tub. This has a 63amp rcd in it.. the other end at the split board is also a 63amp rcd on its own of one side of the split board.. this...
  7. S

    Are 30mA split load consumer units non compliant under 18th edition

    Hi All, Just wanted to see what peoples opinion is is installing a 30ma Split load board compliant/ non compliant under the 18th Edition or you have to use RCBO's for each final circuit? BS7671:2018, Page 155 regulation 531.3.5.2 is a note which says on TN systems which states " Exept where...
  8. P

    LED Strip RGBW - How to split for parallel wiring?

    I'm looking to install some LED lighting strips to light some display shelving. It will consist of one driver going to a controller which will then be split into 8 x 1m length strips. I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea on how to split the power from the controller to each strip i.e...
  9. T

    'Particulars of the installation' for two submains split at the origin.

    At the origin, I have 25mm tails split to two fused switches. One 63a fuse protecting a 16mm (3 core SWA) submain to a DB (100a main switch RCBO board) at one side of the property and one 80a fuse protecting a 25mm (3 core SWA) submain to a DB (100a main switch RCBO board) at the other side of...
  10. B

    Radial circuit split 2 ways

    Hi all, working with a spark today, basically dodgy wiring in kitchen junction boxes everywhere, all ripped out, now all we’re doing is a new 6mm cooker feed and radial socket circuit, basically new 2.5mm radial circuit from CU to one side of kitchen where spark I’m with has decided to put a...
  11. B

    25mm split con sub main eicr code?

    Just done an EICR on a domestic, the sub main running from origin to cu is 25mm split con. Hard to know if its more than 50mm deep in walls etc without intrusive investigation. So could run with FI, but obv that doesn't deliver a satisfactory report. Bit of a tricky one as it would have complied...
  12. markthebuilder

    Commercial Split 3 phase across 2 domestic properties

    Hi gents I m looking for info comments advice that will help me look knowledgeable to my boss (money man) northen power grid. & mep consultant . I have been given a project to split 26 student clusters (6 bed) into 54 x 2 bed flats. current supply and metering to each student cluster is as per...
  13. M

    Split MCBs on consumer unit

    Hi all. How would you split MCBs where there are two ring final circuits (so better separate them). There is one electrical shower (will be on 40A). Any ideas? TNS system.
  14. J

    Circuit Breaker needed for Split Air-con with Inverter

    Hello all. I´m installing a new multi split Air Conditioning (Inverter Type) in my dwelling and I have to purchase all of the electrical parts needed for the installer. I am currently running a 63a Type-A RCCB and I was told by the electrician that I could use the Type-A with a 16a Type-C MCB...
  15. B

    PSCC on 460V Split Phase Supply

    Hi all. Been doing a bit of work on a pub out in the sticks with a 460V split phase Supply. When tried to test phase - phase PSCC my tester didn't play along. I was going to use the double p - n rule of thumb but then I got thinking, does this still apply to a 460v supply?
  16. C

    Split Concentric Termination

    I'm no expert on split concentric (assuming that's what this is)......But an earth clamp doesn't seem the best solution to this (also as the earth cores appear to be insulated! This is for an eicr on a sub main but I'll have to do the remedial work at some stage. Any advice on how to...
  17. Zdb

    Domestic Split load AFDD board

    Just seen that Screwfix are selling AFDDs for £200+:eek...
  18. R

    22 usable way split load NOT stacked

    Hi Guys. I'm in a tight spot and require a high integrity split load 22way (28modules total ) but NOT a stacked board but in a single row. I've seen one made by Proteus/M2 but Id rather not use CEF. Has anyone else come across one? Many Thanks in advance
  19. ipd1961

    Tripping issue with Split load Wylex DB

    Got an issue at home, today I got home and found one of the RCD's had tripped on my split load Wylex DB. I tried to reset but it wasn't having it. Switched all MCB's off on the RCD (Call it number 1) that had tripped then reset. All was ok, switched each MCB on and stayed in. Put the kettle on...
  20. N

    EICR - 2 boards, 1 with an off peak split and one with regular supply

    Hi there, im looking some general advice related to this eicr. im a bit lossed here, so would it be 2 eicr? or do i just splice two sheets together with the relevant information? on a seperate not i also noticed today when i had a wee look that his main water bond cannot be verified, is this a...
  21. M

    Low Ze, high(ish) R1+R2, Got a plan but just had an idea

    So Ze=0.02 and R1+R2 = 0.73 on a first floor ring main. Nearest submain is about 35m away, so that Ze's plausible, and even a slightly indirect route makes Ze=0.03 realistic. So MCBs are going to need changing to Type Cs. Unfortunately for that first floor ring R1+R2 of 0.73 is too high for a...
  22. B

    2.5kw split aircon unit on 20amp Radial

    I currently have 4 double sockets on a 20amp Radial, I am looking to get a small air con unit (2.5kw I think) to cool a 5m by 3m space. Bearing in mind the only things plugged into the sockets are 2 PC and 2 Monitors at most, do you think a 20amp feed is enough? It is a right pain to try and run...
  23. W

    Rcbos and mcbs split load board

    hello just checking a mix of rcbos and Mcbs on the same neutral bar is this okay ?
  24. R

    Should I split PSU load?

    In my current smart home project I have a total load in the panel of around 30A. Should I just use one big PSU rated at 30A or split the load across say three 10A PSU's?
  25. H

    Network Powerline Adapters with Dual Split Consumer Unit

    We're looking to get our consumer unit replaced and local electrians are suggesting a dual split unit so the 'workshop' can be on its own RCD. My question (which no one seems to be able to answer) is will network over powerline adapters work if one adapter is on one 'side' of the split and...
  26. S

    For sale: SPLIT LOAD CABLES and 2x (Tridonic PCA 2x35/49 T5 ECO lp)

    Hi, I have some split load cables 450 /750 16 sq. mm. and 2 Tridonic PCA 2x35/49 T5 ECO lp , see pictures. Cables cost - £25 (collection only SE18, as they are 4kg). Ballasts - £25 each + postage.
  27. Leesparkykent

    Split metered DB

    Does any one know of any makes at a reasonable price? I'm pricing some offices ATM and to comply with part L2 I want to install a split metered TPN board on each floor for lighting and power and another metered DB on the ground floor for the aircon....Trouble is the prices seem ridiculous to me.
  28. A

    Converting split load CU to Main Switch (RCBOs)

    Hi folks, i have a 16 way British General CU which was configured as split load. I'm converting to all RCBOs which is fine apart from one small detail, i don't have a single neutral bar long enough. The earth bar is fine - plenty of ways for CPC doubled with RCBO functional earth. The neutral...
  29. Lexlee

    Split Charge system fitting help badly needed

    Hi , I have aquired a split charge system believe it to be from a Network Rail van. I'd like to fit it to my Landrover Defender (1995). Unsure as to what main wires go where as in starter battery and leisure battery, I've posted a pic of whole system and some of individual parts . I have...
  30. J

    EICR code Split cpc on ring final circuit

    lost continuity on cpc of ring circuit, live and neutral fine all test fine. C2,C3,FI ?
  31. W

    split charge relay to charge two 6v 4.5ah batteries

    I have two maplin 6v 4.5ah batteries wired in series to power my dashcam while parked. The batteries are similar to this one : Will this split charge relay be ok to re-charge the batteries while driving? Maypole 292 20A Caravan Dual Charge Relay Kit: Car & Motorbike -...
  32. A

    6mm split concentric

    Hi, can anyone tell me the maximum current carrying capacity for 6mm split concentric? Beried underground in a duct Thanks
  33. G

    no rcd circuit on 5x5 splitload board

    HI all curently have a 6x6 split board, submain on circuit 1 to another split board, is there a way i can get this off the rcd or make it a high integraty board, need the submain off the rcd, 50mm everywhere so no isssues photo below DSC 0054 - cheers Grand
  34. D

    Meter Tails - Neutral

    Hey guys. Wondering if anyone has came across this before and if it is legal? It is several 1.5mm single cores going into the neutral of the main switch. Main fuse etc is several metres away in communal hallway, but is a 16mm meter tail from there. Cheers
  35. O

    Strange SWA cable

    I've just moved into a 1960's house and when checking the supply to the detatched garage I came across a strange cable type that I at first thought was SWA. It's 10mm diameter with a black plastic sheath. There is one core of 7 strands with red pvc insulation, 7 strands individually insulated...
  36. E

    3 phase supply

    Hi Wondering if someone out there has any idea how much a new 3 phase 100amp supply is compared to the cost of a single phased supply on a new domestic property. Cheers
  37. michaelw6

    Ring main with no earth ring!?!

    Today i did a board change was one of them all in one eicr fix on site board changes "you know the ones that always go wrong". Well the issue was the house ring. i had 0.44 live 0.44 neutral and no earth ring. I have put this circuit on a B32 61009 RCBO. now how do i stand with the earth as its...
  38. bigspark17

    Concentric cable used as submain?

    Situation DNO supply into garage outside meter box, submain into house approx 10M in concentric cable. Fused down by 80 swfcu . I dont know the size but it has 7 neutral strands and approx same cpc strands. Any thoughts on this.? Is it ok? I would have thought ok as same if not very similar to...
  39. Soulsurfer

    Sky dish split

    Hey all I've not done much satellite work and want to find out if always need a say quad or onto LNB to feed out from dish to multiple sky+ digiboxes or is there a way such as an antiference style digiamp that you leave in loft and then connect say one shotgun coax to from the dish and drop to...
  40. M

    Split phase on new building

    Hi All I have read the previous thread on this but just wanted some help with a project we are about to complete. we are set up already for 3 phase we have a panel board 3 phase with metering to 6 outgoing circuits, we have 5 3 phase boards in the mains room, 2 3 phase panels fed from 2...
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