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  1. S

    TV Antenna splitter in loft

    I want to replace an old aerial splitter box with a newer one. Labgear LDA2081LR Distribution Amplifier The old one looks to be powered by a cable connected to the lighting circuit. See photo The new labgear has a 3 pin plug on it. See photos of new splitter statistics and the old box...
  2. Z

    Quickwire Splitter function?

    Was wondering, when would you need to use a splitter? Isn't there usually enough room in a light to terminate more than one wire to go out to the next light?
  3. T

    Domestic Relationship between coax splitter and amplifier?

    Hi New here, so greetings to everyone. Fitted Labgear splitter in loft a few weeks ago to split cable from outside aerial. (One now goes to new tv in bedroom, other downstairs to main tv) Signal is ok (100% quality on all freeview channels, but signal level only about 40% on most) Only...
  4. happyhippydad

    Understanding and using a TV splitter.

    Evening all.. In the past I have used one of these for splitting the cable for terrestrial TV: This time when I fitted it the TV (at the new TV aerial socket that I had fitted) did not receive a signal whereas the existing TV still did. I removed the new coax cable from the splitter and...
  5. G


    Hi there, I have run a brand new 50ft HDMI cable which is good quality and has built in booster to run from my main sky box which is in another room from the main TV I use. The cable etc is all ok as I have tested it with DVD player and Sky Q box which I took from a neighbour however when I...
  6. 1Justin

    Passive TV splitter inside back box?

    OK, this should be easy for someone. Firstly, let's assume a strong enough signal to take passive TV splitter at the bottom end of the cable from conventional aerial. Is it reasonable then, to take an existing single TV outlet in a standard inset wall metal back box with front TV socket plate...
  7. G

    Should an outside cable splitter be boxed?

    Hi all, We are the leaseholder of a ground floor council flat in a small building. As we used to be with Virgin Media, it seems an engineer from Virgin Media has cut the cable which leads solely into our house and installed a cable splitter (situated a couple of feet above the ground) just...
  8. M

    Tv Signal Now Not Working??

    I dont really do much coax i had to add an extra tv point around the house i used a y splitter and it was working fine. floor guys come in and doesnt work. so first thing i see the connector has came off? so i reconnect it and its not working. but the booster now isnt powering up...
  9. R

    Domestic How to find out where conduit goes?

    Hello everybody! I have a question regarding domestic wiring, i live in block of flats, in my flat i have tv socket which has 2 tv cables coming out from 2 conduits.I have tried to pull them out, and they seems to be stuck somewhere.Could anybody tell me how to find out where does this cable...
  10. 4

    Domestic Need advice on hob, oven and circuit combo.

    Hello Sparkies, …..I need advice. I currently have a ceramic hob that is on a dedicated 30 amp circuit and a fan oven with a 13 amp plug on the ring main. The oven has reached the end of its life and I have to buy a new one, at the same time I would like to change the ancient hob for a new...
  11. A

    No cut-out fuse

    Hey all, just been doing some testing and in a block of flats all the CU's are fed from the hydro splitter box in the picture. in each flat, and this landlords cupboard, where there is a bs1361 100a fuse there is a label saying "solid link - Do not remove" how would you note this on the test...
  12. D

    Aerial socket question!

    Sorry folks, technically it's not the right thing to post in this forum, but I figured my question fits in here better than elsewhere! Need to add an aerial socket in a bedroom. Got a new run of co-ax chased into the wall and the new socket installed, with the other end coming out in the...
  13. F

    Tidy up my Virgin cable installation!

    Hi I am refurbishing my front room and want to tidy things up a bit. I have two cables entering the room from the front of the house (cable and phone), the first cable goes into a Virgin media plasic wall mounted box (connected to a Technetix fully isolated system outlet), is extended out by 6...
  14. T

    advise on sky installation please????

    Hi all was wondering if anybody could help who has knowledge with sky installation , currently doing a rewire and am pulling in the sky points so the cable is hidden, in total there is going to be 8 tvs and they want sky for each one of them, pulling in twin satalite cable for sky plus but do...
  15. T

    HDMI Distribution, Samsung AllShare and network streams, help much appreciated.

    Hello! Okay, so we have installed 2 55" Series 6 Samsung panels into a shop, the panels are back to back hung off unicol and there intended use is for broadcasting anything that is going on a computer upstairs. Current uses have been youtube on full screen and dvds. The problem, our designer...
  16. sythai

    Installing Co-Ax points and testing....

    Hi Chaps... Just want see if there is a bit of kit out there that I would be able to test co-ax points with once I've installed them. To check the signal is good and that the TV will work. Bit tricky carrying round a spare freeview tv in the back of the van thats all. Cheers Sy....
  17. P

    Has anyone got a guide or link on how to install multiple occupancy Freesat?

    I am carrying out a refurb to ten flats, they have asked for Freesat in the bedroom and living room to each flat. I presume its case of fitting a dish and wiring to a splitter and from the splitter to each flat. Has anyone got a guide or link on how to install multiple occupancy Freesat? as I...
  18. Mark.W

    TV Socket

    Morning Chaps I am doing a job on Monday that involves installing a second TV point, I have never installed one of these before and was wondering if anyone could be so kind as to explain how to do this? Many thanks Mark:D
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