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  1. Lou

    Scolmore Group Now Sponsor

    I am sure you will join me in welcoming @Scolmore to the forum! They provide wiring and electrical accessories from their British based HQ! Scolmore International is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of electrical accessories, lighting, home automation, security and cable accessory...
  2. J

    IMMIGRATE (uk->nz)

    Hi there folks, names Jimmy, new to the forum. Am just after any advice anybody has or any contacts anybody has regarding resettlement in NZ from UK on the overhead distribution networks. My self and my family have discussed about immigrating to New Zealand for some time now and it’s time to...
  3. Lou sponsor

    I am sure you will all join me in welcoming our newest sponsor to the forum @Bulk Workwear !! Thank you for sponsoring the forums and we look forward to you joining the community! A bit about Bulk Workwear We are a UK based online safety workwear supplier. We offer Brand Identity Application...
  4. Lister1987

    Ads from sponsors, even for subscribed members?

    I was under the impression that as subscribed members, we avoided all the advertising bumph? Just nptice now that I'm getting sponsor banners between posts on threads? Is it intentional? Was it communicated and I've missed or or has Dan been messing again? 😝
  5. Dan

    Superlec Direct Sponsor Electricians Forums! :)

    Superlec Direct is one of the UK's leading online electrical product distributors with over 35 years in the industry. Apart from our vast range of installation accessories we offer the UK's largest stock of cables, in particular all SWA cables. We also offer top quality branded electrical...
  6. Daniel Oake

    Your thoughts on XS sponsor 18th edition course

    I'm looking to pay for the 18th edition course next weekend that XS offers through the forum, this will be my first edition as iv'e just finished level 3 (2365). Hopefully this will help me be a bit more employable over my other colleagues. Has anyone sat this course with XS yet and if so what...

    New Sponsor. Special 10% discount code off Van Tilt Bins for forum members

    Hi, We're delighted to be back as a sponsor of the forum. We sponsored a couple of years ago and really loved the feel (and friendliness) of the forum and members. We're going to try and be more involved this time around so we're starting with an exclusive discount code off our tilt bins range...
  8. Dan

    Electrical2Go Sponsor! 5% Discount This Way! is the online face of Phase Electrical Distributors Ltd. Wholesalers at heart with stock value into the millions we can offer next day delivery on hundreds of lines. Not only do we hold millions in stock but with next day direct to site agreements with many top suppliers we...
  9. Lou

    simPRO Now Sponsor is pleased to announce that simPRO now sponsor the forum! Designed by trade contractors for trade contractors. simPRO’s job management software helps trade service businesses work smarter, deliver exceptional service and maximise profitability. It streamlines everyday...
  10. Dan

    Looking for an Electrical Supplier for a Forum Sponsor - Any contacts or suggestions?

    Hiya lads, hoping somebody can help. CEF appear to have disappeared off the face of the earth. After several attempts to try and get in touch with our contacts there we aren't getting any responses. So it looks like we've lost them as a sponsor for whatever reason. That leaves us with what...
  11. NEIL8960

    Fluke 1664fc

    Hi all, I believe there is a man/site sponsor on here with a website iswww? I am looking to purchase a MFT and was wondering what deals he had. If someone has comms with him, please could you ask him to pm me. Thank you.
  12. M


    hi Looking at geting myself a new van - I currently have a Citeron Dispatch 2004. Wondering if anybody new of any good deals that companys are doing for new vans? Thanks
  13. V

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB / ECS Card

    Hey all, i am going to apply for my ECS gold card but I'm a little unsure who exactly can sign section 9 as my sponsor. Does my sponsor have to be JIB registered? Also as they are not JIB registered can they sign section 5 JIB grading system. Thanks
  14. A

    Who can be a sponsor? Needed for my ECS TRAINEE card application.

    Hi everybody. Much unclear this sponsor thing for the ECS trainee card is. I have done all required for the ECS adult trainee card. I have done and passed my H&S exam. I am currently on my last "second" year of my level 3 in electrical installations. Having been around to a few construction...
  15. I

    megger 1552

    anyone know why it says in the instruction that rechargeable batteries must not be used , cheers
  16. S

    Testing Equiptment

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase new 17th edition, multi-function testing equipment - can anybody recommend a good make?
  17. T

    Winter Workwear

    10 x Polos 4 x Jumpers 2 x Fleece 2 x Safety Boots £249 + VAT Free Delivery Free Set up Deal is available until the 26/10/2012 If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. [email protected] Our new website is going to be launched very soon. If you would like to...
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