1. I

    UK Spur line arrangements.

    hI Gent's. I I can explain this spur line briefly, maybe someone can help me? Everything is Spur, no rings. Inside of the house and main fuse box 3-banks or MCB' left 1-RCD on right side each bank On the upper bank there was is one space available on the top row, MCB's -1-RCD - MCB - RCD...
  2. K

    Can I make a spur from a fused switch for washing machine

    Hi guys, I have to add double 13A socket. The best is to take it from fused switch for a washing machine, because is very close. And the question is, can I take spur from this fused switch? This switch is in radial circuit, and from this switch goes another cable probably for washing machine...
  3. bing820

    Change single switched fused spur to include a 13A socket?

    DIY'er question: I have a singe switched fused spur above my kitchen counter, providing power to an undercounter fridge socket beneath it. The boss lady wants a socket installed there to move the toaster away from where it currently sits, because 'lady reasons'.. Is there any way I can swap...
  4. I

    Spur for fcu next to double socket.

    Grateful if someone could offer some advise, I'm struggling to find a definitive answer to this. I have a double socket, it was on the ring main but due to short leads after decoration the ring was joined behind the socket using 3 way wagos and short leads run to the socket, so it's effectively...
  5. gobananas

    spur cable length

    Im running a ring main for all my sockets using 2.5 cable....as an after thought i was thinking to spur off one of my socket outlets and run up the wall and along a wooden beam...probably no longer that about 4 meters? for a ceiling fan.....this isnt the aircon mentioned in another...
  6. D

    A spur off a ring with FCU (UK)

    Hi guys, newbie posting! Does the following sound ok... Existing circuit: SOCKET on a ring -> spur to SWITCHED 3A FCU -> SWITCH -> hardwired FAN Proposed: A new UNSWITCHED 13A FCU will be inserted between the SOCKET on a ring and the SWITCHED 3A FCU (which protects the FAN to 3A). Then that...
  7. Riddirah961

    UK Switched Fuse Spur

    Wiring cooker hood into a switched fuse spur with a 13amp fuse in the spur. The cooker hood is 3amp. Should I swap out the 13amp fuse in the spur with a 3 amp fuse?
  8. Riddirah961


    Hi I have a switched fuse spur where the cooker hood should plug in to… above the actual cooker. I was wondering if I could swap this out for a 13amp single socket to plug the cooker hood in to. All help appreciated
  9. C

    Spur from cooker supply

    Good Evening. I’m currently carrying out an EICR. I have a cooker circuit radial with a 32amp mcb fed from and RCD split board. There is a 45amp double pole switch fitted with a single socket on the plate. Fed in 6mm T+E. Then there is a 2.5mm T+E off the load side of the cooker switch down to...
  10. Adam_92

    Burnt out fused spur

    Has anyone come across click accessories spurs burning out? it seems to only be happening with the CNS200 Trend uk Steibel eltron heaters Fuse is still fine just the spur itself is burning out had so many of these Thanks in advance Adam
  11. R

    explanation of using 2.5mm2 T+E for a spur from a ring 32A (ring)

    Why can we use 2.5mm2 for a spur from either the CB or a point on the ring ? Why does this not have to be 4mm2 when using a 32A breaker ?
  12. Hillabaloo

    Taking a spur off cooker supply

    DIYer question. I have a 32 amp supply going from consumer unit in garage to kitchen. It supplies an induction hob only. The cable is easily accessible. I need an additional socket in the garage - 13 amp max. The easiest and hopefully cheapest way to do this is to take a spur off the 32 amp...
  13. N

    40a MCB to 2 gang socket - want to spur off to FCU at 13a for freezer over winter

    Hello everyone, We had an electrician over, who fitted a 40a MCB in the house consumer unit to supply a new build garage. It's underground SWA, in conduit also. He temporarily fitted a 2 gang socket so we could use power tools whilst we complete a fitout internally, although in that use case...
  14. R

    UK Shower Basin 1.7mts long

    Can you fit a spur 1.7mts from a shower with a 1.7mts shower basin shower is at the other end of shower room.
  15. Siraj123

    Boiler fused spur in bathroom enclosure?

    Hi, installing a boiler fused spur in the boiler enclosure in a bathroom. yes or no? Experience sparks opinions needed!! Cheers
  16. M

    UK Spur of midpoint of ring?

    Ok. Can you cut a ring in half, add junction box, then run a spur off it? I thought it had to be from a socket? Mate of mine wanted me to see if "a couple of wires were dead". Looks like old ring main, but they go in the wylex fusebox, so will have to check they are properly removed. Ends...
  17. I

    Spur line (non ring) on TT supply question.

    Hi Guys, Long time member and not a regular user here. I do pop in here when the odd unknown pop's up and unable to locate an electrical dilemma and cannot find a person that has the expected knowledge and can explain and help, as yet unable to find information even from respected persons. Let...
  18. L

    32A Wago clips for an electrical socket spur?

    Hi! I've got a couple of 32A Wago clips. Creating a spur socket from a ring circuit with these is quite easy, but I wanted to know if it's advised from a safety standpoint? When wiring an electrical socket, having these as opposed to having multiple cables going into the holes in the socket...
  19. L

    How to install a junction on ring circuit spur?

    Hi everyone, I've got an electrical ring circuit that looks somewhat like the drawing below, where the blue sockets are part of the main ring and the red socket is a spur. I need to create a new socket, but the closest socket and the only one I have easy access to is the spur. Is there any...
  20. B

    Spur socket below lightswitch

    Hi there - good site. Mrs wants a new socket directly below a light switch on the ground floor (says it will look neater vertically inline) spurred off the downstairs ring, which all go up into that above ceiling/below floor space. I gather I'm OK to do this as a (very experienced) DIYer? Or...


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