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  1. LewisM

    Part Number of a busbar kit for a Square D Panel

    Hello, does anybody know of a part number of this type of busbar kit thing for a Square D Speed D Panel Board? Couldn't find any part numbers on the unit itself. Some Pictures
  2. T

    Date of install of Square D split load board

    Hi all and everyone, Newb poster to the site here, So hope I’m not asking a question that’s already been answered. Went to a job this week to survey for a consumer unit upgrade, and The current consumer unit (board) And all the fixed wiring were installed at the same time. (So says the...
  3. M

    Square D rcd wont trip with my tester

    Hi guys wondering If anyone can shed some light either through knowledge or experience of the same problem. I have a Megger MFT 1731. Whenever I come to square D type rcds my tester doesn't trip them. I try it on doing the manual settings for 1x and 5x and even the auto. Ramp tests won't...
  4. soms

    RCBO for old Square D distribution board

    Hi, A relative has moved into a flat with a mid-80's Square D QO1 12F distribution board, which has MCBs on all outgoing ways. There are proposals to update the kitchen with a desire for some additional socket outlets. To meet the requirements of Part P and by extension, BS 7671, RCD protection...
  5. Marcus Vaughan

    Square D MCB to RCBO

    Hi All, I have just been to to view a job on my way home. The customer is asking for a new double socket immediately below the consumer unit (that's convenient!). It's an old Square D board without an RCD in sight. I guess it would be very easy to install an RCD socket outlet - spurring from...
  6. F

    Square head bolt - correct term

    Hi lads, could anyone tell me the correct term for this type of bolt please? I'm fairly sure it starts with the letter "B". Farmer
  7. S

    Good quality square shower switch pull cord

    As above... replaced switch as neutral had cooked due to poor connection. replaced for MK 50A, out of the packet really dissapointed only one earth terminal and terminal screws for that and l & N connections quite small and weak looking. Connected it and ensured that terminals were nice and...
  8. E

    old thorn 2d square light fittings key

    anyone know the size of the heads of these? is it 8mm? cant remember and need to order 1
  9. Ian1981

    Discrimination charts for square D/Schneider

    Has anyone got any decent discrimination charts for square D/ Schneider mcbs? What I want to know is at what point might I achieve discrimination of some description between a 63 amp type C upstream device and a 32 amp type B downstream device. Zs for the sockets on the type B was 0.53 ohms...
  10. R

    Changing square wave

    Hi fellas How can i change a -24v square wave 100khz to 5v or 24v square wave
  11. Leesparkykent

    Hager square knock outs.

    Just seen this on twitter.
  12. Michaelwgroves

    Square peg round hole.......

    I'm looking at running 25mm SWA to supply secondary CU to future proof HMO design. See my previous threads for details House of Multiple Occupancy Design - My issue is a 100A CU and SP Distribution boards...
  13. D

    Square D . Rcbo fitting

    Hi Folks Does anyone know what rcbo will fit this board? Square taken over by Scneider i know and square had several different types of board so any ideas for best fit would be really helpful .. cheers Daz
  14. M

    old wylex skelton unit, mystery accessory identification help

    Hi attached picture shows a 1975 wylex consumer board in a flat we are in process of buying. Doing a bit of research whilst waiting for the paperwork to get sorted. Found plenty of information on how to add a new skeleton board in and quite a few pictures of same old board. but none so far with...
  15. D

    Square D QO MCB (Schneider)

    Looking for interest on here before listing on eBay. 3 Pole 40A Type C (QO340VSC10) 1 Pole 10A Type C (QO110VSC10) Brand New Will be able to list quite a few used MCBs in a couple of weeks if anyone is interested Pickup or Delivery offered
  16. T

    60947 or 3871

    Hi just wanna check these, I think they are 60947 any dissenters? Sorry its sideways.
  17. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Clever or what??

  18. M

    Where to find "square headed" bolts for battery terminals?

    Hi, I am trying to find a place where to buy "square headed" bolts for battery terminals? Like the one on this battery terminal: Obviously, if I buy new terminals I will get these bolts on them. But I would like to buy the bolts only, and...
  19. MerlinGremlin

    schneider kq 250amp switch connector won't fit?

    Good evening all just wondering if anyone has recently fitted a schneider kq 250amp switch disconnector and had an issue with the busbar terminals on the TP&N board not lining up with the busbar extensions?
  20. the pict

    The metal thingy for spacing drill

    Lost my thing as above, you know the thing bent metal thing with two holes spaced for doubles and an extra hole for duals tried umpteen search terms but all I get is the pattress and drywall template any ideas P
  21. G

    For Sale Job lot of used mcb

    Having a clear out got the following for sale as a job lot MEM AB32SB 32A M6 TYPE B 4 OFF MEM AB06SB 6A M6 TYPE B 1 OFF MEM AB16S2 16A M6 TYPE B 1 OFF HAGER BS3871 16A TYPE 2 1 OFF HAGER BS60898 32A B 2 OFF HAGER BS60898 6A B 1 OFF PROTEK BS 60898 16A B 2 OFF PROTEK BS60898 32A B 2 OFF PROTEK...
  22. Prime Design

    Underfloor heating

    Evening all, I have been asked to install some underfloor heating as part of a full rewire. If I remember correctly the bathroom is no bigger than 16m square. I have run a 2.5mm cable to a location just outside the bathroom, the UFH will be on its own circuit protected by either a 16A or 20A...
  23. S

    Seems quiet tonight, so...

    Given a chessboard (8 x 8 square grid) and a piece which is only allowed to move one square upwards or rightwards (it cannot move diagonally, downwards or left). The piece starts in the bottom left corner of the board and you have to move it to the top right corner. There are clearly lots of...
  24. B


    Where would we be without RCDs ?
  25. SolarCity

    Triangular shaped panels

    Has anyone seen the Trienergia panels? Look like a fairly decent system. Could be handy on a lot of roofs where optimising the space available is tricky.
  26. S

    For Sale Quantity of memshield 3 mcbs new and sq d qoe used mcbs/main switches

    Have a quantity of MEMSHIELD 3 mcbs for sale, leftovers from several projects All are new , but not boxed also some used in excellent conditon Sqaure D QOE MCBS (the ones with the yellow stripe on them ) , B6 , B16 B20 and B32 in various quantities. also 2x double pole 100A...
  27. A

    Estimated age of installation

    Could anyone give me a rough idea of when the MEMshield 2 range of boards were introduced? And also, if anyone had an idea of when the old Square D. boards came out. Firstly the ones with the black MCBs & RCBOs, and also when they were replaced by the 3871 QOE MCBs. Google hasn't been much...
  28. E

    Square D main switch

    Howdy all, I need to swap a 30mA RCD out of a Square D garage board, ideally i'm after a main switch but a 100mA would do. I just spoke to a chap at schneider who i had a strong feeling i was keeping awake, and they say that they dont do a main switch compatible with their garage unit!? So...
  29. N

    Square D Load Centre RCBO ????

    Could somebody confirm that the RCBO that fit a Square D Load Centre is the QOE? Thank you all!
  30. telectrix

    comments on free solar

    not fully clued up on pv. seen this, i assume they will make their money off the FIT, but 50% saving??? sounds too good to be true, must be a catch. 106.1 Rock Radio - Manchester's FIRST Classic Rock Station :: Win £150 to spend at Barton Square - Win with Solvis Energy Solutions
  31. S

    new to trunking

    ive not long started commercial doing trunking bends etc any1 know any good guides or tips on making them
  32. J

    FOR SALE - Clean out of stores

    Hi guys, got aload of MCB's / MCCB's / Fuse links for sale- all on the flea bay. Please click on the link below and then view more items. MEM / Merlin / Square D MEM Memshield 2 MCH132 C32 MCB MEM EATON on eBay (end time 17-Apr-11 16:24:30 BST) Also got a range of Damper / Actuators 2 and 3...
  33. R

    How do you get the panels straight?

    I find it very difficult to line the panels up straight on the roof, what tools and techniques do you employ?
  34. J

    Square D RCBO's

    hi all, does anyone know if you can fit the new style rcbo into the old style board as i need to upgrade 2 mcb's to rcbo's many thanks
  35. D


    right im not hooked up with commrcial work but got a first attempt at it today. customer pretty clued up what he wants as been factory manager for decades and installed removed loads of equipment in his time, any how requires 1x 3P 63a Supply terminated in a 3 phase switch isolator...
  36. T

    Square D Qwikline RCBO??

    I have Downlights and Fan to fit in a bathroom, the customer has one of the old Square D Qwikline CU's, where the MCB's clip into a kind of Live din rail, (like crabtree starbreaker CU) I need a 6a RCBO Is there even one available..? Any of you come across one?
  37. P

    Resetting an RCD

    I was just testing our RCD here at home. I pressed the test button and the switch tripped. I can't reset it now however. Seems like there's 3 positions for this switch. Up, middle and down if that makes sense. Any ideas how to reset it.
  38. R

    socket box cutter. any good

    has anyone used this type of box cutter before? at 25 quid it seems worth a punt to me Socket Back Box Hole Cutter/Chaser (e-z05) - e-zBuy
  39. S

    Can you fit Surface mounted metal clad boxes in a commercial kitchen?

    hi im just wondering if your allowed to fit metal clad surfaced mounted boxes in a commercial kitchen.
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